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Eternity Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

Eternity Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

by Dylan Johnson

With the many types of luxury vinyl floor in the market, finding out whether Eternity vinyl plank floor is a real bargain can be challenging.

The floor seems to gain popularity over the last few years, so it is quite understandable if many of the flooring manufacturers are producing their own lines of the vinyl floor. It can be both good news as well as bad one.

The good news is that you have tons of options when it comes to vinyl floor.

The bad one?

You don’t really know which one is truly perfect for your house. If you do it wrong, you can end up with ugly and lousy flooring quality.

Each brand has its own signature style and Eternity vinyl plankisn’t different.

If you are looking for a floor having two types of tough and sturdy solid core, then this brand is the one.

If you are into eco-friendly option, then this is also the right pick. But when compared to other brands, this one is probably costlier.

But they have their own reasons, so let’s dig deeper into their facts.

Styles, Designs, and Appearance

Eternity vinyl plank has its own signature style. The brand looks so well in industrial theme, rustic-modern look, contemporary style, and modern high-end appearance.

If you are thinking about designing a penthouse with urban loft design, a Malibu-day spa, or a modern and sophisticated farmhouse, then the floor would be right up your alley.

Unfortunately, this brand doesn’t look to good for rustic ultra-distressed look, antique vibe, or classic look.

For their collections, Eternity has two major types of luxury and waterproof (vinyl) flooring: the SPC and the WPC.

The main difference is about the core construction, really. There are 11 collections between the two, divided into 6 different styles for WPC and 5 styles for SPC. The WPC is about luxury and basic features.

For instance, one of them is the Essentials with its minimal texture and limited shades, making it look like regular vinyl.

But the Cornerstone as well as Infinity collections come with registered and embossed texture, true to wood appearance, and also micro beveled edges.

These collections are basically about hardwood patterns. But there are also the collections that imitate stone tile. If you are looking for tile-look-alike collections, there is one from Legacy.

The collection has 5 different and neutral stone (tile) patterns, enabling it to mix up marble look and stained concrete.

For the SPC collections, there are 5 different options representing wood looks. The most popular one is the Provincial because of its unique feature.

It has reclaimed wood patterns looking similar to a (multi) width plank, if you don’t know it any better. It is actually a 6 inches of width of plank.

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Durability, Strength, and Construction

One thing to like about vinyl plank is their ability to stand against water.

The floor is generally solid and durable with good waterproof quality at least better than hardwood or other organic and porous materials.

As it was mentioned before, Eternity vinyl plank comes in two types of floor, based on the core construction.

SPC – Stone Powder Core

Also known as rigid core, this floor is constructed from compressed minerals and limestone. This one is pretty inexpensive (for manufacture) and it has high resistant ability to impact.

WPC – Wood Plastic Composite

A lot of people mistake the WPC for Waterproof Core, which isn’t completely true and yet not completely wrong either.

Since it is made from compressed wood and plastic, the core is generally thicker. It has better protective quality when compared to the SPC.

The core would prevent the floor from excessive contraction and expansion. However, this one is more sensitive to dent than SPC.

A lot of flooring experts claim that both WPC and SPC don’t really share similar feature. It won’t be fair to compare them because it isn’t apple to apple, but more like apple to orange.

What about Eternity Flooring products?

Well, they have various ranges of overall wear layers and thickness applied for both their SPC and WPC types.

Basically, they have products for every price tag and every line, with the hope that they can produce high-quality products without costing their customers a fortune.

Unfortunately, they may have to sacrifice quality. For instance, their MegaCore SPC collection (which is the entry level variant) has 12 mil of wear layer with overall thickness of 4mm.

The company offers a 5-year warranty (for commercial) and 20-year for residential construction. This isn’t your typical products for the entry-level item.

The Provincial collection (which is their top of the line items) comes with wear layer up to 20 mil and overall thickness up to 6.5 mm. They provide 10-year of commercial warranty and 20-year of residential type.

The warranty covers buckling and delamination, but it doesn’t cover fading, general damage, scratches, wear, or gouge.

You need to remember, though, that there is no floor that will hold up forever in a pristine condition. Even with 20 mil of wear layer, your floor won’t stand forever.

After all, vinyl is naturally softer, so it is more sensitive to gouging and scratches. But you can expect the floor to stand the abuse for many years before you are finally ready to replace it.

Eco-Friendly Feature

In the past, vinyl floor wasn’t exactly an eco-friendly floor. But technology has improved, which makes it possible to add vinyl flooring to the options of sustainable floor lists.

Not to mention that Eternity Flooring has committed themselves to sustainable movement, which affects their products too.

Each of their Eternity vinyl plank line has FloorScore rate. They also have passed GREENGUARD certification, making their products perfect (and a safe option) for LEED building criteria or credit.

Moreover, the floors have CARB-2 compliant and they have passed the safety standard for indoor air quality. It means that all of them won’t emit any harmful and dangerous gas after they are installed.

Eternity Vinyl Plank Installation Convenience

Modern luxury vinyl floor generally comes as floating floor, which means that you can install the floor on top of any solid surface even on top of another floor.

You don’t need to use any glue, nail, or fastener to attach the plank. And you certainly don’t need to use any complicated or expensive tool for the installation.

This floor is considered one of the best DIY-friendly floors where homeowners are allowed to do the process themselves.

Whether you are a beginner (with no experience or knowledge) or you are a seasoned professional, rest assured that installing this type of floor is possible it can even be fun!

What about Eternity vinyl plank?

Well, both WPC and SPC have their own unique locking mechanism with angle-tap system.

You should be able to install the floor by making sure that each plank is joined tightly. Tight joining is crucial so water won’t get between the planks. The pad or underlayment is completely an optional choice.

Even if the floor doesn’t have it, it won’t be an issue. However, the pad can be super beneficial if the subfloor suffers from condensation or if you want the floor to be quiet and not noisy.

Eternity products don’t have the attached pads on all of their products.

However, feel free to buy separate rolls of the foam underlayment it would be better to choose the ones that they recommend.

The only Eternity’s collection with cork pad attachment is the Cornerstone WPC collection.

The Price Eternity Vinyl Plank

With luxury brand tag, the price for Eternity vinyl plank may not be overly cheap.

But you need to know that the general price for a hardwood floor is set between $10 and $20 a square foot.

The general price for vinyl floor is set from $4 to $8 a square foot. For the Eternity products, the price range is between $2.50 and $6 a square foot, depending on your retailers and the type of collection you choose.

You can also check some online retailer, such as theflooringfactory.com or flooringliquidators.com to buy Eternity products.

The price tag is applied for models that don’t have pad attachment. If you want to buy the separate pad rolls, expect to spend another $0.45 to $0.75 a square foot and the rolls are only available in 100 square foot option.

Keep in mind that Eternity brand isn’t available in big box shops. When you order from your local dealer or online dealer, there will be extra delivery and shipping costs.

If you don’t have the budgets, you should consider about doing the installation your own. It can be a good and fun project as long as you are patient and you don’t hurry.

But if you don’t think that you can make it, you should contact a professional installer. For this matter, be ready to spend extra around $3 to $4 a square foot.

And this is only for the installation. If you have to remove the old floor or deal with extra prepping for the subfloor, expect to spend more.

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Conclusion Eternity Vinyl Plank

In the end, having this luxury vinyl floor does have its own perks and benefits. It is inexpensive. It is easy to maintain. It has better waterproof quality. It is sturdy, solid, and durable.

Not to mention that you can consider having your own DIY project. You should also be able to choose the various options in designs and styles.

After all, the brand does have various collections to meet your preference.

In the end, you need to consider things carefully and thoroughly. Make plans of what you want to do with the floor including which one to have.

The Eternity vinyl plank can be a great alternative option if you want something good and reliable without breaking the bank.