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Evoke Laminate Reviews

Evoke Laminate Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

Evoke Laminate Reviews – While the use of luxury vinyl flooring and engineered wood is rising, laminate is not as popular as it was many years ago. However, it doesn’t stop the companies to produce more and more interesting flooring products, one of which is Evoke laminate.

Today we come with Evoke Laminate reviews to let you know what you can expect from this flooring type.

The content includes the Evoke laminate collection, styles, construction and durability, the green factor, installation, Evoke laminate warranties, pricing and availability, pros and cons as well as ratings.

Now let’s check out the overall review packed in each sections of discussion.

Evoke Unreal Flooring

If you can easily find Pergo, Mohawk and Dream Home in online stores, you cannot expect to find Evoke unreal flooring.

Though Evoke unreal flooring is produced by smaller company, it actually belongs to metropolitan hardwood flooring.

This company is responsible for some great brands like Kentwood, Hardwood, Abode flooring and Evoke.

In this case, Evoke comes with the solid lineup of luxury vinyl flooring, vinyl composite core flooring and laminate flooring.

Evoke Laminate Review

Let’s start the Evoke Laminate reviews by saying that the brand is little bit different from the other brands.

It is informed that Evoke laminate can be easily accessed through the collections. Basically, there are only three collections and some products nowadays.

The styles which are available in the collections are categorized by people instead of city name, exotic location or even fantastic name.

So if you plan to own floors named Mergo or Oscar, this company can be the right one to visit.

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Evoke Laminate Flooring Collections

There are some styles of Evoke Laminate flooring provided by the company. Those are Evoke Au Natural, Evoke Wide Plank and Evoke Promenade. Here are the detailed explanation of the three styles:

Evoke Au Natural

Nowadays, Evoke Au Natural provides eight styles in the collection. Though each boards have a natural style, but they looks very deceiving. All of them are sized 6 ¼ “ x 5 1/6 “ x 53 length. However, the specifications are different from one style to another style.

The planks which are available in this collection include Blake, Margo, Danielle and Gwyneth which are all having a wear layer with 4 AC rating. In addition, Margo, Danielle and Gwyneth have MDF cores while Blake has a wood plastic core (WPC).

The other planks which are the rest in the collection have no core type and no specification for the wear layer.

But thankfully, they are all featured with the same warranty, eco-friendly attributes and installation method.

Evoke Wide Plank

Evoke wide plank is the second option of collection available in Evoke Laminate. This collection comes only with the three styles that are Dahlia, Evelyn and Olivia. Each of the style is measured 7 5/8” x 5/16” x 48”. Note, they all have MDF cores as well as AV 3 class rating on the wear layer.

The finish for these styles is smooth without any texturing techniques used on the planks.

Evoke Promenade

Evoke promenade is the mist varied collection provided by Evoke. In this collection, there are 12 styles to choose along with colors you can preferably select, ranging from the dark like Noah to the golden hue of Glenda.

Evoke Promenade’s boards are available in 7 5/8” x 5/16. So, they are technically wide. This way, Evoke promenade is longer than the wide collection boards. Most of these styles are in the list along with a low gloss matte finish.


Based on the Evoke Laminate reviews, it is too unfortunate that Evoke laminate doesn’t have the largest collection of laminate flooring. However, they have some attractive styles in their arsenal.

Compared to the other brands, Evoke laminate has only a small catalogue though there are probably more variation within the collections to offer a nice selection of styles to the customers.

Construction and Durability

Apart from the collection, color and size, each of the boards from Evoke has the same things in common.

In this case, all of Evoke laminate boards come with TSCA Title VI Compliant and CA Section 01350 Compliant. This is a part of the company’s responsibility to keep the planet Earth clean through the CARB program.

A full time environmental compliance officer is also available on hand to make sure that the products stay compliant.


Installation is one of the major and important part to concern especially if you prefer DIY installation.

In this case, Evoke laminate offers the more friendly DIY option for homeowners on the market nowadays.

Truly, Evoke laminate are much easier to install than other boards. Notice, there is no problem on installing the laminate by yourself.

Luckily, all of the flooring provided by Evoke laminate has underlayment attached. They also use the popular click-system that makes in the installation project simple to carry out.

Evoke Laminate Warranties

Evoke laminate reviews offer a limited lifetime for all the flooring products. Thus, this is very ideal since there is no tiered system according to the pricing. Well, you can find this only on Evoke Laminate.

For commercial usage, the warranty is usually provided by the company up to 3 years. This warranty includes only the light-duties.

No worry about fading, stains and wear-through since they are not the problem for the flooring as long as you mop up the spills quickly.

Evoke Laminate Flooring Pricing and Availability

Based on this Evoke Laminate reviews, pricing and availability are ones of the drawbacks.

When other brands clearly list their price, people don’t want to call for getting information about pricing.

One thing to keep in mind, if you are interested with this brand, you’ll need to contact the dealer for pricing and see if your choice is available or not.

Evoke Laminate Flooring Pros and Cons

Evoke is a truly an impressive brand with some nice styles that always stand out in people’s point of view.

In fact, there aren’t many online reviews about the boards’ collection.

So if you want to try and get the samples, you can directly find out more information on their laminate products.

Here are the pros and cons of Evoke laminate flooring products for your consideration.


There are wide selections of colors along with the nice variations in the collection. Further, the laminate flooring is completed with the solid warranties across the lines.

Thanks to the eco-friendly feature that makes the earth safe from the possibility of chemical attack.


Evoke laminate provides only small catalogue compared to the other notable brands. Further, there is a lack of information of a few key areas.

Evoke Laminate Ratings

For styles and durability, Evoke laminate flooring is rated for 3.8 while for colors, it is rated 4.5. For eco-friendly feature, Evoke laminate is rated 4. The overall rating is 3.9 put of 5.

Looking for Qualified Installer for Evoke Flooring Installation

Some readers are generally expressing their complaint about not being able to find the local installer of overpaid the installation.

To give a solution, an online free estimate tool to help them get the local installer in 24 hours. This tool is empowered by the Networx which specializes in collecting, vetting and rating the laminate flooring contractors for over 20 years.

Final Words

All in all, referring to Evoke Laminate reviews, Evoke laminate flooring has a wide selections of colors and variation within the collection.

Its eco-friendly feature makes the planet Earth safe. However, you can get the flooring products only in the dealers.

Due to the lifetime warranty added to the flooring products, the durability is unquestionable. Just make sure that you wipe the spills as soon as possible so that the flooring will not fade, stain or scratch.

If you find this reviews advantageous, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and families.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the frequently asked questions (FAQs) that you need also to read out to fulfill your further curiosity. Perhaps, you have the same questions as follows:

How can I get Evoke Laminate flooring when I cannot get it in online store?

Contact the dealer at your local dealers.

Is Evoke laminate flooring easy to maintain?

yes, it is easy to maintain. Once you see spills on the floor, wipe them as soon as possible so that the floor will not fade, stain and scratch.

How can I get the samples of Evoke Laminate flooring?

Visit the dealers and get the samples from the store. It is also recommended that you obtain the information directly from seeing the products.

How can I get the price list?

There is no information about the pricing. So you can contact the dealer for more information.

Can I expect to carry out DIY installation project?

Yes, you can. The flooring offers DIY installation method that enables you to install the flooring by yourself. So, there is no problem with the flooring to carry out DIY installation.