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fabrica carpet flooring reviews

Fabrica Carpet Flooring Review

by Dylan Johnson

Everyone wants beauty and quality for his/her floor. Here, you can expect Fabrica carpet flooring review to upgrade your home interior. For your information, Fabrica is a brand manufacturing carpets & rugs for high-end residences. The stunning designs become the main reason why you should choose this one.

Before you decide to purchase this carpet floor, it is better to look closer at it. This article will discuss Fabrica carpet flooring further. We will focus on its durability, colors & styles, pricing, care & maintenance, and installation.


If you pay high-end carpet, you will certainly expect high quality. However, no one would like to spend thousands of dollars.

So, how about Fabrica Carpet flooring?

Fabrica is a brand that prioritizes quality and durability. Besides that, they also offer innovation. They use state-of-the-art tech, skilled craftsmen and high-quality materials. Even more, it is recognized by the American Flooring Association.

Anyway, customers will be satisfied with the quality & durability of Fabrica Carpet flooring. It is considered one of the best carpet brands around the world.

Unfortunately, the warranty does not meet most people’s expectation. The manufacturer offers only a 2-year limited replacement/repair warranty. Besides, the warranty is only for the original buyer and just protects against manufacturer defects.

On the other side, other brands usually offer 10-year warranties. Even more, the warranties can cover staining and wear. Anyway, if you can maintain it well, this floor will last longer.

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Fabrica Carpet Floor Pricing

Belongs to high-end products, Fabrica carpet flooring may cost high. Low-end carpets averagely cost 1 dollar per square foot. For high-end brands, they mostly cost from 15 dollars per square foot.

So, the price may depend on the brand you choose. However, the price is also affected by other factors such as the style and the retailer where you purchase it.

Fabrica carpet flooring costs from 7 to 16 dollars per square foot. So, we can say that it belongs to high-end product. Compared to other brands, Fabrica carpet flooring may be a bit more expensive.

How to Care for Fabrica Carpet Flooring

You have to care for and maintain your floor well. Fortunately, Fabrica carpet flooring does not require difficult care. With regular cleaning and care, it means you extend the lifespan of this carpet floor.

For regular care, vacuuming is recommended to remove dirt, debris, dander, and dust. In this case, you should use a vacuum that comes with a beater bar and a brush. The vacuum must also be adjustable.

Hiring a professional can also be an alternative to keep your carpet fresh. Usually, a professional will use dry extraction. This method is best applied every 6 months. For high-traffic areas, you will need to care for the floor more frequently.

If you find spills on the carpet, you have to clean up as soon as possible. To absorb the spills, you can use a white clot. Then, blot the spot immediately. You can also consider using other household items to get rid of stains like white vinegar, acetone, or rust remover.

The good news is that the manufacturer provides complete and clear guides for care and cleaning. So, you will be able to remove any kind of stain well.

If you are not sure, you may need to hire a professional for care & maintenance.

How to Install Fabrica Carpet Flooring

Fabrica carpet flooring should only be installed by a licensed and experienced carpet installer. So, you will not only spend money for the product but also for installation. Of course, this investment will satisfy you.

If you do not hire a professional installer, you must be ready with some consequences.

For example, your carpet will not be installed properly. If loose carpet happens, it will lead to buckles or damage. You have to keep in mind that improper installation is not covered by the warranty.

If you want to invest more money for hiring a professional installer, you can optimize your carpet’s lifespan. The additional expense will be worth it. However, the decision is yours.

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Final Verdict

Fabrica carpet flooring is appropriate for you who love high-end flooring review. The beauty really outperforms other brands. If you are interested in it, you can find many colors and styles available.

As a high-end brand, the prices are also competitive. This carpet flooring can also be cleaned and maintained easily.

The only downside of this carpet may be that it is not budget-friendly. So, it is not recommended for you who are looking for carpet flooring on budget.

When it comes to warranty, the manufacturer does not provide great warranties. Even more, you also may need to spend more money for professional installation.

Even though you must spend a lot of money, Fabrica Carpet flooring is worth it because it is not only beautiful but also unique.