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Flooret Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

Flooret Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

by Dylan Johnson

The popularity of Flooret vinyl plank flooring also increases since luxury vinyl flooring (whether it is the tiles or the planks) is gaining a high level of popularity.

The luxury vinyl floor seems to deliver easiness and better arrangement within the complicated world of flooring business.

Choosing the right flooring can be a complicated matter not only because of the many brands out there, but also because the limitless options with variants, names, designs, and styles.

But once you understand the nature of your house (and the floor, naturally), the process would be easier.

And luxury vinyl floor is designed and delivered to help confused homeowners like you to find the right option for them.

Let’s take a look into this floor in a deeper manner, shall we?

Reasons to Choose Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has been known to be a reliable and solid floor with easy maintenance and care. Unfortunately, in the past, the floor had always been associated with lousy look.

Sure, the floor was tough and durable, but it was lousy, tacky, and cheesy creating a cheap look into the house.

Naturally, it would affect the atmosphere and even value of the house.

But it was all in the past. Vinyl flooring industry has undergone a remarkable development and growth over the last few years.

Technologies have been really helpful to create a better appearance and even quality strength.

Today, luxury vinyl floor comes with even better quality. It is stronger and sturdier also with better waterproof quality.

And the look is getting better and better! Gone the lousy and tacky floor that will make your house look ugly.

On the contrary, the floor now resembles natural elements like stone and wood quite perfectly.

So, if you want to have a floor that is durable and easy to care, then luxury vinyl flooring is able to give you what you want.

This is the same level of beauty that is generally found in hardwood.

Hardwood floor is absolutely beautiful, natural, and gorgeous. But then again, it is also super expensive.

And it takes extra efforts in the caring, cleaning, and maintenance. Not all homeowners have the budgets and the patience to deal with those things.

If you are one of them, then you should find alternative flooring and luxury vinyl flooring seems like the best option.

There are quite many brands to choose from, including Flooret vinyl plank flooring products and brands.

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Getting to Know Flooret Flooring Products

So, what’s so special about Flooret vinyl plank flooring?

Well, first of all, this is basically a new flooring company with a base in California.

The company has described themselves to be a company that is offering fresh and transparent products with focus on premium quality.

The price is affordable just like the price you get directly from the factory.

It’s designed that way because they want their customers to get the best and the most amazing quality with the lowest price possible and they want to do it without compromising quality or performance.

Flooret has a unique operational business. It’s almost the same as Warby Parker, an eyeglass retailer with online basis.

They are operating on internet-driven display and showroom, offering high quality items within limited options.

When it comes to price, the company falls in the middle their products aren’t too expensive and yet aren’t too cheap either.

With a price tag set between $3 and $5 a square foot, it is only reasonable to say that they have pretty affordable price set.

The company is built on a solid philosophy to deliver quality as well as easiness for the consumers.

From their descriptions, they are confident that all of their products have superior quality and premium construction, the latest trend in design, and also transparent and sustainable sources.

If this is worth the consideration, you should also know that they have stellar customer service which can be quite rare in the industry.

They are able to give you direct access to seasoned and expert installers, product specialists and experts, and also real people.

The Wear Layer – The Ultimate Differences

What makes Flooret vinyl plank flooring different from the others?

It’s their wear layer. You see, wear layer is the top layer that protects the images or patterns.

But the wear layer is also responsible for protecting the floor, especially against heavy foot traffic. As years go by, the layer will wears off. It will lead to damaged floor and you will have to replace it.

The thicker the wear layer is, the better the floor would be. Thicker layer requires longer time to wear off.

Most luxury vinyl floors have wear layer between 8 mil and 12 mil for residential setting. For industrial or commercial setting, the wear layer is generally between 20 mil and 22 mil.

There are several brands designed for residential setting but with premium 22 mil wear layer. These brands are usually the premium one and they are able to last long than the general types.

Well, Flooret products come with 40 mil of wear layer, and it is made from premium-quality and virgin PVC.

Can you imagine how touch and sturdy the floor is?

No wonder if they are confident enough in offering lifetime residential warranty and also 20-year commercial warranty.

When you compare their warranties against other manufacturers’ warranties that ‘only’ offer 10-year commercial warranty, the differences are quite obvious.

If you have to choose, you should know which one is more promising and reliable.

Samples and Easy Arrangement

Samples can make the process of choosing the right floor easier. With samples, you avoid mistakes in choosing the right types, styles, and patterns.

Simply order the samples and see how they look at home!

And the greatest thing about Flooret is that they make the ordering process easy. Just go to the company’s official website and order the samples.

Feel free to choose different sizes of them the company doesn’t charge shipping cost. Each sample costs you $3, in general.

Making the order is also a breeze. The company offers a single, flat, and low shpping rate of $200 for orders more than $1500. It covers full-size planks.

You have the easiness and the flexibility to mix and match different planks and patterns for around $15 only it includes plank and free shipping.

It seems that Flooret is the only company (in flooring industry) offering this service.

The Collections Flooret Vinyl Plank

Flooret vinyl plank has one major line, known as the Modin. There are 2 types of Modin lines in this: the Rigid and Classic

Modin Rigid

This is the main product with the thickest wear layer and also the thickest overall thickness. Because of the thickness, it is known as the strongest and most durable type.

They have EIR (Embossed in Register) floors which mean that the physical feel would match the design printed on it.

Thanks to this construction, you have a similar surface and texture that can be hard to distinguish from the real thing. In most cases, most people can’t even tell the difference.

The floors come with matte low-sheen finish complete with natural look it will wear off quite well as time goes by.

With the combination of longer and wider planks with four side bevels, their floors look super real.

And to make it even better, they have cork built-in backing for extra features of sound absorption and comfort quality.

Most of the floors are available in either 6 inches or 7 inches width and 36 inches or 48 inches length. This is where Flooret vinyl plank Modin is different. They are coming in 9 inches width and 72 inches length, making them extra big.

Because of these constructions, this plank creates natural and high-end wooden flooring effect that you won’t find from other brands and manufacturers.

The big size also eliminates the need of repeating the patterns.

The Modin collection is also unique because it has ceramic bead coating, resulting in super solid barrier that would deal with scratches or abuse quite well.

The planks also have UV-coating element that would protect the floor from sunlight. To note, vinyl floors dislike sunlight because it causes fading or discoloration

Modin Classic

This one is the older types of flooring from Flooret. This line is still in production although most homeowners prefer the Rigid collection.

This floor is now only produced by orders because it is not as popular as the Rigid type.

However, they also have products that have been supplied in some retailers. They are offering quite a generous discount so those supplies would go out of distribution chain right away.

If you are looking for a great deal, the Classic would be the right pick. But you should remember that the planks in Modin Classic come in 5 x 9 inches.

It still comes with 40 mil wear layer, micro bevels, ceramic bead coating, lifetime residential warranty, and 100% waterproof quality. The only difference with the Rigid is the size (length and width).

Flooret Vinyl Plank Environmentally Friendly Quality

If you are into environment so much, Flooret vinyl plank comes with good quality. All of their products have FloorScore certificates (especially for indoor air).

They are also qualified and safe for LEED credits. Aside from the fact that all of their products are completely recyclable (100%), they have zero contents for VOC and formaldehyde quality.

Want a safe product?

This is the brand to pick.

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Final Conclusion Flooret Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

The floor has Houzz 5-star rating along with other 5-star feedbacks and reviews. As you can see from the previous description, this floor has tons of positive benefits.

They are beautiful, easy to maintain, and high in quality. They aren’t expensive either.

So, if you want a premium floor without hurting the bank, Flooret vinyl plank can be a great option.