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Flooring Ideas for Entryways

Flooring Ideas for Entryway: 15 Unique and Stylish

by Dylan Johnson

Nothing makes first impression matter like the entryway, so knowing some flooring ideas for entryway can help. Your entryway is your first impression for the visitors.

Whereas a lot of homeowners tend to neglect the needs to decorate the area, you know exactly the opposite, right?

As a part of your house, your entryway requires attention too.

But there are some specific considerations that you need to consider before choosing the right flooring type.

First of all, all kinds of floors generally get a lot of abuse and daily beat, especially in high traffic areas.

However, the entryway is one of the areas with high traffic situation begging for beautiful and solid floor.

It is the area that sees you go and welcomes you as your return home. It is the area where you remove the shoes, hang the coats, and such thing alike.

That area is the one getting the dirt and moisture from the outside world, so you seriously need something that is easy to clean and not easily stained by the puddles or the mud.

Not all floors would be perfectly matching or considered ideal for flooring ideas for entryway especially if you are looking for something beautiful, long-lasting, chic, and stylish.

That’s why there are some great candidates and inspirational designs that may spark ideas for your creative side so you know how to deal with your entryway’s design and style.

Cement Tile Flooring Ideas for Entryway

Cement Tile Flooring on Entryway
Cement Tile Flooring on Entryway

Cement flooring doesn’t have to be all bad or unattractive. It can actually be pretty and visually appealing, if you know how to choose the right design or patterns.

As you can see from the image picture, the floor isn’t plain or bland. You can actually create patterns or choose one so the floor will be visually attractive and beautiful.

This tile is made from marble, limestone, and (natural) colorants that create interesting baked-in pattern.

You can match the floor with other catchy details, such as the yellow door to create cheerful mood.

Pebble Tile Flooring Ideas for Entryway

Pebble Tile Flooring Entryway
Pebble Tile Flooring Entryway

Natural stone, like pebbles, can actually create a stylish look on the floor. You can try using stones as one of the most unique flooring ideas for entryway.

The stones are smooth and they are great to prevent slipping, especially during rainy season.

If you want one for fast installation, find those with mesh backing. It helps a lot during the installation.

Smart Entryway Design Flooring Ideas for Entryway

Smart Entryway Design
Smart Entryway Design

In this entryway, you see some clever arrangements about how the decor is laid out.

First of all, the patterned floor with black and white shade is just elegant and classic.

You can never go wrong with such an arrangement! And second, there is a glass door on the inner side to separate the entryway from the main area of the house.

Not only it has an extra unique layer for the insulation, but it creates a stylish and chic decor to the overall look of the house.

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Entryway with Patio and Porch (Floor) Paint

Entryway with Patio and Porch
Entryway with Patio and Porch

In the event you have wooden floor at the entryway area, and yet you don’t really have the budgets to replace it, then you should consider using a stencil and paint to create a fresher look.

This is definitely one flooring ideas for entryway that you can try without spending a fortune and yet you can expect a marvelous effect.

In this decor style, patio and porch paint is used to revive the antique floor.

Not only it transforms the look of the area, but it is also great to create a durable and tough surface.

If you want to use the paint, however, go with the water-based type. The paint is generally available as oil-based, but today’s paint also comes with water-based variants for safer and greener outcome.

Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete Entryway
Polished Concrete Entryway

You’d be surprised that concrete can actually deliver a stylish and good-looking floor.

In this example, you can see how sleek the floor looks. If you want to, you can also create patterns with the stamps so your floor won’t have to be plain.

Concrete (polished) floor does have tons of perks. It won’t cost you a fortune set for around $6 a square foot.

The floor is also solid and sturdy. You won’t have any difficulty or drama with the cleaning and maintenance. And even there are minor imperfections, like subtle cracks, those imperfections would add the artistic value of the floor.

What can you ask for more?

Marine Paint for Wooden Floor

What about adding bright paint for your wooden floor?

In this example, the wooden floor seems bright and cheerful with the turquoise shade. This is basically a marine paint that is generally used in boats.

And with the glossy shade, you won’t even think that there is a wood floor underneath it, right?

Marine paint is perfect for areas with high traffic and moisture-prone situation. And the cool thing about this paint is the fact that it is actually water-based, so it won’t be dangerous for you or any inhabitant of the house.

Slate Tiles

Slate Floor Tile Entryway
Slate Floor Tile Entryway

If you want to create a unique floor in a timeless and elegant manner, consider slate tiles. They are perfect for graceful flooring ideas for entryway without too much fuss.

They are generally available in various shapes, which can be useful to create patterns. Not to mention that they have tons of perks.

First, they are natural stone which means that they are durable and tough.

Second, they have great classic looks.

And third, they can significantly affect the house’s value in an elegant way.

Brick Paver Flooring Ideas for Entryway

Brick Pavers Entryway
Brick Pavers Entryway

Do you know that you can use bricks for the entryway?

Yes, this is serious. Consider using brick paver to deliver a unique old-world charm to your entryway. But you should also consider the fact that bricks are absorbent.

They absorb moisture quite well. If you want to have them for your entryway, apply waterproof sealer on the surface. And make sure to re-apply a new coat once in several years. It would prevent tear and wear.

Retro Hexagon Tiles

Retro Hexagon Entryway
Retro Hexagon Entryway

Why not try hexagon patterns to improve the look of the entryway?

They may look old-school, but they have their own charm and unique signature style. Not to mention that the floor tiles can be arranged in myriads of different patterns.

If you want the timeless elegance, use the black and white just like shown in the example image. Go with the mesh sheets if you want quicker and more efficient installation.

Patterned Porcelain Tiles

Patterned Porcelain Entryway
Patterned Porcelain Entryway

You should consider porcelain as one of the most popular and unique flooring ideas for entryway.

And if you choose the patterned ones, you can improve the visual appeal without any drama. Porcelain is stronger and more durable than ceramic.

Not to mention that it has better resistance to stain perfect for busy entryway.

With various interesting patterns and colors, you should be able to choose one matching your home decor and theme.

Polished Scored Concrete

Polished Scored Concrete Entryway
Polished Scored Concrete Entryway

As it was mentioned before, polished concrete flooring can actually look stylish and chic.

And if you choose the scored patterns (which imitate the look of big format tiles), you can make your entryway look beautiful and elegant at the same time.

Geometric Flooring Ideas for Entryway

Geometric Flooring Entryway
Geometric Flooring Entryway

Most homeowners choose the plain and bland flooring for the entryway completely neglecting its need for stylish appearance and comfy vibe.

However, if you are able to decorate the area with interesting patterns, it will significantly improve the appearance as well as the atmosphere.

Choose geometric patterns that are basically simple and yet highly appealing in a classic way.

Hardwood Flooring – French White Oak

French White Oak Hardwood Entryway
French White Oak Hardwood Entryway

Hardwood doesn’t always have to dark or masculine. You can use this French white oak floor that creates elegant and somewhat soothing effect to the house.

Elegant white oak can be one of the stylish flooring ideas for entryway you should give it a go.

This material is resilient and it has been used in shipbuilding industry for quite a while.

Unlike regular hardwood, this one is naturally resistant to rot, but you still need extra care for the floor.

Don’t forget to apply waterproof sealer coats after the installation. The sealer is handy to protect the floor against possible damage.

The House Number on the Flooring Ideas for Entryway

The House Number on the Flooring Entryway
The House Number on the Flooring Entryway

If you want to create a statement (without the cheesy or tacky way), why not placing the house number on your floor. You can use this image as an inspiration.

Consider a major hue (or the combination of two colors) with the hexagon tiles. And then use a basic color to arrange the house number.

In this image, the major hue for the hexagon tiles is black, and then you use white (hexagon) tiles for the house number.

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Use Chalk Paint

You can draw inspiration from this flooring design.

If you have plain and bland ceramic tile, which you dislike, and yet you can’t afford the demolition work, then the chalk paint can be handy to add some look to the boring floor.

You don’t have to choose extravagant colors or patterns have whatever you like as long as it can refresh your floor.

Afterwards, don’t forget to apply a sealer to protect your drawing. Choose the water-based type that is safe for both the house and the inhabitants. 

There are still so many great ideas and good-looking inspirations from the online world.

You only have to do your own research and have fun with it. With these various flooring ideas for entryway, you will never run out of ideas.