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Flor Carpet Tile Reviews

Flor Carpet Tile Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

It is just common to see thousands styles of carpets used throughout the world but carpet tiles exists within its popularity as a unique alternative. What would we explain in Flor carpet tile reviews anyway?

There are more to discuss than just the fact that it stands out on the world of carpet tile because of the modern collection.

Truly, Flor carpet tiles appear to be the stylish collections in its own key areas like pricing and sustainability.

In fact, we are going to direct you to search more about the tiles including the Flor carpet history, collections, sizes, the Green Factor, Installation, cost, pros and cost, ratings and the way you look for a qualified installer for the tiles installation.

We would also include the frequently asked questions to broaden your knowledge about the products.

Without wasting a second, here are the full Flor carpet tile reviews you may check out in details.

The History of Flor Carpet

None will never complete an understanding over something without knowing the history. So checking out the history of Flor carpet tile is the first of all the things in the review.

Well, historically, Flor was created in term of high-quality and stylish rugs and carpet tiles. They come as a brand with environment consciousness.

These tiles are made of recycled materials. They are also designed in such a way to be a washable and removable carpet tiles.

At this time, Flor products are produced in form of area rugs, carpet tiles and small lineup and accessories.

Flor Carpet Tile Collections

Product collection is the second thing that homeowners usually want to know since it deals with the type of the carpet they want to choose.

This way, Flor carpet tiles offer a variety of styles. Luckily, the company keeps producing the perfect carpet tiles fitting your home.

Therefore, the company’s website allows everyone to easily browse and search for the carpet tiles by style, color, and height.

In this regards, there are three main categories of the carpet tiles that are solid, stripes and patterns.

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Solid Flor Carpet Tile

Believe it or not, solid Flor carpet tiles are intriguing options. Fedora in Oatmeal is a carpet tile with the marble-like appearance and made of recycled plastic bottles.

Other option is Heaven Sent series which are the looped carpet tiles along with the beveled edges.

Solid Flor carpet tiles are available to choose in 20 different colors. Some of the rest solid hues are also impressive.

Striped Flor Carpet Tile

Striped Flor carpet tile is the second collection based on our Flor carpet tile reviews. There are 16 different styles available in this collection. The carpet tiles in this collection have generally unique patterns such as Marston, Upcycle and Parallel Reality.

Each style of striped Flor carpet tile comes with a single hue to a dozen colors. There are also some tame styles to choose within the wider stripes tiles.

Patterned Flor Caret Tile

The last but not least collection of Flor carpet tiles is the patterned collection.

Impressively, it offers more than 60 styles that everyone can select, ranging from the simple to traditional patterns such as Basket Case and Electric Avenue.

This style has Magenta color with a jewel-tone pattern. Other styles include Zebra and Shadow Hills that will certainly fit your home easily.

Flor Carpet Tile Sizes

Apart from the styles, there is one thing to love about Flor carpet tile. Yes, fortunately, Flor carpet style is available in any size. So, whatever size you want, you can just ask to cut them to fit your sizes.

In this case, though the tiles are available in standard size which is 19.7 x 19.7 inches, you can choose from against the grain cuts like diagonal, Arc and 1/16 cut.

The Green Factor

As we have mentioned, the company produces Floor carpet with fully environmental consciousness.

Floor is an eco-friendly brand that manufactures the product from recycled materials to form carpet tiles.

Though indoor air quality is not the main concern with this brand, however, all of the carpet tiles are listed as Green Label Plus Certified.

Floor Carpet Tile Installation

There are a few exceptions if you tend to install Flor carpet tiles on hard surfaces.

This way, it is not recommended that you install the tiles on unsealed concrete along with floors finishes with oil and solvent-based finishes. Further, you had better not install the tiles on unfinished waxed floors, too.

If you want to install Flor carpet tiles on concrete, make sure that the floors are cured for at least 90 days. Noticeably, these tiles are just easy to install.

Moreover, they are not permanently installed. The unique FlORdots is an adhesive-based-system is created within the products to allow you to place and remove the tiles easily.

Flor Carpet Tile Cost

In our Flor carpet tile reviews, cost is the next crucial thing to take into discussion. Thanks to the budget-friendly options available in carpet tiles, making it much advantageous.

Truly, most carpet tiles provide affordable prices available on the market today, from Shaw, StainMaster and others.

However, Flor carpet tiles do not fall into the budget-friendly class. In this case, Flor carpet tiles are sold in individual pieces.

Let’s have a look at the following table to check out the price of Flor carpet tiles:

StyleFiberConstructionAvailable ColorsPrice per Tile
Sew WhatNylonLoop Pile4$18.00
FedoraPETNeedle Punch Pile8$8.00
Vintage VibeNylonLoop Pile19$32.00
Nizhoni PathworkNylonLoop Pile3$19.00
Doe Re MiNylonSheared4$26.00

Based on the table above, the most affordable option is Fedora style which is $8.00 per tile. This is still too expensive compared to other brand in the market.

Further, the tiles are sold individually while other carpet from other brands are sold per square foot. So, Flor carpet tiles are not budget-friendly option.

Flor Carpet Tile Pros and Cons

There are lots of things that can be your reasons why you like Flor carpet tiles more than others.

The patterns are just one of the reasons. Flor carpet tiles have such a unique pattern that you cannot find on other carpet brands.

Further, the collections are all impressive though they have only limited hues. The samples are available in affordable prices. 

Well, here are the short description of pros and cons of Flor carpet tiles:


It is really true that Flor carpet tiles offer a unique pattern along with the color variations.

Easy installation is the second thing that makes people consider while the eco-friendly feature is one of the reasons why people tend to like the product.

One more, these tiles offer FLORdots modular system that shows a very interesting design.


As we have mentioned, Flor carpet tiles are expensive enough compared to the other carpet tiles. So if you have only a tight budget, this one wouldn’t be your option.

Flor Carpet Ratings

Is it important to include the product ratings in this Flor carpet tile reviews?

The answer is definitely yes. That is because ratings will show how the customers feel about the products. Are they satisfied?

In this regards, Flor carpet tiles are rated 3 for the fiber while they are rated 4 for the styles, stain and fade resistance.

This means that the carpet fiber is not as perfect as people’s expectations while the styles, stain and fade resistance prove to fill the people’s expectations.

The overall quality of Flor carpet tiles are rated 4 out of 5.

The Way to Look for Qualified Installer

Unfortunately, there are some readers complain that they cannot find the qualified local installers or overpaid installation.

However, there has been developed an online free estimate tool to help people get the right installers only in 24 hours.

Final Words

Finally, we come to the conclusion that Flor carpet tiles are too expensive. However, they offer some unique patterns that will make you fall in love and bring them home no matter the expensive cost you must pay.

Based on our Flor carpet tile reviews, homeowners prefer these tiles not only for their unique patterns but also for their easy installation and eco-friendly feature. Moreover, they have an excellent resistance to stain and fade.

So, if this carpet is one of your options, just don’t hesitate to get it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install Flor carpet tiles by myself?

Yes, you can. Flor carpet tiles are easy to install but make sure you cure the concrete for at least 90 days before starting the carpet installation.

Which of the Flor carpet tiles collections are offering the most unique pattern?

Stripped collections offer the most unique patterns. You can just opt Marston, Upcycle and Parallel Reality.

What is the biggest downside of Flor carpet tiles?

The expensive prices would be the biggest downside of Flor carpet tiles. Even the most affordable option is available at $8.00 per tile, not per square of foot.

Can I install the carpet on the solvent-based-finishes concrete floor?

It is recommended that you not do it.