Florim Wood Look Tile Flooring Review

Dylan Johnson

Florim Wood Look Tile Flooring Review

Florim wood look tile would be perfect if you want to do home remodel or renovation project and yet you aren’t ready with the huge expenses.

You are thinking about making the floor look great, natural, and gorgeous, and yet you don’t really have the budgets.

So, what are your options?

Well, there are actually many of them, but if you want to add another notch of elegance to the floor, then having a wood-look floor would be the perfect option.

And with Florim, you should be able to achieve your purposes and without spending a fortune.

About Florim Wood Look Floor

The wood-look like floor has the combination of the real wood appearance and the sturdiness of a porcelain tile.

The floor is made through sophisticated and high-end technologies that use high-quality graphic on the surface.

The tiles are all made from porcelain but premium wooden image graphics are attached on the surface.

You have the combination of the best features of two worlds with the wood-look like floor.

So, what’s so special about Florim wood look tile?

First of all, you need to understand that not all wood-look like flooring is the same.

Florim is a part of Italian Florim Group. Florim USA produces high-quality and beautiful flooring products without the high price tag.

With the combination of Italian style and the newest innovation, they are able to produce premium items.

Not to mention that the company is proud of their sustainable practices which they claim to be environmentally-friendly and safe for Mother Nature.

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The Durability

Hardwood is probably one of the toughest and strongest flooring materials in the industry, but it has its own weaknesses.

For a starter, it is prone to water, moisture, and humidity.

That’s why you can’t really install it in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and outdoor.

Hardwood is also prone to dents and scratches so you really need to be very careful when dealing with it.

The Florim wood look tile has the appearance of wood but without the weaknesses because it isn’t made from wood. The tile is made from porcelain.

This is the main reason why hardwood and wood-look like flooring are different in nature. And wood-like floor is super durable, tough, and durable.

Thanks to its natural porcelain element, it is resistant to dent, water, and scratches.

If you can have a proper care and maintenance, the floor should last for decades even for good.

You won’t have to worry about any water damage either.

Whereas real hardwood would be heavily damaged when placed outdoor or in bathrooms, you won’t have to worry about the wood-like floor having the same issue.

Feel free to install the floor in kitchens or even basements, and expect the floor to hold up the abuse and beating.

However, the floor will EVENTUALLY become damaged at some points in time most likely later, after a few years.

If you carry something heavy and drop it on the floor, it will chip or crack the floor.

It is also possible that there would be scratches, especially if you drag heavy pieces of furniture across the surface.

One way to prevent it is to use furniture pads, but it would be impossible to expect the floor to remain pristine and perfect in a lifetime.

Just make sure that you care for the floor by following the manufacturer’s instructions and directions.

As long as you clean and care for it, the floor will be in a pristine condition for a longer length of time.

The Variants

It’s a good thing that Florim has all the products for your needs.

Whether you have modern or complicated décor or you have shabby chic or French country style, you can always find the products to suit your needs.

You can enjoy the polished or distressed look, and also different collections like Milennial, Loft, Layers, Lacquered Wood, and Forest.

Your options are limitless!

Cleaning and Care Florim Wood Look Tile

One of the biggest perks of having the Florim wood look tile is the easy cleaning and care.

You won’t need any complicated tools and you certainly don’t need any special polishes, waxes, or cleaners to make the floor stay shiny.

To maintain the floor in its good condition, you only need a tile vacuum and a regular broom (with soft bristles) to remove dust, dirt, and debris. You can sweep it on a daily basis.

Want to mop it? No problem.

You only need the tile mop and a mild cleaner. Avoid abrasive or oil-based types as they can actually damage the floor.

If you buy the wood-look tiles with textures, you can use the regular broom. But make sure that you sweep it within the same direction (of the tile), and then do it diagonally.

It would remove the debris and dust. Using homemade cleaners is also possible. Feel free to mix water and vinegar and then scrub the floor gently.

To rinse it off, just use clean water. It will maintain the shine and beauty.

Having a DIY Project

As it was mentioned before, you have the option to have a DIY floor installation on your own or you can always hire a professional installer.

Installing the floor is similar to installing porcelain floor, which means that you need to have the experience and the skills to do it. You even need to be knowledgeable to do it.

If you have zero knowledge or if you have never done this before, then forget DIY project. You should hire a pro or you will end up with chaotic result.

The installation starts from prepping the subfloor. You should then lay the mortar, space each of the tile, and then cut the tiles when necessary.

Then you need to lay all tiles and wait until the mortar dries. You can then apply the grout.

The overall process is messy. Because of the complicated work, you need to have the right supplies and tools, such as trim pieces, angle grinder, a wet saw, tile spacers, grout, and mortar.

Proper installation is crucial because the improper one will definitely lead to damaged tiles and wrong result.

When homeowners install Florim wood look tile, they can consult the company’s official website.

Florim doesn’t only provide the instructions and guides, but also tips and tricks.

Homeowners can always dedicate their time to go through the guides carefully and thoroughly.

But if you don’t have the time or the needed experience and skills to do it then it would be wise to hire an installer. It would be the wisest option.

The Price Florim Wood Look Tile

When compared to real hardwood flooring, wood-look alike is generally cheaper.

Whereas real hardwood flooring can cost you between $5 and $15 even up to $20 for a square foot of an area. A wood-look like flooring has a price range between $1 and $5 in general.

What about the Florim wood look tile?

Well, the company sells the floor from $3 to $5, which makes it one of the top lines in the industry.

But if you have to compare it to hardwood which can set you at around $15, the price list is pretty affordable.

And designer’s hardwood can cost you up to $20, so you basically have a good deal.

A word of advice, though. The price only applies for the material. It doesn’t apply to the installation cost or the extra expenses for tools, equipment, and supplies.

If you want to have a DIY project, you still have to deal with the cost of renting (or even buying?) tools or equipments.

And if you don’t want to do everything on your own, then you will have to spend extra to hire an installer. The choice is yours!

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Final Words

If you are thinking about installing a floor that has the same elegance and beauty as solid hardwood, then you already know the facts about wood-look tiles along with their strength and downsides.

Is Florim wood look tile durable?

Yes, it is absolutely tough and durable.

Can you install the floor in any room indoor or outdoor?

You know the answer!

Another perk is the easy maintenance and care, especially if you don’t have to deal with costly cleaning products or difficult tools.

And in case there is a damaged tile, you can always easily swap it with the new one and you don’t have to replace the entire floor. And let’s not forget about the inexpensive price range.

Don’t you love it when you can have a gorgeous and beautiful home without having to deal with the huge expenses?

The biggest downside, though, is about the installation. It is crucial that you hire a pro, unless you have the skills and experience.

If this is new to you or if you have never had any experience with floor installation or whatsoever, then it isn’t advisable to install the floor on your own.

Beginners should hire a pro and it would mean another expense on your part.

In the end, only you who can make the decision whether the floor would be perfect for your needs or not.

As the homeowner, you need to make an educated decision about Florim wood look tile and whether you want it or not.

Dylan Johnson
As a flooring enthusiast, I love everything about it - from the way it looks to the way it feels underfoot. Nothing beats a well-crafted floor that adds character to any space.