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Floyd Furniture Reviews

Floyd Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross

Floyd furniture is one of the few brands that left such a good impression among the customers who purchase its products. The level of customer satisfaction from this brand is higher than average. But still, before you decide to buy it, here are the Floyd furniture reviews you need to know!

It is common knowledge that choosing the right furniture for your home can be confusing. Especially if you are unfamiliar with the various furniture brands, such as Abbyson furniture, Floyd furniture or maybe Value City furniture, this is the reviews for one of those brands, Floyd furniture!

Product and Price Range of Floyd Furniture

Product and Price Range of Floyd Furniture

Like other brands such as Palliser furniture, Floyd furniture also offers you many products you can buy for your living room. You can purchase sofas, standing desks, rugs and modular tables here. If you like simple, minimalist or classic looks, Floyd furniture is the one for you.

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There are also the Floyd sectionals that you can use on many occasions. Aside from the furniture for the living room, Floyd furniture also offers you good quality furniture for your bedrooms, such as beds and storage.

Here are some products of Floyd furniture and their price range!

ProductMaterialPrice Range
SofaFabricStart from $2175
MattressFoam and coils$895 – $1295
Coffee TableBirch plywood$445 – $455
StorageSteel and woodStart from $875

Pros and Cons of Floyd Furniture

For you who are curious, are Floyd couches comfy?

The answer is yes, a lot of buyers said that its sofas and couches are comfortable and worth buying. But, even though it rarely happens, there is also a complaint about the delivery system of Floyd furniture. Here are the pros and cons of Floyd furniture!


  • The products are easy to assemble. So, you can make a DIY Floyd sofa easily by yourself.
  • Aside from that, Floyd also offers many seater options, from two to five seaters, that you can adjust with your necessity.
  • The couches are cozy and comfortable with great quality materials, such as walnut, birch, and pine.
  • Also, Floyd furniture has a great design that fits your modern lifestyle.


  • Once you make an order, it is nearly impossible to cancel or change it.
  • Also, you cannot make a customization order.
  • Besides, even though it is not often, there are some complaints about its delivery.

The Durability of Floyd Furniture

Floyd furniture is one of a few brands of furniture that is very durable. The durability of its products can last years or decades. As long as you take care of it carefully and gently, the durability of the furniture can be longer than years.

If you want to know, are Floyd couches washable?

The answer is yes, and the fabric can be easily cleaned. You can use clothes or towels for light spills and a mixture of towels with water and soap to clean the spilled areas. Remember to not over-wet the couches when you wash them.

Warranty of Floyd Furniture

As the brand is confident in its products quality, Floyd furniture dares guarantee a ten-year warranty if you purchase furniture from them. Floyd furniture is always ready to change or repair any defective parts on your furniture for free. The warranty applies ten years from the time you bought it.

But, the warranty can only be claimed after 30 days of your purchase and is only valid in the US. You can still use the return policy if you want to return the furniture within 30 days after buying it.

Delivery of Floyd Furniture

Floyd furniture offers delivery services using FedEx Ground or a Scheduled Freight Partner. But, you need to pay some delivery or shipping fees, from $5 – $149.

Sadly, Floyd furniture only can be shipped across the United States and still cannot be shipped outside the US and internationally.

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Return Policy of Floyd Furniture

So, what if the furniture you purchase is damaged when you receive it?

You do not have to worry because you can return the furniture as long as it is within 30 days of delivery. Also, the furniture must be in its original packaging before returning it to the store.

If the furniture return comes from damage or product defect, Floyd furniture will pay the cost. But, if it is for another reason, Floyd furniture will only cover 90% of the price if you want to return it. That means you will cover the other 10% of the cost.

Final Words

So, there are Floyd Furniture reviews that you need to know before purchasing it. Furthermore, Floyd furniture is one of a few furniture brands with innovative and great quality products that you can choose from. It has a reasonable price, an extended warranty and a great return policy.