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forbo linoleum flooring reviews

Have you ever visited a place with Forbo linoleum floors? If you are just new to flooring, then you must stay with us to open up all about it in our Forbo linoleum review right here on this page.

In general, Forbo linoleum attract people with its sustainability within the materials constructing it. From years to years, Forbo linoleum flooring proves to be durable and meet most people’s need.

Forbo linoleum flooring is often associated with so called Marmoleum. In fact, Marmoleum is linoleum. They are just called interchangeably.

Due to the fact that there are a large number of flooring types available in the market, you should be able to find the most suitable one with your home design and your preference.

This time, we are going to share you what Forbo linoleum offers as one of the top rated sustainable flooring in the market. We are going to look at the best features as the strengths of the linoleum floors.

Hence, let’s now refer to the following Forbo linoleum flooring review including the style and appearance, construction, installation and cost as well as maintenance.

Style and Appearance of Forbo Linoleum

Forbo is the only one manufacture that focuses on producing linoleum products. In the other words, Forbo doesn’t produce other flooring types.

That’s one of the reasons why Forbo has a large number of color palette options available on the market. Believe it or not, there are over 300 selections you can check out and choose.

When you browse an online catalog of Forbo linoleum flooring, you will surely find the traditional sheet goods and modular tile as well as custom water-jet cut inlays along with a click-together tiles and planks.

Forbo produces a wide range of linoleum products you may in need either for residential or for commercial use.

The color palette owned by Forbo linoleum flooring is very much impressive along with the pattern designed for residential use which consist of three types. Those types are marbled, linear and solid which are all having their own patterns.

Other options you can choose within the collections are Fresco, Real, Vivace, Terra, Splash and Striato which narrow down the types of pattern.

True to the basic design of Forbo Linoleum flooring, the glue-down marmoleum modular tile system has more patterns you can select. You can even find and select the plank with a wood-look, slate and stone pattern.

In addition to Forbo linoleum flooring styles and appearance, there are more and more popular colors and patterns you can definitely select from marbled, linear and solid collections which designed in modular format. They can also be cut, matched and mixed to make certain types of floor design.

In our Forbo linoleum flooring review, we would also state that the Marmoleum click chinch-loc collection comes with the click-together version of the modular tiles while the floating floor version offers a narrower range of color options. In short, any kind of popular color options can be found in this Marmoleum sheet collection.

There are also many designs onsite along with a coordinating welding rod for a higher durability and water resistance. This is a one-of-a-kind flooring you can derive from the options availability of a custom water jet design.

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Forbo Linoleum Construction

The second thing we are going to share from the Forbo linoleum review is the construction of the linoleum flooring products. Due to the eco-friendly feature added to this linoleum, the floors is highly durable and can last even for so many years to come as long as you carry out a proper care and maintenance.

True to its construction, Forbo linoleum flooring is constructed from compressed natural resins, dust, cork, mineral pigments, wood fibers and linseed oil.

Linseed oil is one of the materials that is very much essential in constructing the linoleum. Linseed oil is originated from the rapid renewable flax see while the “Lin” in “Linseed oil” is where linoleum derives its name.

Typically, the linoleum is pressed to form the sheets. Later, the sheets are applied to a flexible backing. In this case, the backing is made of canvas and woven jut which are bonded using a natural latex. Dealing with Forbo’s construction, Forbo’s modular tiles are designed in sheet version.

However, they are thicker and can be cut down into pieces which are all manageable. For more stability, you can always have an option of an enhanced backing consisting of three-layer.

In relation to Forbo linoleum flooring construction, the Marmoleum click-cinch-loc format comes with the plank or square with the high density of fiber core. For HDF core, there is a drop and lock tab system completed with the groove channels and thick tabs to alleviate the breakage when you are processing the installation.

However, there is one missing thing you must not forget dealing with this click flooring product. It is an attached underlayment that you must purchase and install separately.

Considering that linoleum is also a great insulator, installing it may reduce the noise down to 21Db. This is due to the underlayment that you attach during the installation process.

Hence, once you make a decision of installing Forbo linoleum flooring at your home, don’t forget to separately purchase and install underlayment.

Care And Maintenance of Forbo Linoleum

In the past, performing care and maintenance for Forbo linoleum flooring causing great headaches. Yup, carrying out care and maintenance for this floor depends on the level of foot traffic.

If there is too high foot traffic, you must have time to strip, wax and buff the floors. Do you think you will have enough time for that?

Nowadays, Forbo linoleum flooring products are prefinished so that only minimal maintenance is required. The linoleum products are also added by the proprietary Topshiled finish, adding layer of wear, UV and moisture resistance.

Hence, for regular maintenance, you need only to sweep and dam mop the floors. For a better cleaning results, you always need saturate the cleaning ways with water.

Easy Installation

Forbo linoleum review we also share you is the easy installation. Unlike other linoleum products, Forbo linoleum flooring comes with the DIY options, meaning that you can install the flooring by yourself without hiring a professional installer that may be very expensive.

This way, the suitable Forbo linoleum flooring for DIY options is the glue-down modular tile or floating cinch-loc types. Though you may be happy with this DIY option, you must pay attention to the notching corners and undercutting door jambs that potentially occur during the installation.

Even for a DIYer in beginning level, Modular tile format is a great option. It is due to the fact that the Modular tiles are lightweight and easy to cut. They are also easy to maneuver. Forbo linoleum flooring products also comes with the pressure-sensitive adhesive to enable you to slowly adjust the tile.

If you don’t prefer the glue-down installation technique, the Cinch-loc format is available as an alternative. Even without adhesive or fasterener, the Cinch-loc format goes together just like a vinyl or laminate plank floor.

Furthermore, it has drop and lock tabs to allow you to install Forbo linoleum flooring quickly and easily.

As other option you may select, if you choose sheet linoleum, you will need a professional installation technique that requires some special tools and skills. In fact, installing sheet linoleum is much more difficult and wasting time.

Even the custom work such as inlays and heat-welds are also difficult to achieve though the installer has been professional so far.

Cost of Forbo Linoleum Flooring

Cost is the most sensitive topic when talking about a product. In this case, Forbo linoleum cost according to this Forbo linoleum flooring review is noticeably increasing from years to years.

One of the major factors causing the higher cost of Forbo linoleum is the increasing cost of the materials used to produce the linoleum flooring.

This way, Forbo linoleum is available at a price of $5-7 on average. Sometimes, these prices are equal to the production and installation costs. However, the smart DIYer can surely save more by installing the flooring themselves.

Other related cost you have to consider is the trims and transitions cost which can run from $25 to $50 per piece. Besides, there is also a budget shipping cost you have to think of since Forbo linoleum flooring products are always on special demand.

Nowadays, Forbo linoleum flooring products are available in either local or online retailers. You can easily find any types of Forbo linoleum quickly and easily by both browsing it online and even coming to the local store which specializes in eco-friendly flooring products. You have definitely many kinds of options to choose, from tiles to sheets.

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Final Words Forbo Linoleum Flooring Review

Finally you can come to the end of Forbo linoleum review with one best thing to remember. That is the fact that this Forbo linoleum flooring is can be installed through DIY options or hiring the professional installer. Along with the unlimited number of styles options, you can select whatever linoleum flooring styles to match your home design.

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