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grey laminate flooring ideas

Grey Laminate Flooring Ideas Types for Your Elegant Homes

by Dylan Johnson

Grey Laminate Flooring Ideas – Achieve the aesthetic value for your spaces by adding grey laminate flooring and bring an elegant look to your home immediately. Grey laminate floor is primarily design to resemble the natural look of a floor through the high quality materials of laminate.

There is a wide range of grey laminate flooring you can optionally choose either for your modern homes or for your rustic homes.

This kind of laminate also comes with its best features such as versatility, durability, easy installation and maintenance, pet and children friendly as well as waterproof.

All types of grey laminate floor has its own characteristics, making one type a bit different from others though they seemingly look the same.

Now let’s have a read on grey laminate flooring types in the following review sections and find the most suitable one which is probably for your next remodel ideas.

Grey Wood Laminate Flooring

The first laminate flooring type which is widely used around the people on the globe is the grey laminate floor that looks like wood.

It comes with the greatest look, mimicking the real natural wood, bringing a special of natural view to your spaces.

Grey wood laminate flooring works on room layout where the light colors dominate the room.

Elegant Grey Laminate Flooring Types For Your Homes
Elegant Grey Laminate Flooring Types For Your Homes

For example, grey wood laminate floor works well with the white wall, light grey walls, or the walls with the color tone.

Once you install this kind of laminate flooring, you will find it so versatile and suitable with most of room decoration.

Grey wood laminate floor is highly demanded and purchased up to now either by the home owners directly or by the home designers.

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Light Grey Laminate Flooring

The second best grey laminate floor type to know is the light grey laminate flooring. considering that grey is the soft color tone, laminate floor manufacturers try to keep producing this product and make it be one of the most favorable laminate floor.

In fact, not a few people admire this kind of laminate flooring due to its versatility.

Its other features including the easy installation and low maintenance, quality and durability, children friendly and low price are the reasons why people start using the laminate flooring.

Dark Grey Laminate Flooring

Dark Grey Laminate Flooring
Dark Grey Laminate Flooring

If you like a darker color for your laminate floor, you can definitely opt the dark grey laminate floor.

The idea of choosing the darker color for flooring is usually aimed to provide the room with the tone color to create a warmth and coziness.

Dark grey laminate flooring presents not only the aesthetical values but also an impressive look of your interior design especially in the flooring element.

In this regard, dark grey laminate floor will fit any of the room decoration. Dark grey is the versatile color that can combines easily with the other colors.

Grey Oak Laminate Flooring

In today’s home design, you won’t even feel uncommon to hear the term oak. It is one of the trees that has the wonderful ad natural look.

That’s why laminate flooring manufacturers keeps producing the laminate mimicking the look of oak to present the natural look through the look of oak.

In laminate flooring options, grey oak laminate floor has become one of the most popular laminate floor. It is highly demanded and widely used among the home owners and suggested by the home designers around the world.

Many of new-build homes either modern or traditional use this laminate flooring to complete the house with the smart choice of laminate.

Grey oak laminate flooring has a beautiful color pattern, making your living room appears with the great look.

The beauty appearance of this laminate goes in line with its performance, meaning that this laminate flooring serves you the best of flooring option in term of quality.

Along with the proper installation, you can have a solid flooring which can last even more that the warranty provided. The warranty offered by the companies is usually about 15 years.

However, the high quality of grey laminate floor can last for more than 15 years and even 20 years.

Grey Waterproof Laminate Flooring

If you think that all laminate flooring types are suitable for all homes areas, you are slightly wrong.

For living room, hallways, personal home office and basement, you can just pick up the ordinary laminate.

However, for bathrooms and kitchens, you cannot just pick up the ordinary laminate. You need more than that.

It is because kitchens and bathroom are potentially exposed with water. More liquid spills occur in the kitchen and water flows sin the bathrooms. Thus, you need the laminate flooring with waterproof feature.

Grey waterproof laminate flooring comes not only as a solution for the high moisture areas like kitchens and bathroom but the grey color also appears nice to make your spaces feel comfortable and look stylish.

Waterproof laminate flooring is very much suitable for bathrooms and kitchens which are potentially watery. Along with the waterproof laminate, the spaces both in the bathrooms and kitchen won’t damage because of the water.

Furthermore, your children will safely walk on the area without worrying of slipped away.

Grey Brown Laminate Flooring

When it comes to remodel a home, flooring is one of the elements that must be taken into account. If you find your flooring worn out and look so old, the best idea to pick up is to replace it with the new one.

Consider grey brown laminate flooring to renovate your spaces with brand new look through the laminate floor installation so that you can have a new floor full of beautiful look and coziness.

True to its style, gray brown laminate floors comes with the look of grey and brown color that looks like wood to create a perfect floor appearance.

Hence, this kind of laminate flooring is much more suitable for homes with the rustic design and traditional styles for example the farmhouse.

Grey Brown Laminate Flooring
Grey Brown Laminate Flooring

What’s more?

Gray laminate flooring is designed with the solid materials and wide range of laminate thickness. The ordinary laminate flooring has 4mm to 6mm while the high quality laminate flooring has 8mm to 12m thickness.

Simply to understand, the thicker the laminate, the more solid the flooring will be. In the other words, if you want a high quality laminate for your flooring, you must choose the laminate with 8mm to 12mm thickness.

To get the more durable laminate flooring, one more thing to remember is the way you are installing the laminate. Though you can probably do it by yourself, you must make sure you carry out the proper installation like it is suggested in the tutorials.

However, if you are not so sure about your capability, you can just hire an expert. In addition to laminate flooring durability, the proper installation also plays role to have a high durable flooring.

Grey Laminate Flooring Decoration Ideas

To make your grey laminate floors looks amazing, you can add some decorations dealing with the flooring. Decorations will definitely add the aesthetical values to your home sweet home.

In this regard, some grey laminate floor decorations ideas you can include are:

Grey Carpet           

flooring with carpet
flooring with carpet

In flooring, the addition of carpet is not only aesthetical but also functional. The decorative carpet can be placed just under the table around in the living room or just in front of the sofas.

Since you have grey laminate flooring, the carpet you choose can also be in grey with the motif in another color. You can also choose a carpet in contrasting color but little in grey to get in line with the flooring.

Well, this is one of the ideas you can try to have more comfortable flooring at your spaces at home.

Finally, you will not only have a great look of laminate flooring but also a comfortable zone for spending time.

Grey Tone Doormat with Character

Other grey laminate decoration idea you can consider picking up to accompany your floor is the grey tone doormat with character. It warmly welcomes everyone who is going to enter into your home.

This grey tone doormat is just a special addition to your elegant grey laminate floor.

Especially if you have children, doormat pictured by characters will be more attractive for the kids and their fellows. Thus, this is how you add not only the decorative item but also a functional object.

Small Pot Of Indoor Plant

flooring with small pot
flooring with small pot

A small pot of indoor plant may not be considered as decoration but it can actually add the beauty of your interior design.

It would be one of the good ideas to put a small pot of indoor plants to provide the room with the living-greenery sitting up in your grey laminate flooring.

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Final Words

Now which type of grey laminate floors that may probably much more suitable for your home?

Out of the review we have just share, it is expected that you are inspired to use the laminate floor in grey especially if you want a warm and cozy home areas to feel along with the beautiful look of floor.