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Hampton Bay Laminate Flooring Review

Hampton Bay Laminate Review

by Dylan Johnson

You should check various resources of Hampton Bay laminate review to get a better understanding of the brand and its products.

A lot of homeowners like having hardwood floor because of the elegance and the natural beauty, but they can’t really afford it.

Not to mention that not all homeowners are willing to go the extra length to care for the floor.

Despite the beauty, hardwood floor is ‘notorious’ for the complicated and difficult maintenance and care.

It’s a good thing that technology has brought a lot of improvement and development in this home improvement business, especially in flooring.

Different types of flooring have been improved in quality of construction leading in improved performance.

Laminate flooring might not have good reputation in the past. The floor was known as cheesy and ugly floor, but it’s about to be different now.

Laminate flooring is increasing in popularity because of quality features offered by the manufacturers.

Flooring manufacturers are now able to bring out the best innovations into their products, creating beautiful and reliable products.

Not only laminate flooring is now beautiful and artistic, but it is able to imitate the look of natural elements (like stone or wood) quite perfectly and flawlessly.

You should have no problems installing a floor that looks similar to wood or stone in most cases, you can also enjoy the same textures too.

And the best thing about it?

You won’t have to spend a fortune to have such a beautiful floor.

And now, how are Hampton Bay products different from the others?

We are going to dig deeper into the brand and reveal the promising features about it along with the products.

Don’t forget to check into Hampton Bay laminate review to learn more about it.

Durability and Construction Hampton Bay Laminate

The reason why you should read Hampton Bay laminate review is to find the quality of the construction. You see, different brands would deliver different quality and performance.

If you are going to choose Hampton Bay, you want to be certain that it can hold up the foot traffic and the daily abuse quite well. There is no use of having one if you have to replace it in another one or two year.

In general, Hampton Bay laminate review shows that the floor is pretty durable.

It is tough and sturdy, but there have been several complaints and common issues. One of them is the already chipped floor when buyers receive them.

If this is the case, you need to send them back and get new replacement. However, not everyone is willing to put up with such a fuss.

Moreover, some people complain about difficult installation, leading to damages during the process.

The planks are generally coming in easy click and snap mechanism, which is quite common in floating floor system.

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However, some people complain that the planks aren’t easy to click and snap, and they are damaged during the process (of the installation).

In an overall case, the floor itself is pretty tough and durable provided that you install it properly and correctly.

Many of the users claim that the floor holds up quite well over the years even after more than a decade.

The floor remains intact and beautiful. But there are several things you can do if you want to maintain the good looks.

  • If you have pets, make sure to have their nails trimmed
  • Use leg protectors or furniture pads for the furniture
  • Don’t slide the furniture across the floor. If you have to move them, use plywoods
  • Have doormats on entryways and doors. It’s handy to prevent dirt and dust tracking
  • Leave your shoes by the entryways. It’s not advisable to use high heels on the laminate floor
  • Never wet the floor. Moisture will cause the floor to buckle, stain, and warp. If there is spill, immediately wipe it. This is the main reason why the floor mustn’t be installed in moisture-prone areas, such as bathrooms, basements, or laundry rooms.
  • If you have to clean the floor, make sure to only use a damp mop. Never use a wet mop or even a steam mop.
  • Laminate floor is prone to discoloration or color fading. This is the common case when you expose the floor to prolonged UV light. To prevent it, use rugs or have good window treatment to filter out the light.

But a word of note: laminate is basically scratch resistant.

In fact, its ability to resist scratch is better than other bare floor types, including hardwood. Hampton Bay is offering 25 years of warranty for residential use.

Be advised that the warranty won’t cover damages from improper installation or misuse.

The General Cost of the Hampton Bay Laminate Flooring

Laminate floor is known as the inexpensive flooring alternative if natural elements (such as stone, bamboo, or wood) are too expensive.

Hardwood floor, in general, costs between $5 and $15 a square foot. If the wood is the exotic type or it comes from designers’ brand, then expect to pay even higher. It is even possible to pay $20 to $25 a square foot.

What about laminate flooring in general?

Well, expect to pay from $1 and $5 a square foot, depending on the varieties, the retailers, the types of floor, the style, and so much more.

So, where does Hampton Bay stand?

The floor costs you around $1 a square foot to around $3 a square foot.

When compared to other brands, the products from Hampton Bay are quite inexpensive even on the lower side of the price tag. That’s what Hampton Bay laminate review, at least.

But then again, you should remember that the price mentioned above is for the material.

You will have to deal with other extra costs, such as supply costs, extra tools and materials, labor cost, installation cost, and such thing alike.

If you are going to have a flooring project, make sure that you consider the overall cost in your plan not just the cost for the material.

Maintenance and Care Hampton Bay Laminate

Laminate flooring is basically easy to maintain. Cleaning is really a breeze.

You won’t need to deal with expensive cleaning products or complicated cleaning tools.

You only need several minutes to do the cleaning on a daily basis, based on Hampton Bay laminate review.

If you want to clean the floor, just use a broom to remove the dust, dirt, and other common debris. Feel free to use laminate vacuum cleaner too.

As long as it is designed for hard floor, you should have no problems removing the floor easily. Just make sure to ditch the beater bar as it may cause scratches to your floor.

Using doormats is a simple and yet quite effective way to keep your floor pristine and in good condition.

Place them at doorsteps and entrances they will prevent debris and dirt from getting into the room and tracking the floor.

What if your floor becomes sticky and extremely dirty?

Perform a deep cleaning method. Use cleaning products especially designed for laminate floors.

Use a damp mop NEVER wet mop. Wet mop is a serious threat for laminate floor.

Just use the cleaning spray on the affected area and wipe it off with a dry mop. If you want to use a damp mop, make sure you also prepare a dry cloth.

After using the damp mop, wipe it off again with dry cloth so there won’t be any moisture build-up or such thing alike.

Options for Colors, Designs, and Styles

Whereas other brands may come with a wide array of options, that’s not the case with Hampton Bay products.

If you are especially looking for the latest, the trendiest, and the most modern design, you won’t find one from this brand.

They have quite a collection for traditional styles, but they surely lack of options in the trendy and modern options.

Some of the classic options include Keller Cherry, Alexander Oak, and Perry Hickory among the others. And aside from the limited patterns and designs, they also have limited color options too.

You won’t find very dark or very light shades either. But those who choose this brand like the traditional and classic look, especially the one looking like maple or oak. Based on Hampton Bay laminate review, they like the classic feel to the floor.

To prevent mistakes, you should be able to get samples it won’t cost you a fortune either. with the samples, you should be able to compare the colors, so you know which shade would be the best for your floor.

The Matter of Installation

If you read Hampton Bay laminate review, you should know that this floor gives you tons of flexibility and versatility.

If you decide to do the installation on your own, you should be able to do it without breaking a sweat.

But if you decide on hiring a professional installer to help you, feel free to do it too! But be advised that having a DIY project will save you tons of money.

Laminate floor, generally, is easy to install. However, some brands are proven to be more difficult than the others they aren’t as easy as claimed to be.

And unfortunately, Hampton Bay is one of the rather difficult one. Based on Hampton Bay laminate review, this one is rather challenging when compared to the other brands within the same line of business.

You see, this product comes with tongue and groove since it comes as floating floor.

Think of it as puzzle pieces with bevel edges. This kind of design should promote easier and faster installation.

However, customers complain about the installation issues with this brand.

The grooves aren’t exactly easy to align. The planks are chipped when you try to realign them. Gaps are likely happening.

It doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to do it on your own. But with these warnings, you should be able to have smart consideration before making the right decision.

Don’t forget that you must be willing to go through tedious work that requires you to dedicate your time completely to the job.

This isn’t a job that can be rushed quickly. If you do any improper installation, it will lead to serious damage to the floor.

Let’s not forget that you also need the right tool. Some of them are pretty basic, really, such as power saw, tape measure, power saw, and rubber mallet to do the whole thing. You may need to buy extra supplies, like trim pieces and underlayment.

If you want to avoid all of these hassle, simply hire a professional service. But then again, it means that you will spend quite a lot of money for the hire.

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Final Words

In the end, the floor does have some winning elements when compared to other flooring brands although you should also be aware of the potential downsides.

First of all, the floor is affordable without compromising the quality or the performance. Homeowners with budgets will definitely appreciate it.

The floor is also durable and tough. With 25 years of warranty, there are a lot of benefits to expect.

Maintenance and cleaning are also other things to like about the floor. No fancy tools. No complicated process. No expensive cleaning products.

On the downsides, the floor isn’t exactly easy to install. When compared to other brands with similar floating floor mechanism, this one can be a headache.

Not to mention that Hampton Bay doesn’t exactly offer tons of options when it comes to colors and designs.

If you are into classic designs, then it won’t bea problem. But if you are looking for trendy options, then it may be an issue.

In the end, the floor can be a good investment for those looking for inexpensive and easy-to-maintain floor.

Make sure to get as many Hampton Bay laminate review before making a decision.