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Hardwood Bedroom Flooring Review

Can You Have Ideal Hardwood Bedroom Flooring? See The Review Below

by Dylan Johnson

Over the years, hardwood bedroom flooring becomes a ‘thing’. Hardwood may not be the most popular flooring option for the bedroom, but homeowners have viewed this flooring as an alternative option to the common and regular carpet.

Hardwood flooring may be more popular as flooring option for damp areas, like bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, but modern homeowners have seen its potential for the bedroom flooring.

Of course, each floor has its own advantages and downsides, but it doesn’t hurt to see your options and then decide which one would be the perfect one for you, your personal preference, and your requirements.

Bedroom Flooring

So, what’s so special about the hardwood flooring, anyway?

Well, as it was mentioned before, hardwood isn’t exactly the most popular option among homeowners for the bedrooms.

Most people would choose carpets because they are cozy and warm, and they can absorb any sound which will lead to good sound-dampening feature.

If you want your bedroom to be quiet, warm, and comfy, then carpet would be the right pick.

However, most homeowners now have turned to hardwood because of the premium feel. The flooring has its own unique appeal not to mention that it is also gorgeous in its own natural way.

Hardwood is pretty ideal for all kinds of interior decor and theme. Even if you have the simplest room layout or the simplest design, your bedroom will still look stylish and chic.

Minimalistic design is best paired with the wood flooring and hardwood won’t disappoint you.

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The Pros and Cons of Hardwood Floor

There are tons of things to like about having hardwood flooring.

First of all, the floor is super durable and solid. Hardwood floor can last for years, even decades.

If you install the floor in dry areas, such as the bedroom, the living room, or the home office, you can expect it to last for many years to come even without breaking a sweat.

Second, the floor is non-allergenic. Dirt and dust would be difficult to accumulate on the floor. Insects or bacteria won’t be able to build nests or breeding ground on the surface.

So, if any of your family members has allergy, then having the hardwood floor would be the best solution.

Another perk of having the hardwood bedroom flooring is the easy cleaning and maintenance. You only need to sweep or vacuum it regularly.

If you want to use a dry mop or a steam vacuum, you can also do it. Even if you don’t clean the floor every day, it won’t be an issue.

Fourth, the floor has its own natural look that is somewhat elegant and stylish. It is graceful, able to deliver timeless appeal in design.

You won’t have to worry about any interior concern with the hardwood flooring.

Of course, the floor has its own downsides. After all, it isn’t 100% perfect. In terms of cost and price, hardwood flooring is pretty costly.

The wooden planks are pricey not to mention the installation cost. You won’t be able to install the floor on your own, unless you are a pro that is used to dealing with it.

Moreover, the flat surface doesn’t have any cushion that can absorb sound or noisy. When you install the floor, expect it to be noisy than carpets.

Third, unlike carpets, hardwood isn’t warm or plush. It doesn’t provide any warmth that can affect the overall atmosphere and temperature of the room.

If you are okay with cold flooring, then you may like hardwood flooring. Hardwood is also prone to scratches.

If you like to wear heels or you have any pointy pieces of furniture, you may want to consider having pads to prevent scratches from happening.

The Types

In general, the hardwood floor comes in various different types, such as:

This solid hardwood bedroom flooring boards or planks would be installed properly before they are stained. They are usually finished on the spot.

You can sand down and then refinish this type several times over its time span.

The manufacturers would pre-stain and apply top-coat on this plank. As a result, you can expect faster and easier installation. 

However, this type of floor is generally milled, resulting in (slightly) beveled edges. As a result, channels would be created between boards and these channels can collect pollen, dust, and dirt.

This type of hardwood bedroom flooring comes with prefinished look, and it has click-and-lock system for the edges’ interlocking mechanism. Hardwood thin veneer would be bonded to MDF or plywood’s base.

For the installation, it needs to have a foam underlayment on top of the subfloor. The planks would be placed in a ‘floating’ manner over the underlayment.

Because of the simple and easy installation, this floor is perfect for DIY projects.

The Cost

Generally, a premium and high-quality hardwood flooring costs between $5 and $10 for a square foot. Sure, you may be able to find such a flooring with price ranges between $1 and $2, but don’t expect too much from it.

You should also be prepared for the extra spending, especially for the installation cost that can go up from $3 to $8 a square foot.

As it was mentioned before, hardwood floor installation is generally pricier than other flooring types, such as vinyl or carpet.

However, the high cost may apply for the initial investment. If you can manage good maintenance and cleaning routine, your hardwood floor can last for longer time even for decades.

You can generally save a lot of money for the replacement.

Repair, Clean, and Maintenance Hardwood Bedroom Flooring

One of the nicest things about hardwood flooring is the easy cleaning and maintenance. Thanks to the flat and non-porous surface, the floor is easy to clean.

It would be impossible for dust or dirt to hide. You can use a regular broom to sweep it and mop it with dry cloth. Feel free to use the vacuum to clean your hardwood flooring.

However, such a floor will need a refinishing work which can happen at any point of time.

Depending on the condition, the refinish process can start from varnish reapplication to full sanding, stripping, and top-coat new application.

But if you can manage a proper cleaning regularly, the floor can last for at least a decade before the refinishing work needs to be done.

And if you install the floor in your bedroom, it may take decades because of the light (foot) traffic.

Unlike carpets, hardwood doesn’t need to be replaced. Refinishing the floor will bring back the shine and the natural appeal.

The Design Hardwood Bedroom Flooring

There is no need to worry about design and stylish factor. Hardwood flooring is timeless and elegant.

No matter whatever theme, design, or decorative elements you use in the bedroom, you can rest assured that the hardwood bedroom flooring will match just perfectly with the remaining decor aspects.

After all, today’s hardwood floor comes not only with different types, but also different (grain) patterns. Not to mention that the floor can also be stained.

You can find planks with subtle matte effect or glass-look-alike gloss, depending on the bedroom’s style.

The Top Brands Hardwood Bedroom Flooring

Finding quality hardwood flooring is relatively easy as many well-known brands have their own hardwood products.

There are also some brands known for their certain products, such as:

  • Bruce. Their products are mostly sold at Lowes and Home Depot, in engineered and hardwood planks.
  • Mannington. They have engineered hardwood products in 100 various species, styles, and colors.
  • Bellawood. They offer mid-range quality products and their price range is quite affordable.
  • Kahrs. Their products are thick, with also thick surface quite convenient for sanding and refinishing projects.

Comfort, Safety, and Convenience

The hardwood bedroom flooring can be a great option for those looking for a stylish hiding spot.

However, be advised that this is the same room where you usually go barefoot. If you can’t stand the cold, then you may want to consider carpets or rugs over the floor.

If you are thinking about installing hardwood floor in the kids or elderly rooms, consider the hardness. Such a floor can be risky for them, especially if they are falling.

Sure, you can install rugs or carpets, but then again, those with poor balance can trip over the rugs.

Hardwood vs Carpet

Carpets are generally the more popular pick for bedrooms. Yes, they are cozy and warm not to mention that they are less pricey than hardwood flooring.

But then again, carpets will collect pollen, dust, dirt, and other irritants. For those with breathing disorder or allergies, having carpets would be risky.

If any of the members has the latter issues, then hardwood bedroom flooring is one of the alternative choices that you can make.

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Final Words

Hardwood for bedroom may not be for everyone. That’s why you need to have an honest review on your house, personal preference, and your requirements.

Carpets may be the popular pick for most homeowners, but then again, you can always manage the decor based on your lifestyle.

In short, having hardwood bedroom flooring isn’t impossible you just need to consider it carefully.