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Heritage Mill Cork Flooring Review

Heritage Mill Cork Flooring Review – Why Having It at Home?

by Dylan Johnson

Homeowners are expected to read Heritage Mill cork flooring review to get better information about the floor. If you aren’t really into tile, vinyl, laminate, or hardwood flooring and you don’t really have big budgets for the home improvement work, then you should look into cork flooring option.

Cork is a material that is increasing in popularity over the last few years and it happens for good reasons.

If you aren’t afraid of different alternatives and you want a budget-friendly project without compromising the quality of the final outcome, then you should seriously consider cork flooring.

Heritage Mill Cork Flooring

Cork flooring has its own charm. It has its own natural characteristics that differentiate it from the other types of flooring.

In the flooring industry, there are many companies that are specializing them in manufacturing cork flooring, and Heritage Mill is one of them. They produce high-quality products that are claimed able to transform the look of the house without hurting your wallet.

They also have a wide array of collection consisting of different styles, designs, and variants. You should be able to find different kinds of colors and patterns there.

Cork in flooring is completely different from the one used to plug the wine bottles. Cork flooring isn’t coming in ugly and plain light brown, but it comes in many beautiful finishes. Some are even similar to other materials, like marble or tiles.

Heritage Mill Big Planks

Based on Heritage Mill cork flooring review, the wide and long planks from this company is definitely favorable. The big and wide size enables homeowners to cover a wide area easily with only fewer boards.

This would reduce the seams that you must have with the standard installation of laminate flooring. Most of the planks from this company are 3 feet in length and a foot in width with half an inch thickness.

The big size is convenient enough to cover the entire floor. And the thickness has this nice cushiony feel to it making it softer for your feet.

Don’t you love it when you don’t need to have too many planks for the floor?

Talk about seriously saving money!

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Heritage Mill Specialized Installation

As it was mentioned before, cork flooring isn’t for everyone. But for the right people, and the right room, the floor can affect the entire feel of the room improving its vibe and overall function.

Homeowners with specialized needs and requirements can take advantage of the flooring. Homeowners with home yoga studio, for instance, will enjoy the greater benefits of the soft, plush, and cushioned floor.

Those enjoying outdoor exploration and frequent road trip will value the cork flooring inside their converted trailer or camper van. The master closet is one of the most common and regular rooms that will gain the benefits of such installation.

Based on Heritage Mill cork flooring review, many homeowners install the cork flooring on their kids’ bedrooms and also playrooms.

One of the greatest benefits of cork flooring is the sound dampening trait, which means that it can absorb the sound and noise. The room would be quieter and you will enjoy more peace.

No wonder if this floor is the ideal pick for kids rooms. Not to mention that cork flooring is soft – which adds an extra protective quality to the floor itself.

Heritage Mill Maintenance and Care

Cork flooring has its own benefits. When it comes to cleaning, caring, and maintenance, cork flooring is super easy. When compared to other types of flooring, cork flooring is relatively fuss-free.

How do you clean the floor?

Just use regular broom and mop to do the cleaning. Just sweep the floor and use a damp mop to complete the cleaning process, and your floor will remain clean and shiny.

In most of Heritage Mill cork flooring review, users don’t really need to worry about the types of cleaning products used. In fact, you don’t need any harsh cleaning products or those with chemical contents for the floor.

Vacuum cleaner is also okay as long as you don’t use harsh brush or the brittle type of brush that can scratch the surface.

It is not advisable to soak or flood the floor with water. Although cork flooring has a pretty good water resistant quality, it isn’t waterproof.

Water can still seep into the floor and cause damage from the inside. You may also apply sealant on the surface, but it doesn’t mean that it will make the floor waterproof.

That’s why you should wipe the floor when there is moisture or water spill right away. Don’t let the water to pool or flood the floor because it will cause the water to seep into the inner layer.

Heritage Mill Cork Flooring Benefits

There are many things to like about the flooring.

First of all, the floor is pretty durable. It is tough and sturdy. As long as you manage proper cleaning and correct maintenance, your floor can last for a long time – up to more than 2 decades.

Second, modern cork flooring comes in various attractive options, variants, styles, and designs. You can seriously improve the look and atmosphere of the house easily – choosing whatever themes and decor that you want.

Third, cork flooring is inexpensive. When compared to other bare and hard flooring, this floor is cheaper. The standard price for a square foot is between $4 and $8, which makes it super ideal and affordable for homeowners on the budgets.

Fourth, the floor is eco-friendly. Cork material is made from the bark of cork tree that must be harvested regularly. This means that the cork flooring process doesn’t hurt the tree and doesn’t hurt the environment in overall process.

And another cool thing about this floor is its renewable property. Cork material will break down when it reaches the end of the life-cycle, so it won’t create any waste or pollutant to the environment.

Fifth, you can always refinish the floor when you are redoing or redecorating. You won’t need to redo the entire floor, especially if you are rather low on the budgets.

The only thing that you need to do is to refinish it – saving you a lot of money. Inexpensive price tag and maintenance cost are the main things to like about the floor according to Heritage Mill cork flooring review.

Heritage Mills Cork Flooring Downsides

Despite all the great advantages stated within Heritage Mill cork flooring review, keep in mind that the floor isn’t 100% perfect. Be prepared for some downsides after all, the cork flooring isn’t for everyone. Most people may like the floor, but some may not find it ideal or even good.

First of all, Heritage Mills floor isn’t exactly easy to install on your own. Although the company does provide the guide to do your own DIY installation project, the information isn’t enough. Installing the floor is difficult and complicated.

If there is a guide, then it must be thorough and complete and the instructions would be long. Well, the company doesn’t provide such a thing.

They only claim that the products are easy to install; thus, leading to super easy installation and such thing alike. But once you are in the middle of the project, then you realize that it isn’t as simple as you have expected. In fact, it would be difficult.

According to some feedbacks and reviews, you may have to custom or change the tapping guard types on the unused section of the plank. You need to do it if you won’t want to break or damage the locking mechanism.

Second, a lot of customers get damaged planks. The damages are various, including rough edge or stained surface. The damages seem to be manufacture defect because it would be impossible if the damage comes from the delivery process.

For instance, the locking mechanism is made from cardboard.

How could it come from delivery?

Based on Heritage Mill cork flooring review, you can always exchange the products but you may have to wait a little longer until you finally get the one that you want.

It would be a wise thing to go to their offline stores so you can get real samples the real colors and real items.

Many customers also complain that the colors they receive aren’t exactly like the ones you see on your screen. That’s why it is advisable to go to their offline stores so you can see the real products.

In this way, you can avoid disappointment and you don’t have to spend money for nothing.

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Final Words

It’s up to you to choose whatever types of flooring you want for the house. Cork flooring is a good option, and Heritage Mill is one among many top-notch brands out there.

Although there are so many great things you can enjoy from the brand and the benefits are superior, you still need to keep an open mind. The floor and the brand aren’t 100% perfect, and the products do have their own flaws and downsides.

That’s why you should read Heritage Mill cork flooring review so you can learn about the handy benefits as well as the possible downsides.