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Hickory Laminate Flooring Ideas for Modern & Traditional Homes

by Dylan Johnson

If you are living in the United States, you must have been familiar with hickory tree. Now this kind of tree has been popularly known since it was used to create laminate flooring which is lately known as hickory laminate flooring.

In today’s interior design, using hickory laminate floor is common. It is even become one of the most favorable flooring for modern homes around the world.

Not only United States where the hickory wood was firstly originated but also the countries around the world now know this laminate material.

Hickory laminate floor offers a nature look of real wood. Each piece of it is fashionable supported by the great colors such as Chaplin, Alamo and Barrington which are all fitting the modern interior home designs.

Are you wondering more about hickory laminate flooring?

So let’s read on the review sections below:

The Look of Hickory

Hickory Laminate Flooring for Modern and Traditional Homes
Hickory Laminate Flooring for Modern and Traditional Homes

Get the natural look over your room with the natural hickory laminate flooring which is noticeably beautiful and warm. It offers natural shades to make the room feels cozier. It comes also with the best quality construction to make your rooms look fantastic and much more inviting.

Chaplin, Alamo and Barrington are the three popular styles of hickory laminate floor you can definitely choose as the great options.

This kind of laminate flooring is also well-known for its faster installation and efficiency than any other conventional alternatives.

Overall, hickory laminate floor serves you the best performance, unique styling and high value. Once you come to a place with hickory laminate, you will surely be amazed at the look of the laminate flooring.

The Good Quality of Hickory

There is nothing to question about the quality of hickory laminate flooring. All people who have already been familiar with laminate flooring stated that this kind of laminate flooring offers the best quality supported by the superior thermal sound reduction. This means that this flooring is durable enough though the temperature may not be friendly.

Typically, the quality of a laminate flooring depends on the size of the laminate. An old hickory laminate has a size of 12mm thickness, meaning that it has the good quality to offer.

Using this hickory laminate floor has also much of advantage when it comes to sound reduction, meaning that the flooring can reduce the sound of the footsteps stepping on the floor.

So, this kind of laminate flooring can be much suitable for the most crowded areas such as store, office, hallways, stairs and kitchens.

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Antique Hickory Laminate Floor

Antique hickory laminate flooring is a laminate flooring variant that looks like hickory yet comes with the unique look.

Typically, this kind of laminate flooring is much suitable for farmhouse inspired by country farm homes designs. You can make your dream of having the real farmhouse true by adding this laminate on your floors.

There are many different styles, colors and patterns of antique hickory laminate flooring. It looks like a real hickory wood colored in dark brown, light brown, brownish black and even grey.

Antique hickory laminate floor also comes with the various size of thickness, ranging from 5mm to +12mm thickness. Please notice that the ticker the laminate, the better the quality.

For your farmhouse, antique hickory laminate flooring will be so much beautiful to install in the dining room, hallways, stairs, family room, bedroom and even kitchen.

Choose the light colors of antique laminate for your bedroom and kitchen while dark colors for your hallways and stairs. That’s so nice.

Antique Hickory Laminate Flooring
Antique Hickory Laminate Flooring

Amber Hickory Laminate Flooring

Now if you want to redesign your bedroom, amber hickory laminate flooring can one of the options.

It is another types of hickory laminate floor which comes with the typical thickness that is 12mm. So, it must have a good quality of underlayment to support the sound reduction.

Well, like another type of hickory laminate, this one is also good to bring the quiet atmosphere of a room. It is due to the fact that amber hickory laminate also features sound reduction to lessen the noise while anyone is stepping on the floors.

The 12mm hickory laminate floor is widely used in today’s interior design of office, store, church and other areas with the high level of foot traffics.

Thus, if you are just confused of choosing the types of floor for your homes, stores, or office, why don’t you just consider this amber hickory laminate floor?

Hampton Hickory Laminate Flooring

Let’s see another type of hickory laminate that is Hampton hickory laminate floor.

Hampton is well-known for its antibacterial feature. So you don’t have to worry about installing this laminate flooring though you may have an allergy.

Hampton hickory laminate flooring can actually add warmth to any living space in your home. The scratch and stain resistant feature are so impressive, making it suitable for your lovely homes and any commercial space with the high foot traffic.

Hampton hickory laminate floor is also friendly to pet and children due to the layer of antibacterial coating which is able to fight against the nasty germs as well as bacteria.

Along with the authentic finishes, Hampton laminate flooring is more favorable now among the home owners and home designers.

Hampton hickory laminate floor is designed with 9mm thickness and looks like wood. It is just easy to install using the Click Xpress system, requiring you no glue for the installation.

Once you purchase this laminate flooring, you will typically be offered to get the accessories, too, including underlay, door bars, rugs and carpet.

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Maraba Hickory Laminate Flooring

The last but not least hickory laminate flooring you may consider optioning is Maraba hickory laminate floor.

Maraba comes with the 8mm thickness. It comes also with the reddish-brown dark color to complete your home furnishing so that you will have a rich appearance of a home.

Along with the smooth texture and 4-sided beveled edge, Maraba hickory laminate floors resembles the real hardwood floor.

The fold-joint technology will not require you to attach the underlayment. This really helps you to install the Maraba hickory laminate floor easy and quickly.

Other features offered by this kind of laminate flooring include the suitability for radiant heating applications, smooth gloss finish, suitability for indoor residence use, 25-year residential use, coordinating trim and moldings and long lasting beauty as well as stains and scratch resistance.

These are all the features of Maraba hickory laminate flooring that you can obtain from installing the floor.

Now that you have known more about hickory laminate flooring, you have already had a basic knowledge to choose which kind of laminate flooring you are going to install on your room.

No matter what kinds of home design you have, either the modern home or a farmhouse, hickory has the suitable options.

For modern homes, it offers Maraba, Hampton and Amber while for farmhouse-like, it has Antique hickory laminate floor option. So be sure to consider Hickory!