Hog Wire Deck Railing Reviews

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Hog Wire Deck Railing Reviews

So you have no idea for your next project, check with our hog wire deck railing reviews to lead you choose the best railing option.

Now head to the content navigation which includes understanding hog wire deck railing, the allure of hog wire deck railing, the types of hog wire deck railing, the installation cost, the pros and cons, the installation methods, the idea of using a professional installer for hog wire deck railing and the buyer’s guide to finding the right high wire deck railing.

To get the complete understanding, here are the hog wire deck railing reviews we pack in details as follows:

Understanding Hog Wire Deck Railing

What is high wire deck railing?

This is the first question that may spring up on your mind if you are just new to railing. According to Merriam-Webster definition, hog wire is heavy woven fencing with the mashes smaller at the bottom along with the bottom most wire barbed.

Many decks of goat wire comes with 4×4 squares of heavy wire. In most cases, hog wire deck railing has no livestock since the production is aimed for railing infill.

In this article, we seems discussing the heavier gauge wire used as infill for various kinds of railing. Now let’s continue reading the next session to deeply understand high wire deck railing.

The Allure of Hog Wire Deck Railing

The most impressive offering of hog wire is the rustic elegance along with the transparent properties.

Hog wire is also well-known for its strength and security like zoological parks, docks, lake-view decks and nature trails.

Hog wire is much of advantage in its installation simplicity. Myriad installation methods are available from the most basic DIY projects.

In modern deck construction, Hog wire fencing is mostly used on ranches and farms. The simplicity along with the style is combined with the affordable price with affordable price and easy installation.

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Types of Hog Wire Deck Railing

There isn’t a ton of variety if you want to find stylish hog wire deck railing. It is probably because the most options are designed in the form of welded steel completed with a few color choices. This way, the steel is usually coated in zinc called as “galvanizing.”

Apart from the type of the usual fencing livestock, you will find some options in the gauge.

Now the questions are; what are gauges and to what extent do they will mean for your choices?

Gauge represents the wire diameter and thickness. If you are planning to use hog wire for hogs, make sure that the wire gauge is think enough to keep the hogs at the place you want.

In this regards, gauge is used to determine the thickness you want for your railing infill. The lower the number of gauge is, thicker the wire will be.

In this hog wire deck railing reviews, it is stated that there are 6 gauge high wire offered by most of the vendors. These gauges are considered as the ideal option for your hog wire railings.

They are sufficiently thick to stand up to most of the strength evaluation. However, they are still delicate enough to present the interesting look of hog wire deck railing.

As the high wire deck railing becomes popular, there are more finishing options available to complete the project.

There are panels that come with the different colors and coatings. Some are rusting naturally and varying size squares.

There are also great chances to differentiate them but no as many as some other products of building.

The Cost of Installation

The cost of high wire deck railing installation are varying depending on the options you make.

If you are performing a simple DIY method like we are going to show below, the cost of installation will be much affordable as you have chosen the materials from the hardware store.

This way, the average cost you may get of a 6-foot panel which 36” high down is around $25.

Regarding the installation cost, some vendors create kits that will simplify the installation process. They also offer a professionally finished look. These kits can be actually expensive but they offer a high-end look for your deck railing.

One 6-foot panel that is 36” high will cost around $125. Those kits are also considered ideal if you plan to do DIY project without starting from the scratch.

If you want to hire a professional installer, the cots can be higher up to $30 per linear foot of deck railing. It seems very expensive.

However, if you consider the necessity for special tools and a set of skill, it is probably your time to hire a professional or find a contractor.

The Pros and Cons of Hog Wire Deck Railing

Most of home improvement projects must come with the pros and cons, the hog wire deck railing must too. Here are the pros and cons of installing hog wire deck railing.


  • The price is competitive with the other high-end deck railing infill.
  • Hog wire offers a long lasting strength.
  • Hog wire allows you to see the scenery beyond the deck railing.
  • How wire offers flexibility for curved and unique installations.


  • The price point is higher than the other basic railing infill.
  • The appearance can be too rustic for specific styles.

The Installation Methods of Hog Wire Deck Railing

As we have mentioned, high wire deck railing is available for DIY project. Most vendors like Home Depot, Lowe’s and Tractor Supply make a stock of panels with 6 gauge hog wire with 4×4 squares.

When it comes to gauges and breaking strengths, you can find a plenty of options so that your choice will be difficult to carry out you DIY hog wire deck railing installation.

There is a hypothetical example of the necessity to replace some old decking and to install a hog wire deck railing.

There are also many different designs and choices to consider. However, we will keep it simple in order not to waste the time.

Actually, there is not comprehensive installation guide to pick up if you are planning to do the task.

The Scenario

So you have an old deck and you want to replace it with the new decking, look at you deck. It might have faced weather and tread for too many years.

You might spend years planting, tending and sweating to create a beautiful natural yardscape.

Railing is one of the best option, so you can make a plan for a railing that will allow you and your guests to see all of your hard work.

Make a Plan

Making the plan can be started by deciding on a railing with high wire infill of 4”x4” squares to allow for the view to shine.

This way, you need to visit your local hardware store and choose your desired wire that meets your need and your most-wanted aesthetic.

The biggest decision is probably the rail height. Check also with your local building regulations and laws before you start your project.


Based on this hog wire deck railing reviews, you’ll need to remove the old railing. Try to make all the cuts to support a new post or railing. This will enable you to install new railings on a stable surface.


Ideally, posts that rest on the deck opposing to the posts are very important to support the railing as well as the deck itself. This way, some tricky cuts are needed.

So you can use a mitre saw with an extra effort. This step will force you to decide on hiring a professional installer since you may think that it is better for your project.

However, if you are capable of doing the DIY installation, follow this steps carefully:

  1. Build the frames of high wire deck railing to support the fencing. This will create a clean and finished look. Simply, prepare 2×4 pieces of lumber running between the posts and forming channel for the fencing to rest in.
  2. Use a vice to squeeze the pieces. This is aimed to ensure the tight hold on the fencing.
  3. Make sure the fencing is facing the similar directions.
  4. Make sure the vertical wires are all on the inside or outside so there will be no mismatched deck railing infill.
  5. Repeat the process on the top of the hog wire fencing in order to secure it.
  6. Finally, you will be able to use the 2×2 wood pieces on the ends butting against the posts, offering a final securing point and make sure that the look is finished well.

In case of installation, most hog wire deck railings are finished with the top rail of simple deck boards. This way, you can apply your creativity if you want to have simple and rustic hog wire deck railing.

The Idea of Using A Professional Installer for Hog Wire Deck Railing

If you are less likely to do the DIY installation on your hog wire deck railing, some experts are available to help you get the things done.

This means that you must find a qualified and well-respected as well as a skillful contractor in your local area.

We fully understand that it would be hard enough to track down the contractors with the experience in working with hog wire deck railings. It would also be challenging to keep the availability of reviews and quotes.

Thus, a convenient tool is usually available online to help you select the best professional installer in your local area.

This idea will help ensure the right choice of expert for the hog wire deck railing project while you can also save your time in the process.

A Buyer’s Guide to Finding The Right Hog Wire Deck Railing

The last but not least guide to finding the right hog wire deck railing is the buyer’s guide. Considering that hog wire deck railing comes with the rustic and high-end look as well as the aesthetical value, it would be important to check with the buyer’s guide so that you can find your desired one.

Accordingly, we include this buyer’s guide to help narrow down your choices when it comes to buy the materials or make a deal with the contractor.

Here are the things to consider listed in our buyer’s guide:

The Gauge

Gauge ensures the diameter which is also the thickness of the wire. If the number gauge is smaller, it means the wire around is larger. The common choice includes 16, 14, 10, 9 and 6 gauge. So please to check with the gauge before you purchase the hog wire.

The Strength

Hog wire is mostly measured in “breaking strength”. This way, you don’t have to worry about the breaking strength of different livestock wire options.

Most of hog wire fencing you find in a railing infill is constructed to withstand the crucial pounds of force before breaking.

The Finish

There are plenty of finishes or coating finishes. The finishes of hog wire deck railing raises its popularity due to their attractive and appealing look of deck railing infill. What are they?

  • Galvanizing Before Weld

In galvanizing before weld, the wire is dipped before the welding process is started. This will cause some welds to be ungalvanized. This finish type offer entry-level option which is available at affordable price. However, it is vulnerable to corrosion and rust.

  • Galvanizing After Weld

The process if this finish includes dipping the wire in anti-corrosive zinc after the process of welding. This way, anti-corrosive functions to cover the welded joints. Unluckily, this type of finish is slightly more expensive than the products of galvanizing before weld.

  • Vinyl Coating

As the name suggests, vinyl coating finish is coating the wire with vinyl especially the PVC. The extra layer comes with the maximum protection against the elements.

This finish is aesthetically pleasing and customizable. Typically, they are more expensive than the galvanized options.

  • Powder Coating

Powder coating is applied and cured to create an anti-corrosive barrier between the metal and the elements. Powder coating presents unnatural looking finish.

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel finish is made of stainless steel with no extra coatings. Great luck! Stainless steel finish looks attractive.

The Details

Finally, our hog wire deck railing reviews state that deciding on details include framing style and installation type. Here are those details:

  • Hog wire panel kit
  • Hog wire basic 2×4 and 2×2
  • 3’x3’ panels
  • 3’x6’ panels
  • 3’x8’ panels
  • Self-installation
  • Professional installation

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that you can read to fill your curiosity. Perhaps, your mind is asking one of the questions below:

Can I install the hog wire deck railing myself while I am just new to installing it?

Yes, you can but make sure you check with the installation guide and carefully do all of the steps. if you think you are not skilful enough, hiring a professional installer is much recommended.

Is there any type of hog wire which is affordable?

In general, high wire deck railing is expensive. However, you can have options of affordable finishing or coating.

What is the biggest benefit of installing hog wire deck railing?

The strength is the biggest benefit of all.

What is the biggest downside of installing hog wire deck railing?

For your modern home, hog wire deck railing may not be suitable because the look of this hog wire is too rustic.

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