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Home Legend Hardwood Flooring Reviews

Home Legend Hardwood Flooring Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

Once you go to the flooring store to shop, there must be lots of different brands providing their best collection, right? So let us share you the Home Legend Hardwood flooring reviews as your guidance to shop the right flooring products.

Each product is arguable due to the characteristics, cost, collection, availability and more. This way, Home legend is a brand that usually comes up in the debate.

In this post, we are going to take you to go along the brand’s collection and show you what you can expect from the brand if you are about picking up a flooring.

Thus, in a detail description, there more we are going to tell you including the sections about Home Legend collections, texture and finishes, durability, installation, the green factor, cost, pros and cons, ratings and the way you are looking for qualified installer.

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Home Legend Reviews

Home Legend is actually a store brand of Home Depot though the company has already run its own business since 2007. Initially, the company produces rugs and now start moving into other areas like hardwood flooring as well as laminate flooring.

Home Legend is popularly known for its affordable flooring options for Home Depot. However, most of the products fall into the category of engineered hardwood.

Home Legend Hardwood Collections

Like no other store brands, Home Legend has also a website though you can’t find the flooring products on that site.

This means that unless you are going to the company or obtaining the information on their eco-friendly approach, you must go to Home Depot to find the hardwood collection.

In detail, there are four styles provided by Home Legend solid hardwood collection. Those are Acacia, Birch, Walnut and Oak. All of them are hand scrapped and ¾ inch thick and 4 7/8 inch width. This way, there are five colors out of Acacia flooring options and two colors out of Birch and Oak.

The hand scraped Home Legend Acacia flooring is featuring a lifetime warranty but Birch only offers 25-year guarantee. Thus, Bitch is not as durable as Acacia. For walnut and oak planks, there is a 55-year warranty offered along with the multiple-time refinish.

Later on our Home Legend Hardwood flooring reviews, it is stated that Home Legend engineered collection comes with the product made from Hickory, Acacia, Birch, White Oak, Red Pine and Sapele.

In this variety, Acacia is the only one exotic wood along with the other collections including Teak and Walnut.

In majority, there are 5 range of the company’s engineered flooring and around 30 styles measuring from 3 inch to 5 inch. The thickness is various depending on which style you choose. For residential use, 25 to 50 years warranties are available along with the variety of colors, too.

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Texture and Finishes

Home Legend hardwood flooring provides the customers with the four types of texturing techniques.

Those are the smooth finished planks, hand scraped boards and ones with the wire brushed. There are also weathered looking planks. Further, Home Legend has gloss levels which are ranging from high to low.

Solid flooring boards are all hand scraped. Therefore, if you want a flooring with texture finishes, you must turn to look for the engineered flooring. For both styles of the planks, the finish is a 7-layer aluminum oxide finish.


Are you looking for the most durable flooring out of Home Legend?

Acacia would be the best type to consider due to its Janka scale rating which is 2,250 especially in its engineered form. When it comes to handle scratches, scuffs and light damage, the type with aluminum oxide is helpful enough.

Like all solid wood flooring, the engineered form can be refinished up to three times at minimum. Due to the fact that the veneer is only 1.5mm thick, we cannot recommend on refinishing the engineered flooring.


Home Legend engineered flooring usually comes with the easy installation. So it must be a good news of you prefer DIY installation.

Moreover, there are lots of options provided by the company to allow you choose which one would be flexible.

Most of engineered flooring planks come with the glue down category and click-lock. Dozens of styles are available to allow you staple and nail down the flooring if you are not partial to floating floors.

For solid hardwood flooring, nail down installation is a clear option. In fact, installing solid hardwood need is tricky enough. Thus, hiring a professional is better and much recommended.

In this regards, Home Depot usually offers the installation services right from their stores.

So you will easily find the installer based on the stores recommendation.

The Green Factor

Based on our Home Legend Hardwood flooring reviews, Home Legend covers everything on their website on producing green flooring along with the low chemical emissions. They are not only responsible socially but also environmentally.

Luckily, Home Legend provides catalogue consisting of domestic woods, thus, sustainability is not an issue. We are not sure whether or not the wood is greenly sourced and harvested.

However, based on the research, all of the flooring types was GREENGUARD certified and CARB 2 Complaint. This way, there will be no VOC’s issue on the current styles of Home Legend flooring.

Home Legend Hardwood Cost

Considering that purchasing Home Legend flooring products can only be processed through Home Depot, your options would be limited accordingly.

Depending on where you reside, there will always be flooring in stock in their online stores.

AcaciaSolidNatural4 ¾ inch$5.49 sq. ft.
MahoganyEngineeredNatural5 ¾ inch$4.49 sq. ft.
Manchurian WalnutSolidBrown4 7/8 inch$5.97 sq. ft.
BirchEngineeredBronze4 ¾ inch$2.99 sq. ft.
OakEngineeredGunstock5 inch$1.98 sq. ft.

Based on the table above, the most affordable cost of Home Legend hardwood flooring is Oak which costs $1,98 per square foot while the most expensive one is Acacia species. Solid hardwood is available only in a limited number of options while engineered has more.

Home Legend Hardwood Pros and Cons

To verify this Home Legend Hardwood flooring reviews, we are telling you that the hardwood flooring lineup is in mixed bag.

Most consumers feel satisfied with their product purchasing though there are some negative reviews they ignore instead of fully reading them.

This shows that there are excellent conditions. At the same time, there might also be quality control issues with the lineup.


Home Legend hardwood flooring becomes one of the most favorable options due to the style and price that mostly fit the customers.

The nice selection of domestic hardwood species is available along with some other collections that come with affordable engineered hardwood flooring products.


Overall, quality can be a bit issue in some lines. Solid hardwood flooring has a very poor collection compared to the other store brands or competitors.

This means that you cannot expect to see sufficient number of solid hardwood collection by Home Legend.

Home Legend Hardwood Flooring Ratings

Here we derived the ratings of Home Legend hardwood flooring based on the customer reviews we browse.

For the finishes and durability, the flooring is rated 3.5 and 4 for the styles and finishes. The overall rating would be 3.75 out of 5.

Looking For Qualified Installer For Home Legend Hardwood Flooring

Well, according to some readers, they frequently complain that they cannot find any qualified installer or overpaid the hardwood flooring installation.

However, if either you or they fully read our Home Legend Hardwood flooring reviews, you will notice that Home Depot at which Home Legend hardwood flooring is sold provides information about installation service.

So you can just ask to the stores about the recommended installer for your Home Legend hardwood flooring installation.

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Final Words

All in all, we have been informed that Home Legend Hardwood flooring offers the most favorable style and price.

The flooring products mostly fit the customers’ budget while there are also large number of collections available especially for engineered hardwood flooring.

However, there are only a small number of solid hardwood collection. Further, if you are looking for a high quality hardwood flooring, Home Legend does not have what you expects.


Can I install the hardwood flooring by myself?

Yes, DIY installation is available but it is much recommended that you hire a pro.

Can I get a species of Home Legend hardwood flooring starting at $1?

I beg you cannot. The most affordable wood species is at $1.98 per square foot.

Can I get the hardwood flooring product on Home Legend website?

No, you cannot. Home Legend hardwood flooring can only be purchased through Home Depot. So you must visit Home Depot’s site and browse your desired collection there.

What is the most expensive hardwood species available in Home Legend collection?

Acacia. It offers a price starting at $5.49 per square foot. Nevertheless, Acacia has lots of styles and colors options.