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Hosking Hardwood Wood Flooring Review

Hosking Hardwood Wood Flooring Review

by Dylan Johnson

Welcome to our Hosking hardwood wood flooring review to spice up your knowledge about the world of flooring. Hosking hardwood is actually a common and familiar flooring type that you can find in some home improvement stores selling a classic product of home improvement. Yes, Hosking hardwood is almost found on old houses.

Before many of the hardwoods are easily shown and displayed on TV channels, Hosking hardwood had been shown up by Mr. Hosking made his own way to let the viewers see his flooring product.

Years later, he launched an online flooring store focusing on customer service, product knowledge resources and low prices.

At that time, Hosking hardwood wood flooring was manufactured mostly for the homeowner and contractors.

Like many hardwood flooring types nowadays, this classic Hosking hardwood has also more to offer including the brands, style, materials construction, durability, easy installation and the cost.

Let’s just explore more about them in the following Hosking hardwood wood flooring review and find out whether it would be suitable for you classical home and whether this flooring is competitive enough in the world of hardwood flooring today.

Hosking Hardwood Brands

There is no engineered hardwood available at Hosking.

This online retailers sells only the most popular hardwood flooring brands that you might have already been familiar with.

The brands include Mohawk, Anderson, Armstrong, Bruce, Shaw, Kahrs and Somerset. There are also some other brands that are difficult to find in smaller mills and boutiques. Those are Boen, Harris, Lauzon, Mont Royal, Vintage, IndusParquet and many more.

All of the above brands are the major varieties that would easily cause you feel confused if they are all displayed in a showroom.

Just imagine how you feel when seeing them in front you.

Can you choose the right Hosking hardwood?

Is the flooring type you choose suit your whole interior design?

To help you search the flooring product easily and quickly, Hosking website comes with the search bar.

It also comes with the links that allow you to shop according to category of the brand or popular styles.

There is also a feature of a floor finder to help you narrow down your selection quickly.

In our Hosking hardwood wood flooring review, we found that there are so many brands offered in Hosking.

So, go surfing in Hosking website is like to go finding a flooring treasure.

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Styles Options of Hosking Hardwood

Truly, Hosking hardwood wood emphasizes the classic and contemporary styles.

There are some flooring sections come as handscrape flooring in terms of classic oaks and maples which are exotic very much.

However, there are also a few option for modern, farmhouse and coastal reclaimed which are represented here well.

Hence, no matter kind of your choices, the color options is available though they are so limited.

This way, you can choose espresso, beige, red and other natural colors with a handful of other color blends such as charcoal, gray and more.

These fact makes the Hosking flooring plank sizes availability. Each of the plank size along with each style is sizing averagely 4 to 6 inches for almost engineered Hosking hardwoods. This plank has a limited number in the collection and selections.

Dealing with the Hosking hardwood wood flooring review about style, there is noticeably a wide range of wood species available for each of the brands.

If you are looking for the usual suspects, you will find oak, maple, walnut and hickory in all of the list of major brands.

IndusParquet brands are coming to offer its collection about the hard-find exotic flooring types which are mostly engineered styles in Tigerwood, Timborana, Brazilian Cherry and Santos Mahogany as well as Amendoim.

Now let’s have a look at your home. If you have already a flooring while you want to coordinate the Hosking flooring with the existing floors, you can perfectly consider the unfinished engineered flooring in red oak, white oak and hickory from the collection of Somerset brand.

It is much recommended that you visit the home improvement stores in your town since the online stores rarely meet your desire.

The flooring photos uploaded on the websites can be very different from the real products due to some factors such as camera light effect.

Thus, to provide the costumer with the satisfaction, Hosking always offers a sample program on almost of their flooring products.

This mean that you can make a request of being given the sample of the flooring through email juts before you finally click the “Buy” button.

Materials Construction and Durability

Our Hosking hardwood wood flooring review also includes materials construction and durability of Hosking flooring.

In this relation, the durability is affected by so many factors which are the core construction, wear layer finish types and veneer species.

Luckily, Hosking flooring offers all of the durability levels on most of the engineered hardwood collection.

Due to the fact that there are an unlimited number of flooring options, only the real winner will actually be able to find the right flooring items for your home.

If you are planning to sell your homes after the flooring installation, make sure you choose one flooring type that can add a resale value to your home.

To provide the flooring with the more trustable durability, all the engineered hardwood flooring types are added with the ply-core as well as aluminum oxide or the multi-coat polyurethane finish.

Some of the flooring product with at least ¼ thick saw-cut and constructed from the hard tree species are Brazilian cherry, walnut and hickory.

So make sure you opt one of this species since they have a higher durability to offer.

Hosking also comes with the several selections out of the top collection of Kahrs Wood Flooring, International Exotic offered by Lauzon Wood Floors and White Oak R/Q Engineered offered by Mont-Royal hardwood flooring.

On the other hand , you can also bargain the value-oriented flooring products that may possibly suit your project on improving homes before you sell it.

This value-oriented flooring product is typically constructed in similar to laminate flooring that comes with the features of HDF core and roto-peeled veneer in a soft wood.

This value-oriented product can be maple or birch and a flooring with the coats of polyurethane finishes.

Some products which are finished with aluminum oxide. They are also infused with acrylic to improve the durability and lengthen the lifespan.

Some of these flooring products are Paulo Duro 5 IN from Anderson Hardwood Flooring brand and Performance Plus 5 IN Lock and Fold manufactured by Armstrong Hardwood Flooring.

Our Hosking hardwood wood flooring review also find that Hosking flooring comes the high reputation for selling the high quality products.

Though the products might have been used for so long, they still look good. For example, Springdale 3’’ which is manufactured by Bruce Hardwood Flooring and Beamount Plank 3’ Low Gloss which is manufactured by Armstrong Hardwood Flooring.

Uniquely, most of the Hosking hardwood floorings are designed with the Jeff Hosking Rating feature to work on 5-star rating system, ranking the flooring products from the “Common grade” to the “best”.

This is how Hosking flooring provides the quality and durability of all its products.

Hosking Hardwood Easy Installation

There is nothing to worry about the installation. Hosking flooring products commonly comes with the click-lock installation technique, allowing it for DIY option at which the installer doesn’t need any adhesive or special tools for the installation.

Instead, only saw is required to help cut the planks into horizontal and vertical cuts to create the desired length.

For tongue and groove installation of engineered flooring, you can use nails, staples ad glue based on the manufacturer’s recommendation.

This installation technique is quite hard to carry out, thus, you are suggested to hire a professional installer.

Considering that Hosking is an online hardwood retailers, they do not offer in-house installation services unless you are living in Massachusetts.

Cost of Hosking Hardwood Flooring Brands

Now the Hosking hardwood wood flooring review we are presenting also include cost as the most important part of purchasing.

This way, the pricing or cost of Hosking flooring is typically various depending on the species, plank width, construction, texture and finish type.

You can find a lower price on a domestic faster-growing wood like maple or birch while you can also an expensive price on walnut and Brazilian cherry due to their exotic looks.

In Hosking floorings, you can expect to pay under $3 per square foot for the value products and more than $10 per square foot for the stylish flooring products.

However, this cost doesn’t include the trim and transitions that can approximately cost $10 to $100 or more depending on the flooring products.

The installation cost is approximately around $4 to $7 per square foot excluding the preparation, removal and reinstallation of the flooring planks.

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Final Words Hosking Hardwood Wood Flooring

Finally, the Hosking hardwood wood flooring review conclude that Hosking flooring has been involving in the world’s business for years for its dedicated products.

Thus, there is nothing to doubt if you want to purchase a flooring here.