How To Clean Bamboo Flooring Step by Step

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How To Clean Bamboo Flooring

Though bamboo flooring is considered as durable as hardwoods like maple and oak, it comes with the greater resistance to water damage than the hardwoods. Therefore, once you install the flooring at your house, knowing the tips and procedure on how to clean bamboo flooring is a must. It is because the proper and professional maintenance of the flooring will determine the durability of the flooring.

It is not surprising that bamboo flooring is relatively easy and simple to clean and care for. Typically, the maintenance of bamboo flooring involves the regular task which means that you must periodically clean the floor in order that the floor always looks good and new.

In this case, the dirt and dust that stay on your shoes will remain on the floor causing divots, gents and even scratches. These will lead the bamboo flooring to fade. For spills and wet spots, you need to clean them as soon as they fall onto the floor to avoid the floor’s damage.

In regards to the procedure on how to clean bamboo flooring, there are several related things we are going to share on this page including the steps to clean bamboo flooring, the tips you can take during the cleaning period, DIY vinegar cleaning solution and scuffs mark removal tips.

Now let’s have a look on the review to get the picture of the proper bamboo flooring maintenance.

Frequency and Steps Clean Bamboo Flooring

How many times will you clean your bamboo flooring? The basic cleaning procedure actually much depends on the foot traffic level occurred in a room. Kitchen and hallway where the foot traffic are high are required to clean daily. Clean the spills fast as they fall onto the floors and mop the floors using the microfiber weekly.

To perform the floor’s maintenance well, you’ll need some tools including vacuum, broom with soft bristles, dust bun, microfiber mop, dry towel, mop bucket and waste basket. You’ll need also some materials such as sponge or clean microfiber rag, hardwood floor cleaner and distilled vinegar.

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Once you are ready with the tools and materials for cleaning the floor, here are the steps to follow:

  • Clean the spills. Clean the spills as soon as you notice them on the floors using the sponge or microfiber cloth by damping it with water and applying it to the spills area. Use the soft towel to dry the area.
  • Sweep or vacuum. To clean the dirt and dust, you can simply sweep them using the soft-bristled broom or dust mop. Alternatively, you can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean the debris.
  • Clean the stains and dried spills. Though you might have swept or vacuumed the floors, there might still be a certain area showing the stains or dried spills. This way, you can use the microfiber cloth and damp it with water. Rub the spots and check whether it is clean. If the stains are so hard to remove, you can use the hardwood cleaning solution and rub the spots again. Dry them using the soft towel.
  • Continue dam mopping. Damp mopping is also one of the steps on how to clean bamboo flooring. In this case, damp mopping can be performed using the hardwood-rated cleaner diluted based on the instructions stated on the product. Gently mop the floors in circular pattern and wipe them using the soft towel if you notice the wet spots.
  • Perform heavy cleaning. If there are some stains that are noticeably difficult to remove, performing heavy cleaning is recommended. This way, you can use a hardwood cleaning solution based on the instruction shown on the product. Dip a sponge and dry the material slightly. Apply the cleanser to all parts of the floors without making it pool. Later, dry the floors using the dry towel as the last cleaning action.

The Tips To Clean Bamboo Flooring

In addition to the steps on how to clean bamboo flooring, some tips are added to the article to allow you clean the bamboo floors completely.

In this regards, you are not recommended to use a vacuum with beater bar to clean the bamboo floors. Never let the floors to be immersed in water.

Instead, use only a damp and nearly-dry mop for a better result. You are also recommended not to use the abrasive scouring powder or steel wool on the floors.

It is also suggested that you follow all the manufacturers’ instructions in cleaning the bamboo floor. Be familiar with the warranty offered by the manufacturers to ensure that you don’t take actions that may possibly void it.

To keep the bamboo floors clean, you can also ask everyone or visitor to put off his shoes before entering your home. This is aimed to avoid the tracked dirt and to prevent damage out of the spike heels.

Alternatively, you can absolutely use a doormat either inside or outside of the entrance so that the dirt will not be tracked on the floors. For high-traffic areas, you can surely lay rugs.

DIY Vinegar Cleaning Solution

Another solution you can try to clean your bamboo flooring is the DIY vinegar cleaning solution. DIY means that you can create the cleaning technique by yourself using vinegar. Thus, it is called as DIY vinegar cleaning solution.

Vinegar is one of essential oils that has a lot of benefits. It can even be used to clean the stains that are difficult to remove out of the bamboo floors. Using vinegar allows you not to buy any commercial product. Vinegar is a kind of essential oils which will be very effective as a natural agent to clean the bamboo floors.

To use this DIY vinegar cleaning solution, first of all, you must mix ¼ cup of white vinegar with a quart of water. Use the mixture to clean all the bamboo floors’ surface by using the damp sponge. One thing to remember is that you must dilute the vinegar properly since the full-strength of vinegar can damage the floors.

In short, this DIY vinegar cleaning solution is recommended only when you need to remove the difficult stains through the deep cleaning. On the other words, it is not suggested that you use this cleaning solution on daily or weekly floors maintenance.

Scuffs Removal Tips

Now that you have already known the steps and tips on how to clean bamboo flooring either for regular cleaning (daily or weekly), let’s get to know the scuffs removal tips that you may occasionally need someday.

Do you know scuff marks? In the world of flooring, it is one of the flooring damages caused by the rubber heel of a shoe that drags across the floors’ surface. If you notice some scuff marks on your bamboo flooring, here are the tips to get rid of them so that you can keep the floors in a good condition as you wish.

Apply the cleaner of hardwood floor to microfiber cloth.

The first thing you can do to clean the scuff marks on your bamboo flooring is to apply the cleaner of hardwood floors to microfiber cloth. Start adding a few drops of a cleaner product of hardwood floor to the microfiber cloth that you have prepared before. Continue the following tips.

Rub the scuff mark.

Once you have the microfiber cloth along with the dropped hardwood floor cleaner, you can immediately rub the scuff marks gently on the area where the scuff marks are shown. This way, you must be slowly and patiently perform the rubbing until the marks are erased.

It is not recommended that you use the steel wool or other abrasive pad to clean the bamboo flooring since it can easily scratch the surface of the floors. So, it is clear that you cannot expect to have successfully erase the scuff marks as fast as possible. Only when you are slowly and patiently rubbing the floors you can finally erase the marks completely.

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Final Words How To Clean Bamboo Flooring

Finally, you come to conclude that it is very simple and easy to clean the bamboo flooring. The maintenance technique on how to clean bamboo flooring involves only sweeping and vacuuming the dirt and dust as the regular cleaning performance.

For the harder stains, you can try to damp mop the floors but make sure you don’t allow them to pool. Let the bamboo floors to pool will just cause the damage.

If your floors are showing the difficult scuff marks, you can exactly remove them using either the DIY vinegar cleaning solution or other hardwood floor cleaner. Rub gently, slowly and patiently is all the key of removing the scuff marks and the difficult stains on the floors. The main materials you can prepare for bamboo flooring maintenance is the microfiber cloth, sponge, mop, broom and vacuum cleaner.

Don’t forget to store the hardwood floor cleaner and vinegar essential oil to help you do the deep cleaning if there might be stains or scuffs appear on your bamboo flooring.

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