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Hughes Furniture Reviews

Hughes Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross

Furnishing your own home or projects is not easy because you must choose furniture products from many manufacturers and brands on the market. Make Hughes furniture reviews your helper so you can get stylish and first-class furniture for the outcome.

This brand is worth considering because of its credibility and great products. Hughes offers a wide range of beautiful products such as Hughes furniture loveseat, sofas, beds, and dining sets to fit your home. Unlike other furniture brands such as Badcock Furniture, Hughes only uses eco-friendly materials.

Thus, it makes their product safe and non-toxic. Read this article to know why this furniture brand is worth buying.

Product and Price Range

Hughes Furniture Product and Price Range
Hughes Furniture Product and Price Range

Hughes is very environmentally conscious, so all the materials for their products are eco-friendly. However, they still provide customers with stylish, durable, high-quality yet affordable such as Hughes furniture ottoman or Hughes furniture sectional.

To help you get the best products, you must browse through some official retailers. Thus, do your homework to pick the perfect product at the right price finally. Check out the following examples of Hughes furniture line along with their approximate prices :

TypeProduct NamesMaterialPrice
Living RoomOttoman –Starts from $224.99
 Swivel Chairs –Starts from $690.00
 Wide Armchair –As low as $760.00
 Timeless Patina ChairsFabric upholstery
wood frame
 Furniture Loveseat –$514.00
Hughes TablesThree Packs Tableswood$364.00
 Three RestorationCarved wood$464.99
 Three Packs Mirror LegWood
metal frame
Hughes Sectionals2-piece sectionalFabric upholsteryStarts from $944.99
Hughes Sofa2-piece Sofa SetFabric upholstery
Starts from $870.99
 Furniture SofaLeather
As low as $780.00
 Stationary Sofa in Ridgeline BrownieLeatherAs low as $1,170.00

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Hughes Furniture Pros and Cons

The following are the pros and cons of Hughes furniture products and services :

Pros of Hughes Furniture

  • Great option because it offers various kinds of furniture to match every customer’s desire.
  • Customers may be able to save their budget because of the discount they get from certain retailers or distributors.
  • Eco-friendly products are thus a great choice for customers who love conserving their environment.
  • Save for your health because the cushions are made of non-toxic materials (Certi-PUR foam).
  • Reliable because the company is known for its good product quality and services.

Cons of Hughes Furniture

  • Quite a hassle because you cannot purchase products from the company. Thus, one needs to look for certified distributors and retailers near them.
  • Daunting because customers have to browse through different retailers’ websites for the best products and prices.
  • Unable to see the product price on the web, so you can not estimate your purchase.
  • Inconvenience because trouble the customers if the retailer is no longer in business.


You do not have to worry because Hughes products, especially their seats, are made of hardwood frames. Thus, they are highly durable and sturdy.


Learn more about Hughes furniture warranty because there are several different limited warranties. The following are some of the warranties offered by this company :

  • Fabric and Leather

A one-year warranty is offered if you purchase the products from original retailers. This is beneficial because they claim that all products are defect-free. Thus, you will only receive the best home furnishing of your choice. Unfortunately, the warranty does not apply if you protect the products with coating upon shipment.

  • Frames

You will benefit from this warranty because Hughes provides a 1-year warranty on all their plywood and hardwood frames. However, the warranty only applies when you purchase the products from the original retailers.

Should there be a problem, then it is the company’s responsibility to provide Hughes furniture replacement parts.

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  • Workmanship

Make the best use of this warranty because Hughes claims that their products’ material and workmanship are free from any defects. However, it only applies when purchasing products from their original retailers.

  • Springs

This is another benefit you get from Hughes because a one-year warranty is applied to all Hughes wire seat springs. However, any improper use or physical damage will defy the warranty. Thus, ensure that you take care of your products and make the best of this benefit.

  • Recliner

Hughes declares that all their recliner mechanisms are defect-free, so you must inspect your purchased furniture carefully. Read through this warranty because it does not apply to certain conditions.


Be alert because the delivery policy might differ from one retailer to another. Make sure you learn thorough information regarding delivery from the retailer so that everything will run well.

Return Policy

Hughes furniture offers a different return policy than other common furniture line ones, such as Yardbird Furniture or Club Furniture. It offers no return policy on any used products. Thus, you need to consider this policy before purchasing one.

Hughes Furniture Reviews: Final Words

You may find it is demanding to choose the right home furnishing because there are myriad options of furniture brands on the current market. However, with diligent searching, you can get the most suitable one.

Reading Hughes Furniture reviews is necessary because it helps you learn more about the company’s products and services. Thus, you can make the right decision in choosing home furnishing to fit your home and projects. Happy hunting!