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Huntington House Furniture Reviews

Huntington House Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross

Coming home from a hectic daily routine makes you want to relax in your comfortable seats. Relieving fatigue in this way can also be effective. Plus, if your sofa has a beautiful appearance. Read on for this Huntington House furniture reviews so you can have beautiful and comfortable furniture references.

The Huntington House company is from North Carolina, just like the Klaussner Furniture brand. It has been established for more than 35 years and is now handled by its second generation.

Product and Price Range

Huntington House Furniture Product and Price Range
Huntington House Furniture Product and Price Range

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The Hunting House company entrusts the manufacture of its products to the craftsmen’s hand-skilled. With their skills, Hunting House has produced quality and beautiful products.

The furniture from Huntington House has a modern design with so many colors that are so eye-catching. Not only that, this product has many choices of fabric motifs for the upholstery of your chairs. You can even choose whether your chair is upholstered in leather or fabric.

Besides fabric and leather, Huntington House also uses wood for the frame and legs of the chair.

Huntington House only specializes in making seats, such as sofas, chairs, and recliners. However, Huntington House still makes these products in 3 main categories. It makes it easier for potential buyers to find the products they need.

The following is a list of Hunting House Furniture product categories :

Living RoomSectionals
Swivels.Swivel Gliders
Sleepers Sofa
Custom Upholstery
Custom Cocktail Ottomans
Motion & ReclinersMotion Sofa
Dining RoomFabric

Pros and Cons of Huntington House Furniture Reviews

Pros and Cons of Huntington House Furniture Reviews
Pros and Cons of Huntington House Furniture Reviews

What are the pros and cons of Huntington House Furniture? Let’s see this below.

Pros of Huntington House Furniture

Here are some pros about Huntington House products :

  • The brand Huntington House offers color options for upholstery that are eye-catching and beautiful.
  • Besides that, it also gives you two choices, fabric or leather, to customize your item.
  • This furniture has a fashionable and sophisticated design. So it can make your room look different from the usual.
  • In addition, the upholstery furniture is so padded and comfortable.
  • You can even choose a chair leg model to your liking. 
  • Moreover, there are many recliners with a choice of motion modes.
  • The Huntington House produces its furniture with good materials such as fabric, leather, and wood.
  • Experienced and professional craftsmen handcraft Huntington House’s furniture.
  • This company is committed to a “green environment” by maintaining natural sustainability. There are three ways to do it, producing by hand-skilled, reducing waste materials, and recycling scrap materials.
  • A lifetime warranty is available.

Cons of Huntington House Furniture

Here are some cons about Huntington House products :

  • You can not shop directly from Huntington House’s website. Instead, you must go to the authorized dealer around your location.
  • You must contact your dealer if you can not get the price information on its site.
  • Unfortunately, what you need about the purchasing process, including warranty, delivery, and return policy, depends on the dealer where you shop.


Huntington House Furniture Durability
Huntington House Furniture Durability

The Huntington House brand produces its seating furnished with good material. They are wood, leather, and fabric.

Furniture parts that require solid materials use wood or hardwood mostly, such as the frame and chair legs. It makes the seat of the Huntington House sturdy, reliable and durable.

This brand also uses fabric or leather on the upholstery, which is easy to clean, making it more durable.

Some brands that support performance fabrics are Sunbrella, Sustain, Crypton, Inside Out, Revolution, and Sunbelievable.

While for the use of leather there are three types of leather that Huntington House uses. They are full-aniline leather with light protection, semi-aniline leather with medium protection, and protected leather with heavy protection.


This brand offers a lifetime warranty for its product. It covers the defect of the manufacturing process, whether workmanship or material, but certain parts may have a shorter guarantee. To get more information, you can contact your local dealer.


Due to your shop from the authorized dealer, then all process shipping comes from your dealer. Whether the delivery service options, the time shipping, the courier or even the costs.

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Return Policy

Similar to the shipping process, the return for a product’s non-conformance also follows your dealer’s policy, including the returns process related to warranty claims.

Make sure you return the product in its original packaging and attach your purchase/order details to the dealer. Then the dealer will send all data related to your order to Huntington House for processing and approval.

Final Words

This seating furniture gives you a fashionable, sophisticated and beautiful look for your room. Moreover, you can customize the furniture to your taste. This product is also high quality and durable. That’s how this Huntington House furniture reviews was made.