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Hydeline Furniture Reviews

Hydeline Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross

Entering the living room with the appearance of a leather sofa, of course, what crosses your mind is the timeless, luxurious, and classy impression. You may, at this time, want the living room like that. And you don’t have to worry if you’re going to find references, because you can read these Hydeline furniture reviews.

Hydeline was built in 2014. Hydeline is still new in the furniture industry, but that doesn’t mean it provides low-quality products. On the contrary, Hydeline’s furniture still has the best quality, although made with craftsmanship. Even with the mission of Hydeline, products are built to perfection.

Product and Price Range

Hydeline company produces furniture in seat specialties, like the brand Sherrill Furniture. But the difference is Hydeline makes its seat furnishings with only leather material. Besides that, all the products were also handcrafted by professional craftsmen.

In building good quality leather seats, Hydeline has a mission. That is, the product was built to perfect and last. No product should leave the factory if it’s not perfect. This mission is like a guarantee for the customers that the seats you buy are always in excellent condition, with no damage or defect.

Some of the types of seat furnishings from Hydeline are loveseats, Sectionals, Chairs, Sofas, Ottomans, and Chesterfields. Hydeline also has a Zero Gravity Collection, whether it is sofas, recliners, or even loveseats.

The following is the details of some popular products from Hydeline.

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Bella Leather Sofas

Bella Leather Sofas
Bella Leather Sofas
Dimension85 in (L) x 37 in (W) x 34,5 in (H)
Seat Dimension71 in (W) x 19,5 in (H) x 22 in (D)
Arm Height25 in (H) x 7 in (W)
Back Cushion Height16,5 in
Two colors optioncognac, ivory (custom color : optional)
Materialgenuine leather
Material frameKiln Dried Solid Wood
Featureremovable seat cushions

Aliso Leather Sofas

Aliso Leather Sofas
Aliso Leather Sofas
Dimension91 in (L) x 39 in (W) x 31 in (H)
Seat Dimension22,5 in (W) x 19,5 in (H)
Arm Height30 in
Seat Cushion Depth23,5 in
Back Cushion Height15 in
Seat Cushion9 in
Leg Height3 in
Two colors optionpecan, white (custom color : optional)
Materialgenuine leather
Material frameKiln Dried Solid Wood
Featureremovable seat cushions

Pros and Cons of Hydeline Furniture

What are the pros and cons of Hydeline furniture? Let’s take a look at this below.

Pros of Hydeline Furniture

Here are some pros of Hydeline furniture :

  • Most shoppers comment in their reviews that they receive the sofas in perfect condition. So, this proves that the Hydeline mission really happened.
  • Besides that, Hydeline provides a product warranty. 
  • Moreover, all upholstery material is genuine leather.
  • Then, the frame of seat furnishings is kiln-dried wood.
  • The product of Hydeline also is handcrafted perfectly. 
  • All seating furniture is categorized at a low price with genuine leather as the material.  
  • You can customize the fabric color as you wish. 
  • Other hand, you can shop online on Hydeline’s website.

Cons of Hydeline Furniture

No words can describe the cons of this product. Unfortunately, this product is perfect. It is hard to find complaints or bad reviews about this furniture.


Hydeline’s chair furniture has good strength and durability. It is due to the use of genuine leather on the seats. In addition, Hydeline utilizes kiln-dried wood for the frame. Using this material in the frame can make it not shrink or peel when extreme temperature changes outside.


Hydeline products have a guarantee for each part of the seats, and the warranty covers the defect and damaged products under normal use. There are four kinds of warranty that Hydeline provides.

Firstly, the frame has a ten years guarantee to cover defects or errors in the manufacturing process. This warranty is valid since the date of purchase.

Secondly, metal reclining or inclining mechanisms and springs have a five-year warranty. This policy follows the guarantee of the frame.

Thirdly, electric motors have a three years warranty. This policy also goes the same as the frame guarantee policy.

Fourthly, the parts with a 1-year warranty are electrical components, leather, and padding & foam.

For detailed information about number 4 of this warranty policy, you can click this link https://hydeline.com/pages/warranty.

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Hydeline company provides free shipping service for you that is in USA locations. But if you’re in very far or urban areas, then Hydeline will charge you some additional fee.

The in-stock product will ship to you in 4-5 business days, and you will receive it within 2-4 weeks. But for customized products, you will receive it in 8-10 weeks.

Besides that, Hydeline also offers the White Glove Delivery Service.

Return Policy

If you receive the damaged product, then you can send the item back to the Hydeline party. Of course, it is in the original packaging. You can submit your return process within 30 days after the first date of delivery time.

Hydeline furniture reviews: Final Words

This Hydeline furniture reviews recommends that this product is suitable for you who want timeless and luxury furniture for your living room. Or in other words, this furniture suits classical style lovers.