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iCork Flooring Review – Understanding the Perks of Cork Flooring

by Dylan Johnson

If you are thinking about updating the look of your house without hurting the bank and without having to do it again and again in the near future, then it is imperative that you read iCork flooring review to learn more about this type of flooring.

One way to update the house without doing a total transformation and renovation is to update the floor, and having cork flooring isn’t a bad idea, after all.

Cork flooring has been a popular choice of homeowners lately – mostly because of its durability and low cost.

So, what can you expect from such a flooring, after all?


Cork flooring is comfortable and also sustainable. It is able to deliver fresh look into the house without breaking the bank. It is a type of bare flooring that looks naturally beautiful without compromising the functions.

The floor isn’t new to the industry, and yet it has just increased in popularity because people start to realize and consider its green and renewable trait.

You no longer have to feel guilty about using hardwood and be partly responsible for tropical rainforests reduced lands.

Cork is made from cork oak tree’s bark. There is a special plantation set up for commercial purposes, and the bark needs to be harvested periodically. The bark is then ground, compressed, and then formed into sheet forms which are resin-bonded.

From the sources and the way of manufacturing, you can see that cork flooring is absolutely natural. It is a replenishable and recurring material.

Another cool thing about this flooring is that it is biodegradable. By the time its life cycle reaches the end, it will break down on its own.

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About iCork Flooring

So, if you read iCork flooring review, what makes it special?

Well, for a starter, iCork Floor is Foma cork flooring’s direct and official distributor.

They are able to offer you a wide array of high-quality products within logical and affordable price ranges. As it was mentioned before, cork flooring is increasing in popularity because of the quality and also the low price.

There have been trusted and reliable manufacturers that are able to produce different types of cork flooring – each of them has their own strength and flaws.

For iCork flooring, you can expect a durable, natural, and premium flooring that will transform your house into a beautiful place without being burdened by the cost.


Durability is one of the most crucial things in choosing a floor.

What good does it make to have a super stylish and gorgeous floor only to replace it the following year?

When it comes to flooring, you definitely want something that is durable and long-lasting.

Well, the iCork flooring is durable. With proper care and maintenance, it can even last longer than some hard floor types. Let’s not forget that the floor is hypoallergenic and sustainable.

It won’t cause any allergic reactions, so it is pretty safe for those with allergies. The floor is insects, mold, and mildew resistant – you won’t have to worry that some insects may make nests in it.

Cork flooring has its own natural insulating property, which means that it is warmer, softer, and also quieter when compared to other flooring types – such as hardwoods.

Another cool thing about this iCork floor is its cellular memory. The floor can spring back to its original condition over time.

Let’s say that you place heavy furniture on top of it and the floor is dented. Simply move the furniture away. The floor will spring back and look as if it has never been compressed by anything.

Based on iCork flooring review, what makes it different from the others is the layer. iCork products have 3 polyurethane varnish layers for the finish, which make it super durable and solid.

Not to mention that it is odor-free with clear surface look, making your floor stay on its best performance for years.

In the event that you see some wear signs (which are pretty common over years), you only need to re-apply a coat of varnish. Voila! Your floor will look as good as new.

iCork Flooring Affordability

Price and cost are important in any home improvement project – you should never underestimate them. The cork flooring is generally priced around $3 up to $8 for a square foot. For iCork flooring, the price is set to be around $3 to $4 a square foot.

Such a great bargain, eh?

When compared to other types of flooring, especially from the same cork flooring, the price alone is a good deal – and without compromising the quality of the flooring itself. No wonder if iCork flooring review is filled with positive feedbacks!

However, you should also remember that there are different types of iCork flooring. And you need extra materials, like tools, adhesive, trim pieces, and such things alike – they will definitely add up your expenses.

But then again, the low price of the flooring itself is a great starting point that can affect your overall spending and expenses. In short, you can seriously save money with the products from iCork flooring.

iCork Flooring Types and Styles

Another cool thing about iCork flooring is the availability of various styles and colors that will give you flexibility and freedom in choosing the look you want.

In terms of installation alone, for instance, feel free to choose the glue-down type of the floating one. And then there is wood-like flooring and narrow planks option that is available within the 5-inch size and the 7-inch size.

According to iCork flooring review, the products are available in wide ranges of colors, such as white or white gray to darker hues, such as ebony and mahogany.

Looking for marble-like style?

You can also find it from this brand. In case you don’t really know which one to choose, you can request for free samples.

You can have 5 free samples so you don’t have to worry about making the wrong choice.

Isn’t that cool or what?

iCork Flooring Installation

Installing the floor can be difficult. Most homeowners ask for help from professional service – adding up the total cost for the work.

After all, professional and skilled services are quite pricey, so you will have to consider the extra expenses too.

But what if you can install it on your own?

It saves you tons of money and you can understand the learning curve of doing the installation.

One of the best things about iCork flooring is the easy installation process. Although you don’t have any technical background or skills, you can still do it on your own.

The floor’s uniclic locking system is perfect for those without skills or experience. This system is pretty similar to installing the laminate flooring. As long as you have the time and you don’t rush things, you can do the installation on your own.

What about the tools?

Well, for the cork flooring, you don’t need much. Forget the complicated or difficult tools – you only need the basic ones, such as a circular saw, a tapping block, rubber mallet, and tape measures.

If you don’t have them, you can always rent them. Many (home improvement) stores provide the rental service, so there is no need to buy them.

Another cool thing about iCork flooring is the installation instructions provided on their web. If you read iCork flooring review, you will see that many people are doing their installations alone and they have no problems doing so.

No need to worry; the instructions are quite specific and detailed, and it is laid out in step-by-step manner.

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iCork Flooring Care

Based on iCork flooring review, the floating iCork floor is great for basements or kitchens, but they AREN’T suitable for the bathrooms. The flooring is water resistant but it isn’t waterproof.

Everything in the bathroom would be continuously and constantly exposed to humidity and moisture, and that’s not perfect for the iCork floating floor. For bathrooms, you need to use the glue-down types.

There is nothing complicated or difficult about the flooring maintenance and care. In fact, cleaning and maintaining it would be super easy. You only need to use the regular broom or a regular vacuum cleaner.

A damp mop that is hardwood-friendly and floor cleaner (the non-abrasive type) would do it. It is advisable not to use heavy-duty or harsh cleaning products for the cork flooring. Waxes and abrasive cleaners are also dangerous for such a floor.

Another thing that you need to consider is to prevent excessive moisture and direct sunlight exposure to make sure that the floor will last for a long time. Whenever there is water spill, make sure to wipe it off immediately.

A regular mop will do the cleaning just right. And direct sunlight can cause the floor to peel. It is advisable to use rugs in sunny rooms or to use shades, curtains, or blinds to filter the light and shield the floor.

In the overall end, cork flooring can be a great alternative for those looking for natural and inexpensive way of improving their home decor and design.

Find iCork flooring review and read them – and decide whether such flooring would be perfect for you.