4 Most Popular Inexpensive Kitchen Flooring Options

Dylan Johnson

Inexpensive Kitchen Flooring Options

Is there such a thing as inexpensive kitchen flooring options?

You may not believe it, but such thing is real and true. Installing the kitchen floor doesn’t have to be costly, if you know the characteristics of the room, your own way of working around the kitchen, and what kind of floor cover you want for the room.

Yes, kitchens are prone to spills, drop, and splash. But then again, it all depends on your activities and how you work around the kitchen.

Vinyl Flooring

It is one of the most popular inexpensive kitchen flooring options because of its features.

First of all, vinyl flooring is sold in LVP (Luxury Vinyl Planks), tiles, or sheets giving homeowners the freedom and flexibility to improve their home decor without a drama.

It is also one of the easiest floor to install on your own, enabling you to save up money, especially if your subfloor is still in pristine condition.

Just install the floor and you are good to go!

In most cases, you don’t even need to have any underlayment at all if your subfloor is solid, sturdy, and in a good shape.

Dealing with the vinyl flooring doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply pick a type that matches your needs or the condition of the house, and you can have a long-lasting floor that looks visually artistic.

If you are willing to spend extra, go with the peel and stick tiles that aren’t easy to install, but also beautiful and appealing.

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But for the best DIY project, simply choose the luxury plank. It comes as a floating floor with click-and-go mechanism and it is relatively thicker than the regular vinyl type.

  • Price

If you are rather short on the budgets, you can always choose the economy sheet, that will cost you around $0.5 a square foot.

For the standard tiles, expect to spend around $1.50 to around $2 a square foot. If you prefer the LVP, the price starts from $3 a square foot.

Looking for a higher end floor with better features, designs, and even visual effects?

Expect to find them with the starting price of $4 (and more) a square foot.

  • The Beneficial Pros

Not only vinyl flooring is one of the best candidates for the kitchen, but it has some promising features that make it reliable and liked.

  • Price. This is one of the most inexpensive kitchen flooring options without compromising the looks. Even when you choose the ones having beautiful finish or artistic patterns, you won’t have to worry about digging your wallet deeper.
  • Resilience. Vinyl flooring is one of the strongest and most resilient flooring types ever designed. Not only it is solid and sturdy, but it is also easy (and even pleasant) on the feet, especially when you have to stand for a long time.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning. Cleaning up the floor is quite a breeze. Just use a regular broom and a damp mop, and you can maintain its shine and cleanliness and keep it in a pristine condition for many years to come!
  • The Possible Cons

Vinyl flooring has one major flaw: The surface is prone to scratches and scruffs. The floor may be water resistant. It is easy to maintain and clean. It is easy on the eyes and the feet. But the surface isn’t sturdy or solid.

Over the years, you will see the signs of wear and tear. The condition will get worse if you have pets or active kids.

Laminate Flooring Inexpensive Kitchen Flooring Options

This is also one of the most popular and favorable inexpensive kitchen flooring options.

The greatest thing about the floor is its ability to imitate other materials, such as natural stone or wood.

Those who don’t know it probably think that you actually install wood or stone in the kitchen while in reality, you are using laminate floor.

Although the surface of the floor can hold up traffic and abuse, the seams can’t.

The gaps between the planks are pretty prone to water penetration and damage. Any spills or leakage can lead to bulging on the edges.

You should be extra aware of standing or pooling water or wet mopping. Damp mop once in a while is still okay.

If you want are willing to spend extra, you can consider water resistant type, which can deal with standing water quite well but only within a certain time limit (like 24 hours or 36 hours).

  • Price

The standard laminate floor costs around $0.5 a square foot, while the water resistant type will cost you $2 a square foot.

If you go with the designers’ brands or names, you may have to spend at least $3 and more for a square foot.

  • The Beneficial Pros

One of the greatest perks about having the laminate floor is the fact that it can imitate other flooring types just perfectly.

It can imitate the look of wooden floor, stone floor, or ceramic floor just flawlessly you won’t even realize that the floor is actually a laminate type.

Moreover, the floor is basically DIY-friendly. You can install it yourself to save up installation cost.

Even without any knowledge or experience, you can manage it and still deliver satisfying results.

  • The Possible Downsides

Laminate flooring may be one of the best inexpensive kitchen flooring options because of some convenient benefits.

However, the floor does have its own flaws:

  • Laminate floor isn’t exactly waterproof or even water resistant. If you have moisture issue, then the floor won’t be an ideal option
  • The surface is prone to scratches and scruffs
  • The floor has easy cleaning and maintenance. However, you can’t use wet mop to clean it
  • You need to check the trim pieces and underlayment. These elements can seriously affect the installation costs

Ceramic Tile Inexpensive Kitchen Flooring Options

This is one tough cookie. When you install the ceramic tile in the kitchen, you won’t have to worry about water damage or such thing alike.

Ceramic is one of the strongest and sturdiest flooring materials available. No wonder if it is considered one of the best inexpensive kitchen flooring options for homeowners who expect a long-lasting flooring type.

The floor is basically indestructible remaining tough and perfect even decades have gone by.

You may have to pay extra attention for sealing the grout lines, but it is worth the extra efforts, really.

The biggest advantage you can gain from ceramic tiles is to save the installation cost.

Since this floor is DIY-friendly, you won’t have to worry about spending $14 a square foot.

  • Prices

A solid and plain tile can cost you around $0.5 for a square foot. But don’t forget that you have to spend extra for the grout, thin set adhesive, and underlayment.

If you choose the high-quality porcelain tiles imitating the natural stone or wood, expect to spend at least $2 a square foot.

  • The Beneficial Pros

This tile has its positive virtues that can do a lot of good results for your living space:

The floor is super durable and solid. With proper care and maintenance, you can expect it to last not only for years, but also decades

The floor promotes easy cleaning, care, and maintenance. You really don’t need to struggle with the cleanup, costly cleaning products, or complicated cleaning procedures.

  • The Possible Cons

Because of the hard and solid surface, the possibility of (dishes) break and shatter is big

The floor is naturally cold and hard. It is uncomfortable to use when you have to stand on it for a long time.

The grout joints can trap stains and dirt, especially if you don’t clean them thoroughly

The installation is difficult and complicated. In fact, this is a flooring type where installation is the most difficult. You will have to hire a professional service.

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Cork Inexpensive Kitchen Flooring Options

Cork isn’t exactly inexpensive, but it is super comfy and plush. It is so nice to stand on it for a long time and it is DIY-friendly.

You won’t have to use any underlayment or whatsoever to install the floor. The floor has a simple floating installation method that is easy to follow.

That’s why it is still considered one of the best inexpensive kitchen flooring options to consider.

  • The Price

The lowest price for cork flooring is $3 a square foot. The higher end products may require you to spend more than $5 a square foot.

With such a price range, it isn’t exactly the most inexpensive kitchen floor options.

However, such a price range is logical if you have to look at the benefits and quality.

  • The Beneficial Pros

First of all, the cork is super plush and comfortable for the feet. You won’t be tired even when you have to stand for a long time.

Second, the installation is relatively easy.

  • The Possible Cons

Cork flooring isn’t the cheapest flooring options available in the market. You will have to prepare enough budgets for the installation.

Second, the floor isn’t as tough as ceramic tiles. You can scratch or dent the floor, especially if you have pets.

There you have it, some of the best candidates for the kitchen. Pick one among these inexpensive kitchen flooring options make sure you understand your own needs.

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