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Inhaus Laminate Flooring Review

Inhaus Laminate Flooring Review

by Dylan Johnson

You are probably wondering why it would be crucial to read Inhaus laminate review, especially since you are somewhat interested in the floor.

Well, imagine this: You are walking into a friend’s house who has just installed a new floor. It looks flawless and stunning.

You were thinking that he had spent a good amount of money with the hardwood only to find out that it isn’t hardwood after all.

You were shocked. It looks like wood and definitely feels like one, so how come that it is ‘only’ a laminate flooring and not real hardwood?

Well, that’s technology and its impact in our lives today. Technology is able to bring new development and advancement in life, including in the way flooring manufacturers produce and make their products.

Over the years, the flooring industry has undergone massive transformation and development, where products like vinyl flooring or laminate flooring can have improved look and not so cheesy or ugly anymore.

Laminate flooring is pretty durable it should be, considering that it is one type of hard floor.

However, in the past, it was mostly associated with ugly appearance and lousy look.

Who would want a sturdy and tough floor if it makes your house look….well, ugly?

It’s a good thing that technology is able to change it all.

Nowadays, laminate flooring is becoming more and more popular. More brands and types of laminate flooring are created, allowing homeowners to create beautiful and artistic decor without breaking the bank.

Yes, laminate flooring is more affordable, especially when compared to hardwood. So, it is only logical when many homeowners are turning to laminate instead of sticking to hardwood.

The question is: Is Inhaus a reliable brand or not?

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The Cost of Inhaus Laminate Flooring

As it was mentioned before, one of the things to like about laminate flooring is the inexpensive tag price.

Does Inhaus offer competitive price?

And how about the quality of the construction?

How feel can it perform?

What does Inhaus laminate review say about it?

You should realize that laminate flooring is definitely cheaper than bamboo, hardwood, and even cork.

But some high-end brands and products have higher tag price than the standard it’s because of the quality and the performance.

What about Inhaus products?

Generally, laminate flooring may cost you between $2 and $8 a square foot.

When compared to hardwood flooring that can cost you as low as $5 and as high as $15 a square foot (and even more for designers’ products and exotic woods), laminate flooring is definitely more affordable.

For Inhaus flooring, however, expect to pay from $2.5 a square foot to around $4 a square foot. This makes Inhaus falls in the middle the price isn’t too low, but it isn’t too high either.

You can say that Inhaus products are competitively priced, but then again, let’s not forget that there are many contributing and determining factors that affect the price.

In an overall, the prices are simply estimations. The exact price of the floor depends on the retailer that you buy the floor, the types of floors you choose, the labor cost, and also the extra materials if any.

But based on the estimation and also general Inhaus laminate review, Inhaus floors are quite affordable.

And since the floor comes with its own variations and styles, there are a lot of expect from the brand.

Durability of Inhaus Laminate Flooring

Most homeowners know that laminate flooring is inexpensive if not cheap.

But does it always mean that it is lousy or lack of quality?

Price is always associated with quality the better it is, the pricier it will be, and vice versa.

Does it mean that Inhaus laminate flooring is lousy or cheesy?

If you read Inhaus laminate review, in general, the brand has a pretty decent quality of a floor.

It is pretty durable and solid, but there are several consumer complaints about the construction and quality of the floor.

One of the most common downsides is about chipping usually taking place during the installation and afterwards.

When people click the planks during the installation, they notice that the floor is chipped or cracked.

It usually happens at the ends (of the planks). Others are about dropping objects to the floor (even long after the installation) would result in chipping.

Scratches are also other common issues about the floor. Scratches may happen when you move the furniture or when you wear high heels.

These issues can actually be solved quite easily. You should leave your high heels at the door and never wear them indoor.

Moreover, you should also use furniture coasters or pads (or some may call it leg protectors) for the furniture.

If you have to move them around, make sure to use plywood so the furniture won’t scratch or scuff the floor.

But then again, others say that even everyday foot traffic will scratch the floor. This is a type of damage that takes place over time.

You can’t expect the floor to stay in pristine condition forever they will wear out over time. That’s why you shouldn’t expect it to last for good because it won’t happen.

However, the reviews aren’t all bad as some homeowners are quite happy with their Inhaus laminate floor.

Some even say that the floor is able to withstand the daily abuse of active kids, busy foot traffic, and active pets. The floor remains solid, beautiful, and gorgeous with the situation.

If you remain adamant about the floor and you still want to buy the floor, then you should pay a close attention to several precautions to avoid the damage.

Inhaus Laminate Floor and Warranty

Just like other flooring manufacturers, Inhaus is also offering warranty for their products.

If you read Inhaus laminate review, there is limited warranty that will cover surface wear, seam unlocking, manufacturer’s defects, water damage, staining, and fading from everyday activity and spills but the warranty only applies if you immediately wipe it off or clean it off.

The company offers 40 years of limited warranty for residential setting and 7 years for commercial use.

The warranty stays intact if you make sure that you have properly cared for, installed, and also maintained the floor. You can only install the floor in dry areas.

If you decide to get creative and install the floor in risky areas (areas with high level of moisture and water), then be ready to have your warranty voided. As long as you meet all the requirements, the warranty will remain intact.

Proper Maintenance and Caring

Is it difficult to care and clean the laminate floor?

Not necessarily. You don’t have to dedicate hours on a daily basis to clean or scrub the floor. You don’t have to buy costly and fancy cleaning products (or tools) either.

Moreover, many homeowners say in their Inhaus laminate review that the company is quite helpful in providing cleaning tips to maintain the floor.

Simply use a regular broom or a vacuum cleaner designed for hard floor to remove the dust, dirt, and debris. A dust mop will also do it.

If the floor is extremely dirty and you want to perform a deep cleaning method, use a special cleaner for laminate floor it is usually water-based.

Or if you want to, you should be able to create homemade cleaner by using water and ammonia or water and vinegar.

According to the company, acetone is allowed to deal with stubborn stains, but keep it minimum.

To perform deep cleaning, you don’t have to use cleaner is you have a steam mop. Just keep in mind that saturating or soaking the floor with water is never a good idea because laminate floor isn’t waterproof. Never flood your floor!

Based on Inhaus laminate review, scratches are one of the most common issues in laminate flooring. There are actually many ways to prevent them.

Don’t use high heels. Use leg protectors, furniture coasters, or furniture pads for the furniture. Consider placing mats and rugs in busy foot traffic areas so the grit and dirt won’t scratch the floor.

What if scratches already happen?

There is scratch kit product (which you can purchase from the home improvement stores) that you can use.

But be advised that this product will work if the scratches are light they aren’t too deep or embedded.

The biggest flaw of the laminate floor is you won’t be able to refinish it unlike the hardwood.

However, you should always remove the badly damaged plank and replace it with a one quite easily. If your floor damages completely, then you will have to completely replace it.

Available Designs and Styles

When you choose a floor, you want to make sure it matches the already existing decor at home.

After all, the reason why you change the floor is because you want something different. You want to improve the look and vibe of the house. No need to worry as Inhaus has the right floor for your needs.

When we are talking about Inhaus laminate review, we are talking about various options from the brand.

Feel free to choose Solido Visions, Natural Vintage, Authentic Elegance, Precious Highlands, Dynamic Highlands, and Classic Estate.

There are two major species available: walnut and oak choose whatever you want for the floor.

After all, there are different color variants that may pique your interest, such as gray, beige, white, and brown among the few.

Let’s not forget that there are also different textures that you can pick, including rustic-sawn, reclaimed wood, hand-scraped, and wood grain.

Whether you want charming and rustic, or elegant and classy, rest assured that you should be able to find the perfect and matching Inhaus products for your requirements.

After all, the brand (and their products) are designed for a reason.

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The Good and Bad

As it was mentioned before, there are several things to like about the floor and some to dislike. The floor is quite affordable and inexpensive. It is ideal for homeowners with limited budgets.

The floor is easy to clean and maintain, and you won’t have to deal with expensive cleaning products either.

But then again, don’t expect too much about the quality. Chips and scratches are the major issues for this floor.

But then again, the company does provide helpful tips to prevent such things it depends on on whether you want to do them or not.

Inhaus products can be alternative option for budget-friendly products especially for homeowners who want to improve the look of their house.

But then again, you should do your research, and make sure to read as many Inhaus laminate review as possible before making a decision.