Revolutionary Flooring with Inhaus SONO Vinyl Plank

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Inhaus SONO Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

Inhaus SONO vinyl plank is the revolutionary way for the company to make a breakthrough in the industry.

They are bold enough to create a different kind of vinyl flooring that is claimed to be different from the regular type.

Some of the revolutionary products from Inhaus include faux stone (accent) walls that imitate the look of natural stone just perfectly.

There are also self-adhesive shiplap, peel and stick Carrara marble wallpaper, and other products that will create an artistic look at home.

But is the floor really promising?

What about the quality and most importantly, the price factor?

Styles, Designs, and Options

When we are talking about Inhaus SONO vinyl plank, we are talking about artistic perfection.

It is also a good thing that the company is able to create high-end vinyl plank elevating their degree to luxurious and artistic.

In the past, vinyl flooring was always considered shabby and lousy. But today’s modern vinyl floor has been different.

They are included in the luxurious type that will significantly transform your crib to a more beautiful and artistic living space.

There are different options available, such as Forest Collection with its own 22 wooden styles. You have tons of options to pick. There is also Landscape Collection having 3 stone styles.

When compared to other brands, this one may not have limitless pick. But what they lack in numbers, they are able to make up in visual appearance and beautiful finish.

No wonder if most of the products are impressive with breathtaking quality.

The reason why the plank is high in quality is because of the HD printing feature. Each plank comes with color-enhanced images of authentic wood textures.

The image is then attached on the plank, delivering real image quality.

The colors alone are rich in quality arranging from white or gray to red, blonde, and even rich mahogany.

Want to have reclaimed style?

There are petrified wood or peach-y pine driftwood. And if you want the classic and traditional style, there are maple, hickory, and oak.

And rest assured that this brand is designed for everyone from residential settings to commercial buildings.

Whatever your style is coastal, industrial, rustic-modern, contemporary, farmhouse, or modern the company should be able to help with their own collections.

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Durability and Strength

What about the quality of Inhaus SONO vinyl plank, anyway?

Sure it is artistic and gorgeous, but can it hold up the daily beat and abuse?

Well, the products from this brand are made from composite core and ceramic.

Basically, it mixes the traditional SPC and WPC core. The company uses WPC core (which is made from PVC, wood, fiber, and resin), and then add up ceramic to strengthen it.

What is the outcome?

The vinyl plank is dent and impact resistant with dimensionally stable floor, and yet the surface is somewhat still comfortable and plush.

The plank generally comes with 8 inches of width with 4.5mm of thickness. If you go with stone types, they are usually coming in 12 x 24 inches.

Each of them has strong, scratch resistant, and durable wear layer (from urethane) with 12 mil measurement for better surface.

As if it weren’t enough, it has V four sided bevel to ensure tight and secured fit.

What makes this floor different from the others is the printing quality. The company uses HD printing with direct to core mechanism.

It means that the patterns would be consistent from the top surface to the core. It is designed to prevent discoloration and scratches.

Another cool thing about this brand is the waterproof quality. Not only the floor would be great for high foot traffic, pets, and active kids, but it also deals with splashes and spills quite marvelously.

Expect the floor to hold up for many years, even for decades.

Eco Friendly Feature

Inhaus is a German brand, and the company has been known for its concern of the environment.

They are known for their technology and focus in eco-friendly products and the products would be the same.

The Inhaus SONO vinyl plank has got green upgrade and certificate.

They have all possible certificates, such as CARB (California Air Resources Board) certificate, ATCM (Airborne Toxic Control Measures) Phase II standardized, GREENGUARD Gold certificate, and also Blue Angel certificate.

The products don’t emit VOC. They don’t have plasticizers, phthalates, or formaldehyde inside it.

All these mean that the products are safe not only for your house, but also for the planet. The company also pays attention to proper manufacturing process.

They use waste as their fuel. Any waste from the floor’s production would be recycled back into their products.

Is it even possible?

Yes, it is because they use raw material and high-end technology. Instead of bonding raw materials with chemicals, they do it with heat.

That’s why their products (and manufacturing process) are considered safe.

Inhaus SONO vinyl plank Installation

Luxury vinyl floor is generally easy to install on your own. This is great because it gives you the freedom to install the floor without spending extra for the professional installer.

Moreover, the Inhaus SONO vinyl plank comes as a floating floor, meaning that you don’t need adhesive, glue, fasteners, or nails to attach the plank.

You won’t need any fancy or complicated equipment either regular stuff that you use at home will do.

The vinyl plank from Inhaus has a superb locking mechanism.

Thanks to the simple and fairly easy drop and lock mechanism (and with deep channels and thick tabs), you should be able to lock them securely into place with a nice click mode.

If you have problems making them click, use a rubber mallet or a regular hammer to gently tap on them so they will click.

The locking mechanism itself promotes great barrier that is water tight. With this feature, you won’t have to worry that moisture or water will seep into the interior part.

This is the main reason why  this plank is perfect for areas with high moisture level or high humidity level.

Whereas you won’t be able to install hardwood in laundry rooms, kitchens, basements, or bathrooms, such an issue won’t happen to SONO vinyl floor.

You should have no issue transforming those areas into beautiful and gorgeous areas. You have the freedom to install the floor in any area of the house!

A word of advice if you do want to do the installation project on yourself.

First, make sure that you dedicate your time for the job. This isn’t a job where you can rush things or be in a hurry. You need to do it slowly, carefully, and thoroughly. You also need to have the patience.

Second, if you are determined to do it on your own, consider investing or renting heavy duty and high-quality razor knife. If they have extra blades, it would be even better.

The Inhaus SONO vinyl plank is thick not to mention that it has ceramic on the core. Cutting it won’t be easy. And if you don’t have the right equipment, it will give you a serious headache.

Don’t forget about the matching trim either. Some of them may be included with the trim track. If it doesn’t then you should use construction grade adhesive to set it.

You should visit the official website and check whether they provide installation guide or instructions.

If they don’t, then join in home improvement community to learn your way.

If you aren’t sure whether the installation job is the right one for you, then simply hire a professional installer.

You don’t want to ruin the beautiful plank and create messy outcome.

The Cost Inhaus SONO vinyl plank

Inhaus SONO vinyl plank does look expensive. After all, each plank has realistic texture and premium look truly looking similar to the real thing.

Hardwood floor will cost you at least $10 to $15 a square foot. If you opt for exotic types or designers’ brand, then expect to pay more.

The luxury vinyl plank from Inhaus will cost you around $5 a square foot. Standard luxury vinyl floor price is set between $1 and $8 a square foot. With the price tag, SONO products fall right in the middle.

Despite the fact that you can have inexpensive and affordable luxury floor for your project, finding the items can be a bit of a challenge.

SONO products can only be found at authorized retailers big box stores don’t have them.

To make your search easier, go to the official website and make use of the dealer locator feature.

By using them, you should be able to find retailers selling SONO items.

The price tag applies for materials only. If you want to hire a professional installer, you will have to spend extra. If you need to rent tools for your DIY project, you will have to make extra spending.

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Inhaus SONO vinyl plank Conclusion

This is high-quality floor that may come with better construction and thicker layers.

The combination of premium visual effect, premium construction, and high-end technology has made this floor better than other similar vinyl flooring products from other brands.

Consider your options carefully when dealing with Inhaus SONO vinyl plank and make sure that it is the right one for you.

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