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IVC Vinyl Flooring Reviews

IVC Vinyl Flooring Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

IVC vinyl flooring reviews – For most of remodeling projects, many of homeowners turn to using vinyl flooring. This is probably because vinyl has more and more options including the styles that the manufacturers around the world have been providing.

This time, we come with IVC vinyl flooring reviews to enrich you with the background knowledge about vinyl flooring options.

Prior to check with the reviews, it is necessarily important to know that OVC Floors is a global company coming with a strong U.S presence along with the familiar brand in the past 20 years. In this case, Mohawk offers some alternatives to take a look in this review.

To provide you with the brief description, let’s navigate you to the content which includes; IVC Vinyl flooring, IVC luxury vinyl flooring, sheet vinyl from IVC, the green factor, IVC flooring warranties, pricing and availability as well as the final words about the overall reviews.

Now let’s check each of the sections details below:

IVC Vinyl Flooring

In the world of vinyl flooring, IVC is one of the expansive lines of vinyl flooring which is knows as sheet vinyl and luxury vinyl planks or tiles. While searching the web, you will find some different options available to choose from.

This time, there are only 2 LVP collections within 8 collections that are featured wood and stone patterns formed in large vinyl sheets.

IVC Luxury Vinyl Flooring

As we have mentioned, there are two LVP (Luxury Vinyl Planks) collection provided by IVC. Flexitec Cliffdale Collection is just one of the most variations. The wood-like styles include Dark Mire, Weathered Drift and Lakeshore Trim.

These styles options are vary from light, medium and dark. The tile patterns are all different from one to another like the light silver, Polished Pearl, Burl Mirage and Slate Touch.

In this collections, all of the vinyl flooring tiles or planks are available in 6”x 48” for the width and length and 2.5mm for the thickness. Meanwhile, the wear layer is available at a 20 mil.

IVC luxury vinyl flooring offers a glue-down installation. It is rated for 10 years of light commercial use and 30 years of residential homes. If you plan to choose the wood-look vinyl flooring or stone, you may perfectly choose Flexitec Crawfood Collection.

Based on our IVC vinyl flooring reviews, there are 8 wood-look styles provided by IVC vinyl flooring including the few options of grey hues in Steely Sky and Sterling Shimmer.

If you prefer the rustic charm feel of vinyl flooring, of Tawny Straw pattern can be your perfect option. However, if you tend to like the one with the distinct look, Ashen Smoked is much recommended.

All the boards of IVC vinyl flooring offer only a shorten warranty especially the one which has 6” x 36” for the width and length. This way, the boards are just 5mm thinner. It also has a 10mil Ultraguard wear layer to provide protection against anything in your everyday life.

Thanks to the 100% waterproof feature and FloorScore certification along with the availability of glue-down installation, making IVC vinyl flooring best listed in the United States of America.

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Sheet Vinyl from IVC

You may find that luxury vinyl flooring from IVC has no impressive line-up. However, there are a few sheet vinyl collections that can show more than you may expect.

This way, all of the sheet vinyl collections are constructed in the USA. They are all 100% waterproof as well. Apart from the design, the collections have their own warranties and wear layer.

Here are the collection of sheet IVC vinyl flooring:

Flexitec Premiere

Flexitect Premiere is the first listed collection you need to check out due to its largest options. These sheet vinyl collection offers the 25 different styles to choose from.

It presents one of the wider sections of tile patterns which include a parquet design with two hues. You can find this patter in Bertram collection.

Other options include Condor which resembles rough square tile as well as Chivalry and Kaiser that are mostly designed in grey. For your kitchens and bathrooms, Mays and Loraine are the styles that are considered ideal.

However, Kendall can be the most chosen option for a variety of rooms. There are also wood-look styles available including Eaglewood and Trace with lighter hues.

Flexitec Premiere collection also offers Raleigh which is the medium-colored vinyl and Odessa which is designed to mimic a rustic look through the shades of Argentina sheet vinyl flooring.

One thing to remember is that all flooring provided in this collection is completed with the protection called SuperGuardr wear layer which has a 15-year residential warranty.

Flexitec Ultimate

Flexitec Ultimate is the second collection of IVC vinyl flooring. It is categorized as stone-heavy series with 14 different styles available along with a handful of wood-look patterns, too.

The right technology is used in producing Flexitec Ultimate collections in order to resemble the look of natural material like marble.

This way, Manhattan and Lazio are the sheet vinyl flooring brands that are designed to resemble the natural marble-look. Meanwhile, for the stylistic option, there is Virginia.

You can also have Sonora that offers you a smaller pattern in two different colors while Parador will offer you a puzzle-like looking.

If you prefer a classic look, Benton and Palisade are the faux wood flooring offering an interesting look through their multicolor boards.

Similar to the previous collection, this one also offers SperGuard wear layer protection along with a 20-year residential warranty.

Flexitec Essential

There are 15 different styles in every slit between the stone and wood designs provided in Flexitec Essential.

There are also some common patterns with Nero and Rocky in which each of them comes with the two different colors. Folley offers a dozen colors in it palette while Hampton is designed with the narrow stone-like pattern.

This collection has also the wood tones which are on the dark side, except Baron 754 which is considered lighter than the other boards in the collection.

If you like Wales option, you can choose from weathered to warm. Meanwhile, if you prefer Boone, there is an interesting combination of grey and brown shades.

Wanting the darkest flooring?

Laredo 847A is available from the series though Wales 848 is not far behind it.

Flexitec Essentials also come with SuperGuard protection to fight against scratches, stains and scuffs. This protection is added to the ultimate collection in the Essentials.

This way, the residential warranty is available for 10 years, covering all of the styles from Essentials Collection.

Flexitec Champion

Later on our IVC vinyl flooring reviews, Flexitec Champion is listed as the fourth collection from IVC vinyl flooring. It has relatively large collection from IVC’s sheet vinyl lineup.

Other series included in this collection comes with a solid mixture of stone and wood styles including the options that are bets available in the catalog of the company.

IVC and most of the manufacturers tend to focus on producing familiar patterns and styles. However, Raeburn is definitely different. Raeburn is designed with geometric patterns and color options ranging from white to medium grey.

Either Raeburn or Previa has a unique and interesting colors but Vanderblit exists with its own characteristics.

The most interesting wood pattern you may want to search from this lineup is called Brentwood. It comes with two-toned planks.

Vintage Oak is rich in dark tones while Toronto offers a warm brown. Noblesse adds such a feel of class to a rom while Majestic Oak comes with two tame styles.

All of the styles available in this collection are listed under the @Work Collection. They offer a 20mil SuperGuard wear layer as well as a 10-year commercial warranty.

IVC’s Other Styles

Apart from the above collections provided by IVC vinyl flooring, there are still some other styles available in four smaller series in Flextec category.

They are Astro, Millwright, Aterra and Planet. Planet collection is considered the largest collection but it has only the least variation. Planet collection comes with 5 styles mimicking the marble flooring.

Modus offers a similar vibe yet it has different colors. Arterra collection carries bold patterns to the forefront. If you prefer the classic pattern, there are Kahlo and Serra that are quite perfect for kitchens. For more modern style, we have Banksee while for unique style, we have Popova.

The collection of Arterra and Planet offer 20-year residential warranty and 10-year light commercial warranty. These warranties are also available in Millwright collection.

There are also 5 wood-look patterns offered by IVC vinyl flooring. Those include the dark grey-brown Charlton and Sumter that have a more natural hue.

On the opposite end is Techno that comes with the colored-marble appearance. Techno has three shades; light pink, grey and blue. Fortunately, this collection is featured by a QuickClean wear layer.

The Green Factor

Based on this IVC vinyl flooring reviews, it is best-known that people always look for companies that seriously take environmental practices.

When it comes to sustainability, some brands we have mentioned above has been FloorScore certified in the United States of America.

Dealing with the green factor, the process of manufacturing IVC vinyl flooring involve a closed-up water system and the recyclable scrap which is locally used for automotive floor mats.

GREENGUARD certification is added to the product, making the inks water-based and the adhesive branded. In short, the company is CARB resistant and meets all of the important criteria for flooring manufactured in the area.

IVC Flooring Warranties

Based on the product breakdown, the warranties provided much depend on the collection you choose. This means that each of the collection has different warranties. Some collections offer a 10-year warranty and some others offer a 20 to a 30-year warranty.

In this regards, there is no exact information about the wear layers and warranties available on certain lines. However, if you would like to read the fine print, there is documentation online provided by the company.

A 30-year residential warranty and a 10-year light commercial warranty are provided by IVC lucury vinyl flooring and tile under the Flexitec collections. The products in this collection usually have 2.5mm thickness.

Unfortunately, the products with 2.0mm thickness will get only 15-tear residential warranty and 6-year commercial warranty.

The sheet vinyl collections along with all their styles have both residential and commercial warranties. Arterra and Planet sheet vinyl collections have 20-year residential warranty and 10-year light commercial warranty. Astro has shorter warranties; 15-year residential warranty and 5-year commercial warranty.

If you tend to choose the Ultimate and Millwright collections, you will get a 20-uear warranty for residential use. But if you want Premier collections, you will only get a 15-year warranty. Essentials offer a shorter warranty which is only 10 years as similar as The Champion collection.

Pricing and Availability of IVC Vinyl Flooring

Are tracking down the pricing on IVC flooring?

Trust me, it would be challenging.

This is because their online catalog is available only in some local showrooms. You may be able to find some style if their sheet vinyl styles and LVP yet you need to directly contact the dealers to check with the price.

If you are searching for the gauge pricing before shopping in your local area, well, you may feel too much disappointed. However, you have the good news telling you that the products are available nationwide.

You will find the products across the U.S without any problem. Even the retailers like Home Depot and Lowes have some styles of IVC sheet vinyl in stock for the residential use.

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Final Words

According to our IVC vinyl flooring reviews, it is concluded that IVC is one of interesting brands for vinyl flooring.

While luxury and tile vinyl flooring are considered as the most popular styles among the homeowners this time, IVC vinyl flooring focuses on sheet-based flooring.

Their products are known as the best sourced locally. This means that you can find the products easily through the dealerships.

However, you can firstly check with their samples or find out the information more from their websites.

FAQs IVC Vinyl Flooring Reviews

There are some frequently asked questions that you may have also in your mind. Check them down below:

What is the most popular style offered by IVC vinyl flooring?

Specifically, IVC vinyl flooring focus on sheet-based flooring.

Where can I find and purchase IVC vinyl flooring?

IVC vinyl flooring is available in your local retailers like Home Depot and Lowes. However, if you cannot find them there, you can track them in the company’s website.

What type of installation method is available with IVC vinyl flooring?

Noticeably, IVC vinyl flooring is available in glue-down installation.