James and James Furniture Reviews

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James and James Furniture Reviews

James and James were founded in 2011 and specialized in handcrafted furniture made from solid wood. It recently created a buzz because of the up-and-coming James and James farmhouse table. But do the James and James products live up to their fame? You can tell from our James and James furniture reviews.

You will find what people are saying about James and James items. Also, you will learn more about the company, from merchandise prices to its return policy. Without further ado, let us dive into it.

Product and Price Range

James and James Furniture Product and Price Range
James and James Furniture Product and Price Range

Homeowners and interior designers were immediately drawn to the name “James and James.” Primarily, this is because of the company’s beautiful and reasonably priced wood furniture. Also, this brand features a wide variety of products. All kinds of goods are available, from living rooms to patio sets.

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Most importantly, James and James’s beds are just as popular. Then, when it comes to dining room furniture, the James and James expandable dining table is in the best-selling category. More on James and James items below :

TypeProductMaterialsPrice Range
Dining RoomBenches
$315 – $4,730
Oak Wood
$750 – $4,200
Living RoomCoffee Tables
End Tables
Entryway Tables
Oak Wood
$1,150 – $4,360
Home OfficeDesks
$1,835 – $4,090
OutdoorPorch SwingsWood$1,980 – $2,710

James and James Furniture Pros and Cons

After digging through the customer reviews on the James and James Better Business Bureau pages and others, we came up with this list :


  • Some consumers claim that their purchases are just as good as the images on the website.
  • You can choose from various sizes, styles, and finishes.
  • The professionalism and helpfulness of James and James’ customer service are well-known among the company’s regulars.
  • Keeping the furniture looking new is easy.
  • As a result of its handcrafted, solid wood construction, some customers believe the pricing to be reasonable.


  • Free shipping only applies to certain pieces of furniture.
  • Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the length of time it takes to get their purchases.
  • Defective product replacement and repair can take a long time at James and James.


James and James Furniture Durability
James and James Furniture Durability

Durability and sturdiness are well-known attributes of solid wood products. In turn, this extends the life of James and James products. Plus, they age gracefully, developing delicate patterns as they do so. In particular, James and James furniture table reviews reveal they still look as good as the day they were bought after years of use.

James and James Furniture Warranty

All James and James goods come with a limited warranty. What is the deal? Its guarantees generally cover three key areas.

First, you can ask the company for a repair or exchange if you receive the wrong furniture. It can be in terms of size, color, or style.

Second, repair or exchange is available for items damaged during shipping.

Lastly, James and James will repair or replace your furniture should it ever cracks or splits.

James and James Furniture Delivery

When you place an order, you can select from one of the following shipping options :

  • Curbside Shipping

The company will deliver your order to the closest terminal to your residence. You can use the “James Furniture near me” search to get the store’s address.

  • White Glove Delivery

The best part of this premium service is that you do not have to lift a finger to put together your furniture. It is possible that this option is not accessible in your area. Still, you can verify it at the time of purchase.

  • Local Delivery

Let us say you live near the manufacturer’s woodworking facility in Northwest Arkansas. If this is the case, you can select this method during checkout.

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Return Policy

Some consumers mistake the distressed look of handcrafted furniture for a flaw. Thus, check to make sure that what you think is damage is actually damage before filing a claim.

You can return your purchase for a replacement or repair under the James and James return policy. Items damaged in transit are also covered by it. As a reminder, James and James will not reimburse the cost of shipping and packing.

For the most part, refunds are not possible, especially when the defect was your own fault.

Final Words

If you have been dreaming about having real wood furniture made just for you, James and James is the place to go. It is stylish yet affordable – still, no need to be wary that the company will compromise quality to cut costs.

Also, you may want to swing by our Kincaid Furniture reviews. Basically, Kincaid Furniture sells high-quality heirloom furniture that you can customize to your heart’s content. All in all, we hope that these James and James furniture reviews can satiate your curiosity about the brand.

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