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Jelinek Cork Flooring Review

Jelinek Cork Flooring Review, Installation, Cost and Maintenance

by Dylan Johnson

Are you wondering whether or not to pick up cork flooring for your home new flooring update? Convince yourself with our research finding that we are now packed in Jelinek Cork flooring review.

This way, you may have found the manufacturer’s promises about this flooring including the quality, durability, sustainability and beauty. However, instead of wondering the manufacturer’s words, reading all of our review will be much of advantage.

Why should we come with Jelinek Cork flooring?

In the world of flooring, Jelinek Cork flooring was one of the best brands that is widely purchased on the market. Jelinek has also been a choice in the flooring industry for so many decades.

It has also been one of the oldest suppliers of cork flooring on the globe. Jelinek is much popular for its sustainability and quality.

Now we would like to tell you that getting all the full scoop on a flooring you are going to choose is very much important.

Thus, you can stay with us to check out all about Jelinek Cork flooring review including the styles, durability and quality, cost and installation as well as care and maintenance.

Jelinek Cork Flooring Styles

Realize it or not, physical appearance is the first thing that most people look at a product. Though there might be a proverb “Don’t judge the book by its cover”, people always look at the appearance first rather than the other thing.

In regards to Cork flooring review, Jelinek cork flooring offers multiple flooring collections to provide you with the large number of options. Whatever kinds of the cork flooring you want, Jelinek is ready to offer you the choices.

In addition to Jelinek cork flooring styles, there are some collections you can choose from. Those are CorkDecor, Select Line, Mosaic Floors and floating floors. There are also a variety of color options available, ranging from Chestnut to traditional pebble and harmony white.

Hence, whatever styles and colors you want to have, you can just search and find out of the collections and the color options availability. Once you find a Jelinek cork flooring style that fits your personal choice and your home design, don’t hesitate to pick it up.

Durability and Quality

Later, our review includes the durability and quality offered by the flooring. True to its construction, jelinek cork flooring is fairly durable. In this case, the most durable Jelinek cork flooring can even last for 25 years.

Believe it or not, Jelinek Cork flooring installed in 1950s is still look fine today. Similar to the other types of flooring, It can last for a life time as long as you carry out a proper installation and professional care and maintenance.

To ensure you about this flooring quality, the manufacturer offer a 10-year limited warranty to avoid the manufacturing defects. There is one thing you must underline in this review that is the damage caused by the improper installation.

It is not covered by the warranty. Neither the shade nor discoloration are covered by the warranty.

In fact, Jelinek Cork flooring is made of softer material than the other types of bare flooring. This soft materials make the floor dented if there is any heavy furniture placed on.

The best solution to avoid this dented floor is using the furniture coaster and leg protector to provide the floors with the protection.

Thus, it would be better to use the furniture coaster if you want to install the flooring in a room with a number of furniture such as bedroom, living room, home office and kitchen.

Alternatively, you can just install this flooring in a room with minimum number of furniture.

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Jelinek Cork Flooring Cost and Installation

The next thing to describe in our review is the cost and installation. Cost is also one of the most important things to get to know when it comes to purchase a product.

A big question may come to your mind is whether or not Jelinek cork flooring is expensive.

Or is it a budget-friendly flooring?

Will the price fit your budget?

Or you must even forget it and look for the other affordable flooring instead?

Before you judge a product over its price, please remember that a cost of product especially flooring is influenced by a number of factors. In relation to Jelinek Cork flooring, the flooring cost is depending on the flooring styles, retailers, and other considerations.

For a close estimation, It sets an average cost, ranging from $3 to $8 per square foot. This is best described as the simplest cost of the flooring only. This cost doesn’t include the additional costs such as tools, supplies and professional installation costs.

However, when you come to the local store of home improvement or visit the online stores of some retailers, you may find the different prices over Jelinek Cork flooring.

The prices offered by this might be different one to another. Compared to other cork flooring brands, this one has relatively lower prices which are around $3 to $6 per square foot.  

Hence, if you are wondering how much you will pay for Jelinek Cork flooring, no wonder anymore!

It offers much affordable prices that will fit your budget. So, let’s say this flooring type is budget-friendly, suiting your budget condition when you want to upgrade your home flooring but you have only a limited budget.

Luckily, Our review states that Jelinek cork flooring is available for DIY options, meaning that it would be pretty easy for the handy homeowner to install the flooring by himself.

This way, you can cut down your installation budget since you don’t need hiring the professional installers.

To provide you with the best and proper way of Jelinek cork flooring installation, the manufacturers offer the complete instructions on how to install the product either using floating floor installation technique or glue-down floors or mosaic flooring.

The detailed instructions provided by the manufacturers include the preparation of subfloor, moisture barrier addition and a list of tools as well as the complete steps you must follow well without missing even a single step.

The simplest main tools you need generally to prepare are tapping block spaces and jig saw.

Though the installation instructions are completely made, there is still possibility of problem occurring during the installation proves. That’s why, you need also to provide your full time when there is no other thing obstructing you when you are installing the flooring.

Typically, a smaller space will need only a few hours but the larger space need more days to complete.

If you feel you don’t have time to finish the installation well, you may hire a professional installer.

This way, he will take a charge of installation service per square foot including the additional supplies that are needed for the installation.

Jelinek Cork Flooring Care and Maintenance

Have you made your decision on purchasing Jelinek Cork flooring?

If so, the next crucial information to check out of our review is the care and maintenance. When it comes to maintain the cork flooring, always remember one thing.

The proper maintenance you are performing following the manufacturers’ guidance, the more durable it will be. This means that the right maintenance will make your floor durable even for a lifetime.

Noticeably, this requires only a simple and easy maintenance. Sweeping and vacuuming the dust and dirt are the most ideal way of performing the regular cleansing.

However, if you need an additional cleaning power, you can use the damp cloth. Mild cleanser is recommended to use but any harsh detergents are not.

A cleaning product containing a vinegar paste isn’t either recommended. One more, don’t soak your Jelinek cork floors with the wet mop.

If there may be probably something wrong with the floors, you can simply remove and replace the floor’s panels.

However, it is suggested that you repair the floors if they last for years already. This is aimed to ensure the durability of the flooring products.

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Final Words

Finally you can come to the conclusion of our review that Jelinek cork flooring is considerable for its budget-friendly feature, low maintenance and standard durability.

The budget friendly feature will surely fit your financial condition while you want to upgrade flooring in your home. To provide you with the flexible way of living, it also comes with the low maintenance, allowing you to fit your modern way of life in this hectic world.

Jelinek Cork flooring is also recognizable for its standard durability. The good quality of Jelinek Cork flooring can even last for 25 years as long as you carry out the proper installation and suggested maintenance.

Furthermore, a 10-year warranty is added to support the flooring product quality as well as to provide your floors with the protection against the manufacturer defects.

So, have you make your choice now?

Make your decision!