Joybird VS Article

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Joybird VS Article

Joybird and Article are furniture brands that have similar style designs. They both carry a modern style, simple but contemporary. Then what are the advantages and disadvantages of each other? Come on, see the Joybird vs Article review below.

In the following, you will be invited first to see the head-to-head comparison of the two brands. They are starting from the price to the quality of service they can provide. This comparison is the same as that of the Lovesac Vs Burrow brand, which has a similar design style.

The Comparison Joybird Vs Article

Price Range$39 – $7,756$69 – $5,359
Product Range Joybird has many variants of furniture items, from the living room to the home office. Then they are grouped into several appropriate categories. So, it’s easy for you to find the wanted item. Article Furniture creates a wide range of furniture from seatings to beds and storage. But they are not grouped in the appropriate category. So it is challenging to look for furniture, especially dining furniture.  
The Ease Ordering
& Shipping 
This brand Joybird provides delayed shipping for customer’s requests.

Joybird will offer three shipping service options, delayed shipping, curbside delivery, and In-Home Delivery.

You will get the flat rate of $49 if you use the Curbside delivery service.

You can return your order within 90 days after the date of delivery.

You can shop online via its website.
This Article brand provides you free delivery service for payments over $999.

Your order will be shipped to you within 2 weeks.
Besides that, you can choose one of the delivery service options. Namely In-Room Delivery and In-Room + Assembly Delivery.

You can return your order item Article party within 30 days after you receive your packaging.

You can shop online on its website with all kinds of materials and many various colors that you can choose.

It is easy to order from its site. Just click the “Add to Cart” button. All you need in ordering processing is available in this form.
Quality of
Service Delivery 
Lovesac provides its customers with a limited lifetime warranty, a one-year warranty, and a 90-day warranty.

In addition, this brand offers a White Glove service, so you don’t have to unpack by yourself.

The tracking number is available to ease the tracking of your packaging.
Article furniture brand provides a short warranty, only a one-year guarantee, and is valid from the delivery date.

This brand applies health protocols in sending your goods.

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About Joybird Furniture

The Joybird brand was born from the idea that people could not stop feeling satisfied with the existing furniture. They should dare to show who they are in their furnishing style. That’s why Joybird company allows its customers to freely design their home interior and consult with Joybird’s team.

In other words, this brand, Joybird, facilitates it. Even so, Joybird still has its own characteristics. The Modern Mid-Century of the 1950s and 60s became their furniture style. 

So, if you are a fan of that style, then you can design what your dream furniture looks like and make it real.

Joybird Pros

This Joybird furniture brand has some pros :

  • Joybird provides an In-Home Delivery service to help you move and unpack your item.
  • You can consult your home interior design with the team from Joybird.
  • There is no restocking fee when your return your packaging.
  • So many various kinds of fabric and colors are available. 
  • You can see the fabric swatches on its site.
  • Besides, you can get delayed shipping when you are not ready for your packaging.

Joybird Cons

The following are the cons of the Joybird Furniture brand :

  • There is no free shipping cost. 
  • The warranty that you will get in a short period. They are a 90 days warranty, a 1-year warranty, and a limited warranty.

About Article Furniture

Article Furniture brand was first launched in 2013. It has a mission to create furniture with the simplest style, well-priced, and long-lasting. So Article commits to its manufacturing team to produce durable and unique furniture using good materials. 

Furthermore, this furniture design becomes modern and chic by applying this commitment. To give good service to its customer, especially in delivery processing. The Article brand makes in-stock products in its warehouse. So it can ship to you within two weeks or less.

Article Pros

This Article brand has some pros :

  • The Article company provides its customers with fast delivery. 
  • All products are ready to ship, so you don’t have to wait for a long time to receive your item.
  • Moreover, there will be information about the time delivery estimation and from which warehouse your item moves. All this information is listed in your shopping cart.

Article Cons

These are the cons of Article furniture products :

  • The Article brand offers a 1-year limited warranty.
  • Unfortunately, you can get the free shipping cost if you purchase more than $999.

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Final Words

These two furniture brands excel in modern, simple, and contemporary design. However, Joybird groups its product better than Article does. In contrast, Article’s price is lower than Joybird’s. That’s the Joybird vs Article comparison review. Wishing this will make it easier for you to make a decision.

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