Jubilee Furniture Reviews

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Jubilee Furniture Reviews

If you like futuristic interiors with modern technology, then this Jubilee furniture reviews is for you to read.

Jubilee Furniture provides a variety of furniture with custom designs. Besides, this brand combines its futuristic look and modern technology with its product. And indeed, these things can add a stylish impression to your home.

Product and Price Range

Jubilee Furniture brand is an international company that is located in Las Vegas. It focuses its business on the distribution of custom furniture, such as the England Furniture. Besides that, Jubilee has a futuristic design combined with modern technological innovations.

Nowadays, Jubilee Furniture is preparing to be easily accessible to its customers. It is proven by the convenience of customers to access all furniture.

In addition, Jubilee furniture is also committed to presenting premium-quality furniture products. And this brand also still upholds the principles of preserving and protecting the environment globally.

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Below is a list of product categories Jubilee furniture made to outlast in Fashion and Style.

CategoryProductMaterialPrice Range
Smart FurnitureSmart Coffee Table
Smart Bed
Smart Sectional
Smart Gaming Station
Tempered Glass Top
Italian Leather
Bonded Leather
Polyurethane Seat
$1,099 – $7,699
Living RoomModern Sectional
Modern Sofa
Modern Recliner
Cloud Collection
Fabric Living Room Set
Coffee Table
TV Stand
Italian Leather
$299 – $7,250
BedroomModern Leather Bed
Bedroom Set
Derucci Collection
Italian Leather
$959 – $8,650
Dining RoomDining Table
Dining Chair
Chrome Gold Metal
Bronze Stainless Steel
Artificial Crystals
$365 – $12,175
AccentOffice Desk
Office Chair
Accent Chair
Thick Acrylic
Bamboo Rattan
Poly Rattan
Aluminum Frame
$350 – $4,400

Pros and Cons of Jubilee Furniture

Pros and Cons of Jubilee Furniture
Pros and Cons of Jubilee Furniture

Pros of Jubilee Furniture

  • Have an attractive website display with complete product information and storefronts.
  • In addition, Jubilee Furniture prefers futuristic designs and modern technology on its site. You can customize it with the furniture you want.
  • Besides that, you can order custom furniture for each product.
  • Jubilee also provides multifunctional products with a futuristic appearance and modern design.
  • The Brand Jubilee commits to providing manufactured products of premium quality.
  • Jubilee commits to being responsible for protecting the environment globally.

Cons of Jubilee Furniture

  • The price is not categorized as a low price for some people.
  • Jubilee doesn’t provide a free delivery service because it doesn’t have its courier.
  • Some buyers complain about the length of the delivery duration.
  • In addition, some buyers complain that their products are damaged from receiving from the courier.


Jubilee Furniture claims to use materials that meet standards in each product.

For example, wooden furniture uses solid wood such as ebony, oak, and walnut, making this product sturdy and durable.

Meanwhile, Jubilee uses aluminum, chrome, gold metal, and stainless steel bronze for metal furniture. It is beneficial not only for aesthetics but also for durability.

Then for the furniture upholstery, Jubilee uses fabric or 100% polyester. But there are also seats made of leather or Italian leather. This usually makes the product resistant to dust and stains.


Unfortunately, Jubilee Furniture only provides a product warranty for a short period. The warranty is valid from when you receive the goods, ranging from 3 months to 1 year only.

The warranty is limited to manufacturing and materials defects under regular home use. In addition, this warranty is valid for your order purchased directly from its online store. Or this is valid from buying in an authorized showroom in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Moreover, the specified warranty period only covers repair or replacement.


Currently, Jubilee only provides delivery services within the United States. But it is only carried out by third-party shipping services. Here are the list of delivery service options and the estimated delivery time:

  • You will receive your in-store item order within 2-5 weeks. This order will be process in 3-5 business days.
  • If you make a special order, you will receive your item in 12-16 weeks. It takes 3-5 business days to process.

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Return Policy

Jubilee Furniture has a refund policy for in-stock products if you feel unsatisfied or receive the damaged product. The maximum time limit for returns is 30 days. It starts from the time you receive the goods. All the return processes must follow the following conditions:

  • From 1-15 days you only have to pay the return fee.
  • As for the 16-30 day period, you must pay a return fee plus a 35% restocking fee.
  • If you have received the product for more than 30 days, you cannot return the item you received.

Jubilee Furniture Reviews: Final Words

Suppose you want furniture that has advanced features, such as a table with a cooler and integrated BlueTooth audio. Or, if you wish for various other features with a futuristic appearance, this product is for you. Thank you for reading this Jubilee Furniture reviews.

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