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Karastan Carpet Reviews

Karastan Carpet Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

No matter you are purchasing a carpet or a hardwood flooring, looking over the brands at the catalog just outside the showroom or hardware store would be a good idea before leaping. On your mind now, you can possibly attempt to check out our Karastan carpet reviews and find your desired information about what this carpet brand offer as well as about what you can expect from it.

The content we are going to review in this post include Karastan carpet in general, SmartStrand Fibers, Karastan carpet collection, cost, pros and cons, ratings, qualified carpet installer and some possible FAQs.

So let’s have a quick read on each of the details below:

Karastan Carpet In General

Did you know that Karastan has been dominating the fiber business nearly a hundred year?

Truly, the company started producing handmade rugs in the 20s before producing carpet. At that time, the company has successfully produced million yards of rugs over the years.

Positioned under Mohawk industries, Karastan Company with the bug number of collection within 130 styles and some fiber styles.

This includes a unique type of strand that we are going to review in the following part:

SmartStrand Fibers

As we have mentioned, there is one unique type of strand that most carpet have. It is called SmartStrand fibers. Fibers are designed within the carpet to make it resistant to certain substances or handles fading better than the other.

For Karastan, SmartStrand fibers billed as a product which is pet-friendly, making the carpet easy-to-clean and stain resistant. This feature is achieved through a Nanoloc Spill & Soil protection, providing the carpet fibers with the protection.

Since the carpet with SmartStrand fibers have no dye sites, the stains will not be able to bond the carpet. If you are living with pets, nothing to worry about since the fibers can withstand the constant abuse of a large animal.

There are a few fiber variants including the main synthetic fiber. That is SmartStrand Forever Clean. Dealing with it, SmartStrand Silk comes with the stain-resistance and more fibers than the normal carpet.

In fact, each strand consists of 700 silky fibers, providing you with not only thick but also plush carpet underfoot.

SmartStrand Silk Reserve is also a type of SmartStrand fiber type designed more luxurious and softer while ColorMax is cushy but designed in tones and shades to fit the earthy tones of both wood and stone.

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Karastan Carpet Collection

The second part in our Karastan carpet reviews to acknowledge you more about the carpet is the carpet collection.

Based on Karastan website, there is a big variety of current carpet produced and posted online. There are varieties of Karastan carpet colors available along with the style, type and fiber brand.

In addition to the carpet collection, there four types of fibers you can select ranging from Karastan wool carpet, Karastan nylon carpet, Karastan wool blend and SmartStrand.

They are all available across some different lines. The wool series are available from Asyor Row to Worstead Weave.

Karastan carpet are also available in 34 styles within 4 to 16 colors. If you want to find the modern styles with the patterned print, there are a few number of them that are resembling the nice rugs. For the wool blend carpeting, there are only a few styles provided.

If you would rather pick up nylon than wool, there are more than 50 styles in the collection you can choose from. You can also find some unique patterns such as Highbrow and Sanctuary Lure.

Believe it or not, you can even find some animal print patterns in Savanna Scenes series. This way, you can choose Cheetah or Navy Antelope covering your home floors. Nylon carpets are also providing materials like ColorStrand and Scotchgard.

In SmartStrand series, 38 styles along with the unique fibers are provided within 400 colors or more. People find them really impressive.

Further, the warranty offered stands at “Lifetime” for anti-static properties, stains, soil and pets as well as manufacturing defects.

What’s more?

In relation to Karastan carpet collection, you are also offered by 25 years for texture retention, abrasive wear and fade resistance along with all of SmartStrand Forever Clean Carpet.

Karastan Carpet Cost

Now discussing Karastan carpet cots would be one of the main concern in our Karastan carpet reviews. The easy way of finding Mohawks’ carpet is leading you to easily find Karastan, too.

If there is no local hardware store that provides you with the stock of Karastan carpet, you need to find and visit a dealer or retailer to look at the products.

This means that Karastan carpet pricing is tough online though you may have tracked the best estimation. The most style typically costs around $3.00 per square foot and top out at $11.00 for the top-tier carpeting.

Remember, the costs of carpet do not include the installation or other materials needed to finish installing the carpet.

Karastan Carpet Pros and Cons

To help you ensure yourself whether you are about to purchase or have another option, we come with the pros and cons.


It is relatively easy to navigate Karasatan’s Website, allowing you to find your desired carpet only in minutes. The companies produce Karastan carpet along with the unique styles including animal pattern.

Further, they offer the top-notch warranties at the premium and mid-range levels. The wool and wool-blend are also listed as one of the best choice available. 


The biggest downside is the Karastan carpet prices which are not budget-friendly for families.

Noticeably, other brands are more affordable despite the warranty and the quality which are not satisfying enough.

Karastan Ratings

Due to the wide range of Karastan carpet, here are the detailed Karastan ratings you need to know dealing with which type of Karastan is widely used and top rated.

Color and style range rates 4 while the fiber rage rates 3. Carpet with pet, stain and fade resistance are all rating 4. So the overall quality is about 4 out of 5.

Qualified Installer for Karastan Carpet Installation

Once you decide to purchase Karastan carpet, the next thing to check out is the information about whether you install the carpet by yourself or hire a professional.

In fact, some readers complain that they cannot find the local installer. However, this is not a big deal. You can just need to make a 3 local bids or more.

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Final Words

Overall, in our Karastan carpet reviews, you have learn many things including about the carpet in general, the carpet cost, pros and cons, ratings and collections.

If you want to purchase a this kind of carpet or other products, looking over the product review is crucially needed to ensure whether you are about to purchase or not in the end.   


What is the best type or Karastan carpet if you have a pet?

SmartStrand line is the best choice.

Does Karastan lineup of rugs have the same warranty as their carpet collection.

No, but you will get coverage.

What is the best type of carpet padding to use with with Karastan wool carpeting?

There are varieties of option.