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Karndean Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

Karndean Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

by Dylan Johnson

Among the so many brands and products in vinyl flooring, Karndean vinyl plank flooring is definitely one of the best.

There is no need to doubt the quality, because Karndean is the pioneer of premium LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) flooring in England.

The brand has been associated with gold standard and premium quality over 40 years and it happens for many good reasons.

About Karndean Vinyl Plank Flooring

The company, Karndean Design flooring, started out 40 years ago and has been making realistic and premium vinyl flooring items.

They were also the pioneer in introducing the floating or loose lay concept, an installation method where you don’t need to use glue for the floor.

No need to worry; because of the quality of the construction and smart design, the floor will remain secured and perfect.

The products are DIY-friendly meaning that you can install the floor on your own. However, it isn’t exactly a brand for mass market target.

If you are seeking for variety of elegant styles, high-quality designs, and solid durability, then Karndean vinyl plank flooring is your pick. But don’t be surprised if you have to pay extra.

After all, it is a premium brand associated with luxurious effect. But you get what your money worth: tons of beautiful collections of looks, textures, and colors along with impressive durability and easy maintenance.

Although there are so many different products of luxury vinyl flooring, rest assured that Karndean products won’t disappoint at all.

Not to mention that there are many promising features to enjoy from this brand and their variants.

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Key Advantages

It is only normal to compare Karndean vinyl plank flooring benefits and strength to other products. After all, all homeowners are always looking for the best options, right?

When you install the floor at home, expect these things:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Comfortable on the feet
  • Impressive durability
  • Beautiful look

In general, vinyl flooring is softer when compared to tile, or even wood. The luxury vinyl flooring is able to take the quality to the highest level where the floor can absorb sound and shock.

It comes with plush and soft underlayer that feels nice on the feet. As a result, the floor is definitely warmer than the cold tile.

And because of the sound or shock absorbent feature, it is plush and quiet. No need to worry about the sound of foot going around or even the click-click of the pets it won’t happen.

The floor comes with impressive toughness and sturdiness. The newest technology in flooring industry has made it possible for flooring manufacturer to create solid and strong floor even if it isn’t made from wood or tile.

Karndean vinyl plank flooring is one of those tough products. And technology is also the one responsible for the beautiful appearance.

The floor has real wood or stone image on the top surface and then covered with wear protective layer.

What’s the outcome?

A floor that looks exactly like stone or wood. If you don’t know it any better, you may think that it is the real thing.

Cleaning is made easy with this floor. Just use a broom to sweep the floor.

Thinking about doing some deep cleaning?

Then, use a mop and mild cleaner; preferably the one with pH-neutral contents. Homemade cleaners (such as lemon, baking soda, etc) are okay.

Don’t use those with harsh chemical contents because they will damage the floor.

This floor is stronger against humidity, spills, splashes, drops, and even temperature swings.

Ranges of Customized Products

One of the many special things about Karndean vinyl plank flooring is the wide arrays of products allowing customizable needs.

The products have 8 ranges along with 200 different individual options.

Art Select

This collection is popular and premium. The floor looks very authentic and realistic imitating stones and woods just perfectly. Not to mention that there are also products with real textures of those organic materials.

You should be able to find beautiful marble, travertine, limestone, hickory, oak, and so much more.

Da Vinci

The products are in slim wood planks with smooth finish. They have various styles of stone and wood-look alike.

With beveled edges, the floor has somewhat a rustic vibe to it. When compared to other products, this one is more about textures.

Van Gogh

This collection has impressive products imitating big wooden planks. They look like real and authentic timber complete with the subtle texture and big planks dimension.

Looking for distressed looks?

Or maybe you prefer the clean look?

You can find them all here!


This collection is about light and soft color. It takes inspiration from natural stone with unique textured pebble, mosaic, and metallic designs. They are definitely unique and create one-of-a-kind feel to the house


If you are looking for contemporary and modern look, this one is the answer. It caters clean and minimalistic lines within concrete and wood textures.

The available colors are white, brown, and gray along with the shades. They are sold in big tiles and planks.

Knight Tile

This is the most inexpensive variant with various interesting options. It has stone and wood options, and they have flexible styles with borders and stripes for the floor.

Keep in mind that each variant has its own different formats, sizes, and dimensions. Not to mention that each of them has their own thickness and also wear layer.

Durability from one variant may be different from the others. But in general rule of thumb, the thicker the wear layer is, the more durable it will be.

LooseLay Variant

Known as LooseLay, Loose Lay, or even Floating Floor, this is one of the easiest flooring types to install.

Basically, most LVP floors are easy to install, but Karndean vinyl plank flooring is the best. And remember, this is the brand pioneering the floor.

Instead of staples or adhesive, this floor comes with friction grip so the plank will stay attached to your subfloor.

This type of floor is great in small space. It is also best for rooms that don’t require any underlay so you should be able to reduce the noise level without a sweat. This is the floor with dimensionally stable core.

Because of this arrangement, the floor won’t shrink or expand when dealing with different (extreme) moisture level.

Karndean Vinyl Plank Eco-Friendly Floor

If you are into green products so much, then this Karndean vinyl plank flooring would be the best pick.

During the production, there is no toxic emission produced. The floor is recyclable too so it won’t add piles to the waste.

It has Global Green tag, meaning that it has passed many environment and air quality standards.

As if it weren’t enough, the products are LEED-certified and have Global BRE Green guide rating. The manufacturing plants have been certified for ISO 14001 (for environmental standard) and also ISO 9001 (for quality standard).

No need to worry that the floor may produce or emit toxic gasses. The fact that they won’t add to the landfill waste is something bother your consciousness.

Karndean Vinyl Plank Easy Maintenance

The floor is easy to clean and maintain. The products are resistant to spills no need to warp.

Even when there are drops on the floor on everyday basis, such a thing won’t cause any permanent effect or damage.

There is no need to worry that the floor will be the next breeding ground for bacteria, dust, dirt, or mites.

Since the company doesn’t want to take chances about damaging the floor, they produce their own cleaner, the Karndean Clean.

The product has been formulated to deal with the special construction and layer of the floor, so the floor will remain intact and in good shape for years.

Karndean Vinyl Plank Cost and Price

Because of the wide array of options, expect to find different price ranges too.

The budget products, like Opus or Knight LVP is set from $2.50 to $4 a square foot.

The mid-range ones, like Korlok Reserve or LooseLay Longboard is set from $4.50 to $5 a square foot.

For the premium line, such as Da Vinci or Art Select, the price starts from around $5. All of the floors are coming with good-quality integrated underlayer.

Don’t forget about the installation cost. Although you are always able to do it yourself, it is advisable to hire a professional and skilled installer (especially from Karndean dealer).

They will help create perfect finish and avoid mistakes which can void the warranty. The company has showrooms in Forth Worth (Texas), Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), and Las Vegas (Nevada).

Karndean Customer Feedback and Opinion

Different people have different opinions and feedbacks about this floor. But in general, most of them are quite happy with it.

The most common problems are about scuff, dent, scratch, and fading but Karndean customers have fewer complaints about them.

The products get 4.5 star rating it speaks volumes of the quality. The floor isn’t perfect but most of them come from improper installation or accidents.

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FAQs Karndean Vinyl Plank flooring

Is Karndean vinyl plank flooring worth the spending?

In general, yes. When it comes to quality, this brand doesn’t disappoint.

Whereas most vinyl floors may be cheap or cheesy, it won’t be the case with this floor. It is exclusive and sturdy tough enough to deal with tear and wear.

The floor should hold on quite well in residential area proper caring and maintenance can make the floor lasts up to 35 years.

For your information, standard LVP floor can last from 15 years to 20 years. So, this floor exceeds it.

Does the floor easily scratched?

The truth is, yes. When you compared hardwood and this floor, this one is more sensitive to scratch. Sharp and heavy objects will definitely cut the vinyl layer easily.

The brand has its own protective wear layer that will keep the surface intact and in good condition.

But remember that different variants have different thickness of the wear layer. It means that one variant will be stronger than others.

But in general, the company advises applying Karndean Refresh once you have installed and laid the floor. This will add another protective layer.

In case your floor is scratched, buy Karndean Remove to remove the (Refresh) layer. You can then re-apply the Refresh layer again.

Can pets scratch the floor?

In general, not so much. Karndean vinyl plank flooring is highly sturdy with solid scratch resistance quality.

Your pets’ nails won’t affect the floor so much. But you are also responsible for having your pets’ nails cut and trimmed.

Can you mop it?

Definitely. Use a wet mop and mild cleanser preferably those with pH-balanced contents. But if you don’t want to void the warranty, use the specialized (cleaning) products from Karndean.

Some people say that using steam vacuum or clean is possible. But make sure to consult the manufacturer’s guide or direction.

Can you vacuum it?

Not only you can sweep the floor to remove debris or dirt, but you are also able to use the vacuum.

Just use the right attachment for the vacuum, such as soft bristle or soft brush to maintain the floor in its pristine condition.

How much is the installation cost?

Since it is a DIY-friendly floor, you should be able to install it by yourself. But if you are considering a professional installer, prepare budgets between $1.50 a square foot and $3.

Can you remove the scratches?

If you have applied Karndean Refresh layer, it would be easy to remove it. Use Karndean Remove to deal with the layer and then re-apply the Refresh one.

If you don’t apply the Refresh layer and the scratches are quite mild (not going beyond the wear layer), consider buffing the area so those scratches won’t be too visible.

However, if those scratches have gone beyond the wear layer, you only have one option: to remove the affected plank and replace it with the new one. This is one of the reasons why you should buy extra and more planks.

Does the floor fade when exposed to sunlight?

Yes. This is inevitable. When you expose the floor to direct sunlight, it will definitely fade.

Although Karndean vinyl plank flooring has a special layer for UV inhibitor, but it doesn’t last forever.

The best thing for you is to use rugs to protect the floor. It is also possible to have blinds or window film to filter the sunray.

If you want quality vinyl floor with superb quality and easy maintenance, this floor won’t disappoint. But then again, this isn’t the floor for everyone.

This is a floor for homeowners who are willing to pay extra.

The floor won’t actually increase the value of your property, but if you don’t have plans to move out or leave the current house anytime soon, then having this floor won’t be an issue.

Remember, this Karndean vinyl plank flooring has its best strength and possible downsides, so weigh in each option carefully, so you are able to make solid decision without any doubt.