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Kincaid Furniture Reviews

Kincaid Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross

Kincaid Furniture has taken the furniture industry by storm with its premium, custom wood-based home furnishings. It mainly uses solid wood for its construction. Solid wood is known for its long-lasting strength, but is Kincaid good furniture? These Kincaid Furniture reviews will help you to answer that question.

The following coverage will also shed light on Kincaid Furniture’s product quality. We have also compiled other relevant information about the company. By the end of the article, you will be able to decide whether this manufacturer truly lives up to its name. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Product and Price Range

Kincaid Furniture is a renowned manufacturer of solid wood furniture in the United States. It has been a family-owned business since 1946, making solid wood furniture. Every space of your house can benefit from the timeless style of Kincaid Furniture. The company is also known for its own collection of sofas and chairs.

Here are some wood collections that represent the popularity of Kincaid Furniture :

The Selwyn Collection

The Selwyn Collection
The Selwyn Collection

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PriceAvailable Upon Request
Included in this SetBed, Dresser, Chest, Nightstand, Mirror, Dining Table, Chair, Buffet, Display Cabinet, Coffee Table, End Table, Sofa Table
ColorWhite Tone

This line embodies the spirit of traditional French style. The Louis Philippe-inspired silhouettes are the foundation for a more relaxed approach. Natural-planked paneling in the Cottage White finish creates a weathered and ethereal appearance.

The Cascade Collection

The Cascade Collection
The Cascade Collection
PriceAvailable Upon Request
Included in this SetBed, Dresser, Bureau, Chest, Nightstand, Mirror, Chair, Buffet, Display Cabinet, Coffee Table, End Table, Sofa Table, Entertainment Console
ColorMedium Stain

With its two types of wood, Cascade takes inspiration from its unique traits. The collection’s design is almost minimalistic, letting the wood’s natural features shine through.

The Ansley Collection

The Ansley Collection
The Ansley Collection
PriceAvailable Upon Request
Included in this SetSideboard, Coffee Table, Sofa Table, End Table, Chair, Mirror, Drawer Chest, Bed, Cabinet, Buffet, Display Cabinet, Dining Table, Dresser
ColorMedium Stain

Ansley combines the best traditional style with today’s house’s relaxed atmosphere with small details of the classic look. Its genuine nature is authentic as it is made of knotty alder.

Kincaid Furniture Pros and Cons

According to Kincaid Furniture customer reviews, here are the pros and cons of the brand :

Pros of Kincaid Furniture

  • All products are warranted.
  • If you are looking for furniture that will last, look no further than Kincaid Furniture.
  • You can create a unified design in your homes with so many choices.
  • Kincaid Furniture continues to add new styles and products as a four-generation business.
  • Customers report that their Kincaid furniture lives up to expectations regarding appearance and comfort.

Cons of Kincaid Furniture

  • There is no option to shop for Kincaid Furniture online through its official website.
  • Only approved Kincaid furniture stores can provide pricing information on their items. However, according to several Kincaid dining room furniture reviews and Kincaid bedroom furniture reviews, the items are priced at the market’s upper end.


For decades, Kincaid Furniture has been noted for its use of solid wood in the construction of its products. It does not use veneers since they tend to wear down over time. Also, Kincaid goods are crafted with the utmost care and precision.

Summing up from the Kincaid Furniture quality reviews on multiple forums, it is safe to say that you can get quality heirloom furniture with this brand.

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The company’s sole responsibility is to replace or fix any defective products it sells. This warranty does not cover the costs of packaging and shipment. You must contact the retail outlet where you purchased the furniture to claim this warranty.

Furthermore, it does not cover damages beyond normal wear and tears.

Kincaid Furniture Delivery

Direct purchase is currently not available through the official Kincaid Furniture website. The good news is that you can still shop for Kincaid items online.

You might want to browse Woodstock Outlet and Hickory Park for starters. In fact, they are just two of the many online shops authorized by Kincaid Furniture. Automatically, shipping methods and costs differ from one dealer to another.

Kincaid Furniture Return Policy

Say you are unhappy with your items or have a problem with them. In that case, you should contact the retailer you bought them from. Make sure to contact the store’s customer care as soon as possible. You may want to check your dealer’s return window before shopping. It may be sooner than you think.

Final Words

Are Kincaid Furniture items of quality? Yes.

Is Kincaid furniture expensive?

Yes, as you saw above. However, considering the construction and materials Kincaid Furniture uses, we can safely say it is worth it. Yet, if you are the type who thinks furniture investment is ‘too much,’ Kincaid is not ideal for you.

A cheaper alternative would be All Modern Furniture. To learn more about the brand, swing by our All Modern Furniture reviews. All in all, we hope that our Kincaid Furniture reviews can help you form an informed shopping decision.