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King Hickory Furniture Reviews

King Hickory Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross

If you are looking for an inexpensive furniture manufacturer, King Hickory might not be the first one popping up in your mind. However, their items might be what you need if you look for quality and longevity. To ensure that, read our King Hickory furniture reviews and see how you can decide from here.

About King Hickory Furniture

In the manufacturing industry, King Hickory is a lasting defender. Having been around since 1958, it started as a family business from its headquarters at Hickory, North Carolina.

The city of Hickory itself is home to many famous furniture manufacturers. The influence of renowned artisans influences the making of King Hickory’s pieces. So, if you ever wonder, “Is King Hickory furniture made in the USA?” we assure you that it is indeed the case.

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King Hickory Prices and Products

Unlike many furniture retailers, King Hickory does not produce all kinds of furnishings. What they make, mostly, are sofas and chairs.

Although they do not serve many varieties of products, King Hickory ensures the quality is at its maximum level. Here are some of them:


Jordan Sofa King Hickory
Jordan Sofa King Hickory

King Hickory uses various names to differentiate one sofa from another. Their sofas are mostly three-seaters, with armrest and fiber cushions as a compliment. You can customize the sofa however you like and use any fabrics or colors. Regarding the price, it starts from $2,029 to $13,099.


Grant Chair King Hickory Furniture
Grant Chair King Hickory Furniture

King Hickory’s chair is also worth having. They offer a one-seater chair that is complete with a backrest and armrest. Other than that, some of their chair types also offer a leg rest for maximum comfort.

The price varies between $1,389 to $2,000 for a set of chairs.

Chaises, Settees and Ottomans

Julianna Chaise King Hickory
Julianna Chaise King Hickory

When talking about home furnishing, chaises, settees, and ottomans are often overlooked. The three items contribute a lot if you want to make accent accessories. And King Hickory gives a valuable product and prices.

For each item, the price starts from $799 to $2,499. The three items can be customized however you want. You can choose whether to have an armrest, and you can also buy them as a set.

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The Pros and Cons of King Hickory Furniture

By now, you must have had a question.

Why is King Hickory’s furniture expensive?

What differentiates them from the others?

And most importantly, is King Hickory furniture good quality?

If so, these are some pros and cons of ordering from King Hickory.

The Pros

  • A trustworthy long-player in the furniture industry. King Hickory’s experience proves their excellence up to this day.
  • They use premium components. King Hickory makes sure that they only use solid frames, 8-way hand-tied springs, high-grade fabrics and leathers, and fiber-filled cushions.
  • They ensure craft excellency. King Hickory combines technology and traditional-yet-guaranteed methods to build its products. Thus, that shows how their artisans are all highly-skilled.
  • King Hickory’s products are an investment. Because of the complexity of the making process, King Hickory’s products are usually long-lasting. With proper care, it can be used for generations.

The Cons

  • Quite Expensive. Since King Hickory uses a lot of premium components, it is no wonder that the price of each product is quite costly.
  • It may take a longer time to make. Since King Hickory’s products are highly-customizable, they may take longer to make your specialized order. However, they have a list of ready-stock items for you to bring home.
  • Complaints about delayed delivery. Many factors may contribute to it, but it may be best to expect a more extended time until your order arrives at your house.
  • It needs thorough care. If you choose to have leather sofas or chairs, you have to know about the right way to maintain their beauty.

How to Care for Your King Hickory Products

Upon purchasing something costly, it is best to know how to take care of it to increase its durability. Here are some tips for you:

  1. Vacuum your furniture weekly. Dirt and dust are abrasive, and they may damage your furniture over time. So, it’s best to vacuum your furniture once a week to reduce the risk.
  2. Clean using a mild soap. If you have leather furniture, gently wipe it with a soft cloth and mild soap to remove all the dirt. Avoid using polisher or cleaning solutions that are unsuitable for leather.
  3. Rotate the cushions frequently. This simple action can make your cushion always look new. You can also prevent it from sagging or sinking, especially if you sit on the cushion often.
  4. Keep away from animals. Animals may not be able to avoid damage to your furniture, so it’s best to keep them away. Moreover reviews, you will not be able to claim for King Hickory furniture warranty if pets do the damage.
  5. Put away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will trigger or even speed up the process of discoloration. Whether you have upholstered or leather furniture, it is best to put them in the shady corner of the space.

Where to Buy King Hickory Furniture?

Unlike many furniture retailers, King Hickory outlets are not spread throughout the country. However, their official dealers will help you find the most suitable King Hickory pieces for your space. You can find the nearest dealer by using their Dealer Locator.

If you’re living near North Carolina, you can also visit their showroom at North Hamilton St. If you want to give a ring beforehand, it’s best to contact King Hickory’s phone number 828 322 6025.

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So, Is King Hickory Furniture A Good Brand?

King Hickory indeed delivers high-grade items at a reasonable price. Being highly customizable, King Hickory certifies its exclusivity despite only having a short range of products. So, it is a good brand if you intend to have long-lasting and timeless furniture that can be passed down for generations.

We hope this King Hickory furniture reviews will help you decide on which pieces get to be in your favorite space. If you intend to look for other furniture options, do find another furniture reviews on our website.