Kitchen Laminate Flooring Benefits – What You Should Know about It

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Laminate Flooring Kitchen Reviews and Benefits

Kitchen Laminate Flooring Ideas – When it comes to improving the style of your home decor as well as its functionality, choosing kitchen laminate flooring can be an alternative for the inexpensive work. Of course, flooring matter has never been an easy subject. And then we are talking about the kitchen the heart of a house. It just makes things more complicated and difficult.

No need to worry, though. Kitchen laminate flooring can be the perfect option without you having to compromise the value of the house. Not to mention that there are several good kitchen laminate flooring ideas that you can implement at home, creating new vibe and new atmosphere.

As long as you are super careful about this and you aren’t in a hurry, you can make a very good and educated decision about how you want to improve your home without hurting the bank.

The Best Benefits

kitchen designs with laminate flooring
kitchen designs with laminate flooring

There are actually a lot of things to like about the kitchen laminate flooring, such as its flexibility, durability, and affordability.

Ditch the ideas that kitchen laminate flooring is flimsy, lousy, and cheap as the new ones are coming with much better development and designs.

Laminate floor is super easy and direct to maintain and care. It is able to deal with busy foot traffic as well as food spill. In some products, the textures are smooth, almost slippery, so you may want to consider carefully where you want to place the flooring.

The great thing about laminate flooring is its ability to imitate other flooring types. In this sense, laminate and vinyl flooring are almost the same.

However, since vinyl floor is made completely from plastic, it has better resistance and durability against moisture.

Laminate floor?

Well, not so much. Laminate flooring can withstand water and moisture, but the floor can be easily damaged in an extreme wet condition.

This is why the reason why you should wipe any water spill right away and don’t let it pool around. Drenching the floor with water is also a bad idea.

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Laminate Kitchen Floor Debates

There are naturally some pros and cons about installation laminate floor in the kitchen, especially with the focus of its flaw against moisture.

However, laminate floor for the kitchen is in the grey area, really. If you really understand the core of the issues, then you should be able to come up with the solutions.

For a starter, water is basically the nemesis of laminate flooring. But you can consider choosing tight seams when you install it.

When the edges are properly and correctly sealed (tightly), then it would be hard for the water to seep in and reach the core. Whenever there is water spill or slosh, you must wipe it off right away.

Laminate Kitchen Floor Debates
Laminate Kitchen Floor Debates

In terms of wear, laminate floor is said to poorly wear when dealing with heavy stress. But in reality, the wear layer (of the laminate flooring) is quite durable.

Just make sure that you clean the floor regularly so fine scratches can be avoided. As long as you can manage the keep it clean, then you are good to go.

Moreover, most homeowners are worried about the maintenance as static is said to affect and plague laminate.

Yes, static can be a problem, but it is actually controllable as long as you keep the floor clean. As you can see, there is a solution for every issue. It means that you shouldn’t be overly worried about installing the laminate floor in the kitchen.

The Best Options

What’s the best laminate flooring for kitchen?

Basically, the laminate floor is great for the kitchen, but you may want to check the durability ratings. You see, laminate flooring has its own ratings in durability, expressed in AC (Abrasion Class) between 1 and 5.

The ratings show the floor ability to withstand moisture, heat, stains, scuffs, and scratches. Laminate flooring with at least AC3 rating is great for business environment with moderate foot traffic.

It means that such floor is able to deal with active and busy lifestyle of a family. If you want to choose the strongest and most durable flooring type, go with the AC3 for the minimum.

Of course, it would be even better if you can choose higher ratings. Most experts say that homeowners must avoid the unrated laminate flooring because such a flooring won’t stand any beating or situation, no matter how small the problems are.

Different Kitchen Laminate Flooring Ideas

When it comes to home decor and kitchen design, there are actually plenty of laminate kitchen flooring ideas that you can have at home. Keep in mind that laminate floor has its own nice combination of versatile (and various) designs and affordability.

On the contrary to what you (or other people) believe, you can actually come up with various attractive ideas for the flooring.

Laminate Tile Flooring Kitchen

laminate flooring for kitchen that looks like tile
laminate flooring for kitchen that looks like tile

If you want to deliver a modern and sophisticated tile design in the kitchen, and yet you can’t really afford the entire project, then you should be satisfied with laminate tile floor. The laminate floor can imitate the look of the real tiles so you can create a natural look in the kitchen.

Don’t you love it when it looks like you incorporate natural stone in the design?

Here are some great ideas for the laminate tile designs:

  • Cobblestone style. In this style, you can imitate the cobblestone arrangement. If you don’t want to use glue, choose the plank or snap-and-click installation method.
  • Firestone style. Not only such a style is handsome and visually pleasing, but it is also durable and tough. Installation is also easy and pretty direct.
  • Copperstone style. This is a style trying to imitate the natural beauty of the world out there and bringing it to your indoor. Whether you have a regular kitchen or an outdoor kitchen or even an outdoor barbeque area, such a flooring would be an ideal pick.

Laminate Wood Flooring Kitchen

Whereas the laminate tiles are designed to imitate the look of natural stone, the wood laminate is designed to imitate the look of natural wood.

There are so many homeowners who want to include wood element into their home and yet they have problems with the budgets.

Yes, wood floor is solid and beautiful.  It is also solid and strong. But real wood is super costly and when it comes to kitchen setting, wood isn’t exactly the best material. The moisture will definitely ruin and damage the floor.

best flooring for kitchens
best flooring for kitchens

But thanks to laminate floor, now you can have your own wood kitchen without digging deeper into your wallet. And there are so many ideas for the wood kitchen laminate flooring, depending on the colors and the textures.

You can get traditional look as well as vintage look it only comes down to the textured styles that you want to achieve.

You can also achieve the modern and chic look if you choose the polished floor and you pair it up with modern cabinetries. In short, feel free to come up with any design, pattern, and effect that you want.

As long as you choose the right floor, it isn’t impossible to have a gorgeous kitchen without spending a fortune.

White Kitchen Laminate Flooring

If you want to create elegance and somewhat peaceful vibe in the kitchen, then having white floor laminate can be your best option. Such a design can actually look super good and gorgeous if you know how to manage everything well.

Whereas white kitchen is always associated with boring and bland effect, it doesn’t have to be that way if you know how to pull it through.

white kitchens with laminate wood floors
white kitchens with laminate wood floors

You can choose to have either white laminate tiles or white wood type. It doesn’t have to be completely white worn and wear grayish pale can do it. You can also choose white tiles with certain patterns on certain places.

Not only it will highlight the visual appeal, but you can also define boundaries with such an arrangement. Use your imagination and creativity.

If you know how to do it, you’d know that a white kitchen doesn’t have to boring and plain.

Grey Laminate Flooring Kitchen

grey flooring with white cabinets
grey flooring with white cabinets

Grey is another color that exudes calm and serenity. It is such an elegant and calming color, but it can turn boring fast if you aren’t careful in the management.

You can choose the plain dark grey to exude the timeless and elegant look. You can also choose the worn grayish effect for the wooden floor.

You can combine both dark and light colors so the effect won’t be boring. In short, there are so many different options, patterns, and colors for the grey laminate floor.

If you are clueless, you can always consult the home design or home improvement websites for ideas and inspirations.

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Care Tips

So, if you do have kitchen laminate flooring, you need to know how to properly care and maintain it.

  • If you experience wet spill, wipe it up right away.
  • Place the mat under the high chair or any movable furniture, such as dining chairs. It would be a good idea to put pads under the furniture. 
  • Avoid shine products as they can create a buildup (a waxy type) that can be super difficult to remove
  • Avoid cleaners with pine scent. They generally leave a soapy and dull residue
  • Ditch the traditional wet mopping way. It will drench the floor and the water will seep into the core
  • Vinegar is a debatable topic. The natural acid isn’t exactly good for the laminate surface. However, a lot of homeowners claim that they only add a (very) little vinegar on the water to remove the stain. Don’t use it too much if you don’t want to ruin the protective layer of the floor. This method, of course, depends on your preference. Feel free to use vinegar or not for the cleaning.
  • If you have pets, trim their nails.
  • Don’t use pointy furniture or shoes on laminate floor.
  • Sweep the floor often with soft bristle broom. You can also use a vacuum. The soft brush attachment can be used to reach the difficult corners
  • If you have to mop the floor, use a damp one but make sure not to drench the floor. Simply mix some soap dish drops with hot (or warm) water. It is advisable not to use the steam mop. Although some people advise it, the steam can actually cause buckling on the floor.

In the end, you are free to choose whatever types of flooring that you want. But if you are tight on the budgets, choosing the laminate flooring can actually help. It has appealing and attractive design.

Plus, it isn’t expensive at least not as costly as the real tiles, stones, or wood.  Make sure that you know what to do with the laminate floor.

Carefully do your research to choose the type of floor that you want. If you can do it carefully, you should be able to improve your home with gorgeous options of kitchen laminate flooring.

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