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Klaussner Furniture Reviews

Klaussner Furniture Reviews – All You Need to Know

by Ethan Ross

The quest for the perfect furniture often leads us to a myriad of choices, making it a complex endeavor. Klaussner Furniture stands as a beacon in this intricate landscape, boasting over fifty years of industry experience. Our blog post on Klaussner Furniture Reviews is designed to offer you an authoritative guide through the brand’s diverse offerings, quality standards, and pricing tiers.

Let’s embark on this journey to decode the essence of Klaussner Furniture.

Klaussner’s Products and Price Lists

Bedroom Furniture Review

Bedroom Klaussner Furniture Review
Bedroom Klaussner Furniture Review

From headboards to reclining beds to the whole bedroom sets, Klaussner provides all variations of necessities for the bedroom. Aside from that, Klaussner also gives many options of bedroom accents to light up the room.

You can get the whole set from as affordable as $600 to $2,250. However, you can only get the bed by taking $5519 to $719 from your pocket.

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Living Room Furnitures

Klaussner Living Room Furnitures
Klaussner Living Room Furnitures

For your living room, Klaussner is preparing many items, including ottomans, accent chairs, sofas, and sleepers. The price of each item ranges from $519 to $2,309. Usually, the leather or velvet fabric costs more than the usual fabric.

However, you can get the whole set to ensure furnishing in the same theme. The price for the living room set starts from $2,402. Meanwhile, Klaussner furniture sectional starts from $3,025.

If you wonder, “Are Klaussner sofas good quality?” know that Klaussner uses premium components. All that while making their business sustainable.

Occasional Tables

Occasional Tables
Occasional Tables

To complete your room visually, it is crucial to put occasional tables in the right corner. At Klaussner, the prices for occasional tables start from $242 to $326 each. Fortunately, there are discounts at special events.

Reclining Furniture

Klaussner Reclining Furniture
Klaussner Reclining Furniture

Fancy some reclining chairs or reclining beds? Get them at Klaussner.

Starting from $989 to $3,709, you can get Klaussner reclining furniture, whether it’s using a usual fabric or even leather.

Dining Room Furniture

Klaussner Dining Room Furniture
Klaussner Dining Room Furniture

Klaussner provides each dining room item starting from $102 to $5,520. Meanwhile, it takes $1,548 for the whole set.

Some dining room items cost more than the whole set, especially if it’s a part of a special collection. That’s because special collections usually use hardwood as the main component. This can also answer one of the most frequent questions; “Is Klaussner furniture solid wood?”.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor Furniture

Klaussner outdoor furniture reviews are usually bearing the same positive value. Aside from one garden table, you can get 4 to six chairs. For a whole set, the price starts from $2,677 to $4,299.

Klaussner Furniture Pros and Cons


  • Klaussner Furniture has many variations of items to pick from. Klaussner designs are so stylish, fashionable and modern.
  • Klaussner items are highly-customizable. You can get many kinds of fabric, from pet-friendly materials to fabrics with many colors. There are also many variations of cushions, starting from the standard foam to cushions with cooling gel.
  • One of Klaussner missions is to be a sustainable furnishing manufacturer. Klaussner applies reduce-reuse-recycle in the products, giving you an added value.


  • You can only contact an individual dealer to get the best price to get Klaussner furniture. So, it may become a hassle, especially if you need the furniture to be delivered fast.
  • There are some cases of delays in shipment. So, it is better to order your furniture way before you need to use them.

Klaussner Furniture Durability

Furniture Durability
Furniture Durability

Most of Klaussner furniture is made from plywood and engineered wood. The choice of the material ensures the piece’s safety and sturdiness. However, for some special collections, you can get one with hardwood material. Moreover, Klaussner also uses a steel spring to support the strength and longevity of the item.

Klaussner Furniture Warranty

  • You can claim furniture if it’s within the first year of purchasing. However, damage done by humans or pet error would be rejected. Warranty provision only works for furniture that is damaged with normal use.
  • You should contact the dealer where you buy the furniture. How to find Klaussner’s store? Click here to look for a dealer locator. Or, you can call the Klaussner furniture phone number by dialing 1.800.828.9534.

Klaussner Furniture Delivery

  • You don’t need to pay more for shipment as any price in the quote includes the fee for boxing and crafting the packaging that is safe to deliver furniture.
  • Any other form of packaging should be paid in full by the buyer.

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Klaussner Furniture Return Policy

  • If there’s something to return, you should give the seller notice within ten days. And you should provide proof of purchase.
  • Upon returning, there will be written consent to ensure the agreement. 
  • It would be best if you were responsible for packing the items thoroughly before sending them back.
  • If you don’t comply with the rule, there’s a chance Klaussner may reject your claim.

Final Words

If you wonder, “Is Klaussner furniture Made in the USA?” know that Klaussner builds more than 70% of its furniture in the USA. They have five manufacturing sites in Asheboro, North Carolina.

Does Klaussner make good furniture?

All we can say is that longevity does not lie. Klaussner is famous for its ability to do custom furniture and serve high-grade furnishings at a reasonable price. However, if you want more variety of design and pricing, you may want to check our review of Kardiel furniture.

Hopefully, these Klaussner furniture reviews will be helpful for you. Happy hopping.

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