Kraus Carpet Tile Reviews

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Kraus Carpet Tile Reviews

If you are about to install a carpet in your home, read quickly this Kraus carpet tile reviews to lead you to a choice that may fit your home perfectly. It has been considered that carpet tiles are just an excellent way of trying a new style without a full commitment.

Basically, Kraus carpet tile is designed as one of the traditional carpeting which is much of advantage. The types of Kraus carpet tile is relatively surprising. Believe it or not, it is a leader for commercial carpet use.

Therefore, we come to offer you a full description about Kraus carpet tile products which are noticeably resilient.

Let’s see what you can expect from this kind of carpeting and let’s go checking out every detailed explanation about Kraus modular carpet tile collections, Kraus carpet tile warranty, the green factor, Kraus carpet tile cost, pros and cons, ratings and the way to look for a qualified installer for your Kraus carpet tile.

Collections of Kraus Modular Carpet Tile

Collections is firstly listed in our Kraus carpet tile reviews because people firstly ask for checking out the product collections once they come to the store.

Based on the company’s website, Kraus carpet tile collections can be sorted through a variety of ways.

Once you visit the company’s website, you can just search the carpet tile collections by color variations, fiber, backing layer and format which includes the carpet tiles and carpet planks.

If you are about to choose a color scheme, you can simply sort through the color hues to find the best option you want.

Other way, you can also choose the collections by selecting the type. So you can browse by Polypropylene or nylon fibers.

In addition to the collection, Ultel Nylon is also included in the list though the products are not available at the time of writing.

There is no carpet tile collections offered by Kraus. However, they provide the customers with some very interesting options. Some of the nice-looking styles and colors are named.

If you arrive at the Matrix carpet collection, you will find some options like Trench, Coat and Trinity. In this case, the perspective shades are named Contrast and Form.

Aside from the names given to the carpet tile, there are 12 styles of Kraus carpet tile which are made from 100% BCF polypropylene along with EuroBac backing.

If you sort by nylon, you can find more options including Pop Art collections. In the world of carpet tile, Pop Art is such an impressive option to grab everyone’s attention due to its plank-like form factor.

This way, you can lay out several unique patterns with Pop Art styles. That said, most of the carpet tile products from Kraus are made of 100% BCF nylon and Solution Dyed 6,6.

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Warranty of Kraus Carpet Tile

Simply put, the warranty provided by the company will support the durability of a carpet tile product.

In this regards, Kraus comes with the two warranty levels depending on the carpet fibers and styles you choose. Without clicking on any color, the polypropylene carpeting produced by the company is rated 10 years across the board.

This includes “No Exceptions” stain warranty and a 10-year backing performance warranty. Further, you will also be given 10 years on commercial wear.

There are more clear-cut in nylon carpet tiles from Kraus. In this case, the company provides a lifetime commercial wear warranty and a lifetime backing performance warranty, too.

Remember, these Kraus carpet tiles are geared on commercial use. Thus, you don’t have to deal with the longevity in your home.

The Green Factor

Later in this Kraus carpet tile reviews, it is stated that the tiles are offering green factor.

Though you have no worry about VOCs in carpeting compared to the other flooring styles like laminate, vinyl and engineered boards, you’ll still need to concern VOCs if the carpet tiles use adhesive. However, the recyclability is generally the biggest concern of all.

In Kraus carpet tiles, most of the styles available offer a degree of recycled content. They have also passed the Green Label Plus certification, meaning that the carpet tile products from Kraus are safe for the environment.

In addition to the Green Label Plus certification, EuroBac has also a measure of recycled material in the mix.

Supporting the statement, the carpet tiles of Kraus company is also eligible for recycling programs, too.

The Cost of Kraus Carpet Tile

If you are familiar with the carpeting, you may have known that Kraus carpet tile is probably in the commercial class.

However, like no other similar products which are hard to find, they are easy to find especially for the average consumers.

In this regards, there are some online retailers or dealers that have Kraus carpet tile in their stores. Thus, you can possibly pick one of their products home.

Here are the table to check out the Kraus carpet tile’s styles, color, construction and prices.

MatrixOracleMulti-level loop$1.22 sq. ft.
Pop ArtCobaltTealMulti-level loop$2.35 sq. ft.
VenturiPinescapeMulti-level scroll loop$2.51 sq. ft.
Van der RoheStormy KnightPattern scroll loop$1.90 sq. ft

Based on the table above, there are 4 styles available along with 4 color options. This really means that Kraus carpet tile has only limited options offered for the consumers.

The most affordable price is at $1.90 square of foot while the most expensive price is at $2.51 square of foot.

Pros and Cons of Kraus Carpet Tile

Understanding pros and cons of a carpet product is a must to convince you more about to choose the product.

In this regards, flooring brands are normally selling residential products along with a light commercial resting. This way, Kraus sell their commercial carpet tiles for residential use, too.

Here are the pros and cons of Kraus carpet tile you may want to consider.


Kraus offers a large lineup of tiles. It also offers three types of carpet fibers. Further, there color variations are just excellent along with the multiple formats of carpet tiles and planks. These are all the pros of Kraus carpet tiles that make people stay to choose the products.


The biggest downside of this brand is its local availability which can be an issue especially if you want to find some commercial styles. This means that the availability of commercial carpet style is limited and even unavailable in the store.

Kraus Carpet Tile Ratings

To what extent do the ratings show you the quality of the product?

No matter how good we are presenting the Kraus carpet tile reviews, checking out the ratings is much more important. Ratings tell you more about how the customers feel and give value to the products.

For the styles options, Kraus carpet tile is rated 3.8 meaning that the customers are not fully satisfied with the carpet tile styles. For fiber range, stain and fade resistance, the carpet tile is rated 4 while the selection is rated 4.5.

This means that Kraus carpet tile is perfect for its fiber range, stain and fade resistance. It is also excellent in carpet selections.

Notice, the overall quality is rated 4 out 5.

Looking for Qualified Installer for Kraus Carpet

Like on many other carpet reviews, some readers complained that they could not find the qualified local installers or overpaid the carpet installation.

As a solution, there has been developed an online free estimate tool to help them get the 3 local bids to find the right local installer in 24 hours only.

That said, this tool is empowered by the Networx specializing in collecting, vetting and rating the carpet contractors or installers for over 20 years.

Final Words

In conclusion, Kraus carpet tile is limited in options but it is easy to find. The 10-year warranty which includes stain warranty and backing performance will show you the quality of the carpet tile.

Based on this Kraus carpet tile reviews, the product is rated 4.5 for the overall quality, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the durability once you fall in love to pick it up home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are some frequently asked questions to broaden your knowledge about Kraus carpet tile. It is quite possible that you have the same questions as follows:

What is the best way to obtain Kraus carpet tile?

The best way you can do is to visit the company’s website and search the carpet tile products by types, color range and color hues. The product selections are considerably easy to sort.

Is Kraus carpet tile free form VOCs?

Yes, it is. But if there is any adhesive used in the product, it is possible that the tile contains VOC though only in a small percentage.

What is the most stylish tile available from Kraus?

Pop Art style is considered the most stylish option from Kraus. It is greatly impressive because of the unique patterns offered.

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