Laminate Cherry Flooring Ideas Options to Ensure You

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Laminate Cherry Flooring Ideas

Get your house redesigned with the new touch of flooring design that is laminate cherry flooring. This kind of laminate flooring gets its popularity in today’s interior design.

True to its design and quality, this laminate is suitable not only for home but also for office and even for stores.

Furthermore, it suits almost all types of the room such as living room, family room, stairs, dining room, basement, hallways and even kitchen.

There are various designs you can surely choose to fit the entire interior design of your home.

As one of the widely used laminate flooring, laminate cherry flooring also comes with the best features including the high durability, easy installation and maintenance, lower price than the real flooring and stylish look.

This kind of laminate flooring really looks attractive and eye-catching due to the stunning color along with the glossy finish.

Let’s check out more about this laminate cherry flooring to ensure you.

Brazilian Cherry Laminate Flooring
Brazilian Cherry Laminate Flooring

Brazilian Cherry

If you want to have a cozy home with the Brazilian feel, here is you can consider choosing the Brazilian cherry laminate flooring to transform your house into your desired one. Brazilian cherry laminate comes with the red tone which is softer than maple.

Though it is not considered ideal for flooring, however, it can be a good alternative to mimic the look of cherry with a hardness of oak. Keep in mind. Brazilian cherry laminate is not made of cherry wood but Hymenaea Courbaril tree.

Decades ago, this tree was used as one of the home materials and by time it proved the high durability for flooring. People likes Brazilian cherry laminate because of its natural color that makes a room very much warm and inviting.

It is one of the friendly-laminate flooring, thus, no matter if you have pets or children, this Brazilian flooring is hard enough as a flooring. Furthermore, it is also easy to maintain.

Though you may have allergies, this Brazilian cherry laminate flooring will not causing you pain due to the solid planks. In short, this kind of laminate flooring adds value to your residence.

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Cherry Wood Laminate Flooring

Other laminate flooring you may also consider is cherry wood laminate flooring. It is a kind of laminate cherry flooring that looks like wood.

Typically, cherry wood laminate flooring has darker hues of wood colors which are contrast well with the many different kinds of home décor. It also comes with the honey-red to deep burgundy while other styles comes with the hints of red.

However, you can also choose other varieties of colors such as light brown.

Cherry Wood Laminate Flooring
Cherry Wood Laminate Flooring

This kind of laminate flooring fits almost any design of modern homes. The dark color tones will match any wall layouts.

So you don’t have to worry if have the wall with the dark or light paint, this flooring will just work well.

High Gloss Cherry Laminate

For those who like shiny flooring, high gloss cherry laminate flooring can be the perfect option to take into consideration. High gloss laminate flooring comes in various designs and colors, ranging from white, gray, dark brown and light brown to even dark.

These add a special beautiful look to the flooring, leading your home to feel the modernity and fashionable styles. In the other words, the glossy look of the laminate will make your home fashionable along with the modern feel.

High gloss cherry laminate flooring really mimics the look of real tile flooring. So if you want a temporary flooring that can be easily installed as well as replaced, this one is good to use.

Composed of the best materials, high gloss laminate flooring is durable. It has also the top quality as one of the most favorite laminate flooring among home owners and home designers.

Light Cherry Laminate

Light cherry laminate flooring is just another variant of laminate cherry flooring available in the market. Pick it up surely to make your living room looks larger than it is.

Yup, the light cherry laminate flooring can enlarge the room space in a visual way. Let’s say, it is much suitable for tiny room.

There are many different kinds of light cherry laminate flooring you can chose, from glossy to wood look. Whatever color you choose, it would fit best as always.

No matter what home designs you already have had, whether it is Scandinavian, European, minimalist or even the rustic one, you can find it suitable to use this kind of laminate flooring.

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Installation and Maintenance

Now that you have known some of laminate cherry floorings, you must have already a choice which one you want to install on the floors at your home, right?

Thus, we comes also with the tips on how to install cherry laminate flooring here on this article.

Before installing the laminate, make sure you clear the room from the furniture such as cupboards, sofas, tables, storages and etc.

Move them all so that you have free up the area and make it ready for installing the laminate. Don’t forget to clean the subfloor so that there is no little dirt. These are called clearance steps.

Typically, before installing the laminate, you must lay on the underlayment. This is very important.

Underlayment will ensure the tight laminate installation. Later, you can cut the laminate and installed based on the measurement you have done prior to the installation.

During the installation, please keep away from pets or children since there are many sharp things there such as cutter, saw, knife and etc. make sure you can install the laminate flooring well without any distraction.

Once you successfully install the laminate flooring at your home, make sure you know well how to clean the laminate cherry flooring.

From years to years, laminate flooring is considered easy to maintain. This easy maintenance also becomes one of the reasons why laminate flooring starts to be the most favorite flooring nowadays.

For a regular cleansing, the easiest way of cleaning the laminate flooring is just sweeping it or vacuuming it to get rid of the dust.

Make sure you always sweep and vacuum the floor routinely every day so that there is no dirt accumulation which may cause you take a little big effort to clean it.

It is not recommended to mop the floor or even make the floor wet when cleaning it.

It is due to the fact that wet cleaning will cause damage to the inner core of the floor.

It is also not very good to keep the floor’s performance because the wet cleaning may affect the color degradation.

Knowing more about the laminate cherry flooring, are you quite sure to pick up such kind of flooring for your lovely home?

No matter whether you are creating the new interior design of your home or juts redesigning the existing one, laminate flooring can be taken into the list of consideration.

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