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Herringbone Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring Pattern Ideas to Bring Natural Look Into Your Home

by Dylan Johnson

Bring laminate flooring pattern ideas into modern interior design for your home now. As flooring is an important element of home design, you should find a suitable idea offering a unique and contemporary room decoration.

In this regards, the gorgeous laminated floor has been the trend to attract attention in modern interior design.

According to home designers, laminate flooring is one of the best way to create fabulous floor using the natural materials, attractive colors, patterns and style so that it can look unusual yet bright.

Laminate flooring is composed of multi-layer material along with the various natural look such as brick, wood, and stone. It also comes with the vivid colors to dramatically change the interior design in modern look.

Surely, there are many different kinds of laminate flooring pattern and style available out there to help you brighten up the room.

Get the surprising floor now by laminate flooring we are going to share you in the following review sections.

Newspaper Print Floor Decoration Pattern

Newspaper Print Floor Decoration Pattern
Newspaper Print Floor Decoration Pattern

If you want to redesign your home interiors, play with the flooring. You can surely add unique decorative accents to your home flooring using the newspaper print floor decoration pattern.

Newspaper print floor is unusual yet it is so attractive along with the black and white colors. Newspaper print floor decoration pattern is one of the modern flooring idea of the interior design trends.

If you are a journalist, this kind of laminate flooring will represent your soul and desire to work on journalism courageously. This newspaper print floor can be installed either in the journalist office or at home whose owner is the one who love reading so much.

Herringbone Laminate Flooring Style

The second laminate flooring pattern and style idea you can pick up for your home is herringbone laminate flooring.

Herringbone is one of the classic flooring pattern mimicking the fish scales. There is nothing to be confused between herringbone and chevron pattern. Chevron pattern needs special flooring cuts while herringbone provides a plank or rectangular tile.

The bright color of this laminate flooring can add a level of sophistication to your interior design especially the flooring element.

If you have a modern home design, herringbone laminate flooring can be one of the perfect options to figure out. It will suit not only your living room but also other rooms such as family room, home office, hallways and even a basement.

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Wood Laminate Flooring Pattern

There are many kinds of wood laminate flooring patterns available in the market. People usually call this wood flooring pattern as parquet flooring.

The various wood laminate flooring patterns which you can easily find now in the marketplace include herringbone, chevron, brickwork, random and basket weave designs.

This laminate flooring that looks like wood is widely used in European countries. It is perfect not only for large interiors but also for a smaller size of room. For some tiny rooms, wood laminate flooring can help you make the small room look nicer and cozier.

If you choose chevron pattern, you can even make your tiny room looks larger and more grandiose. That’s why chevron is designed for tiny rooms. Herringbone and chevron are the wood laminate flooring patterns which are noticeably expensive and requiring more time for installation.

If you want the less structured one, you can definitely choose random pattern. Though it offers less structured installation method, it finally presents a spectacular result in the end.

Other wood laminate flooring pattern you can consider is the brick laminate flooring which also becomes the people’s favor on the globe. It is a laminate flooring that looks like brick mimicking the traditional brickwork.

Along with the use of boarders or strips you can install surrounding the blocks, you will finally have an eye-catching and outstanding wood flooring at your lovely home.

Wood Laminate Flooring
Wood Laminate Flooring

Stone Look Laminate Flooring Pattern

Other laminate flooring pattern and style idea to pick up for your new house is probably stone look laminate flooring.

Stone look laminate flooring comes not only to resemble the natural look but also to provide the modern interior design with the flooring types options.

Enjoy the effortless pattern and style as well as durability of laminate flooring that looks like stone or ceramic tile. This stone laminate flooring offers also an embossed texture as well as the low gloss, mimicking the look of an actual stone tile. Its soft color really matches your calm personality while its color combination offers a coziness for the room.

Either stone laminate planks, vinyl or tile is featuring a low maintenance. Just by a simple spray-and-wipe using alcohol, vinegar or other household ingredients will keep the floors clean and clear.

Stone Look Laminate flooring
Stone Look Laminate flooring

Rustic Laminate Flooring

Not only a modern house that be fitted by the laminate flooring but also the rustic house design.

If you have already a home with the rustic design, you can make it look stylish with the rustic laminate flooring.

So you don’t have to worry if you want to install the floors in an affordable price yet stylish look. You can just pick up rustic laminate flooring.

Rustic laminate flooring comes in varieties of style, from dark wood laminate flooring to bright wood laminate flooring. Rustic laminate flooring is also available in grey color either the dark one or the light one.

So if you have white color for the room layout, you can pick up the grey rustic laminate flooring to suit the overall interior design.

Rustic Laminate Flooring
Rustic Laminate Flooring

Farmhouse Laminate Flooring

What about farmhouse laminate flooring?

Is there any farmhouse laminate flooring?

Why not?

Many factories are trying to meet the customers’ needs and satisfaction. In today’s home design, there have been many kinds of flooring developed, one of which is farmhouse laminate flooring.

In regards today’s home design, farmhouse laminate flooring is also created and designed to suit the farmhouse design. There are many patterns and styles available in farmhouse laminate flooring either in plank, vinyl or tile.

Farmhouse Laminate Flooring
Farmhouse Laminate Flooring

Modern Laminate Flooring

The most widely used laminate flooring pattern and style in today’s interior home design is the modern laminate flooring.

As its name, modern laminate flooring is mush suitable for homes with modern design. Modern laminate flooring comes in many varieties including those that looks like stone, wood and tile.

Modern laminate flooring is considered as the trendiest among the other type of laminate flooring. It is due to the fact that modern houses has been built from years to years.

Modern Laminate Flooring
Modern Laminate Flooring

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High Gloss Laminate Flooring Pattern Ideas

The next laminate flooring that may inspire you is high gloss laminate flooring which is much resembling the tile.

Its shiny style makes the floor looks so luxurious, matching the modern home design. It comes with the various pattern and style, ranging from wood style to tile style. It is also available in white, grey, and brown color both in dark and light.

Though it is able to serve the customers with the luxurious look of flooring, it offers a high durability yet cheaper price than the real flooring.

Hickory High Gloss
Hickory High Gloss

Now which one of laminate flooring pattern ideas would you pick up for your home?

Make sure you choose one option that is most suitable with your interior home design.