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Why Laminate Flooring

Installing Laminate Flooring Ideas For The Best Places

by Dylan Johnson

Welcome to laminate flooring ideas for the best places we are going to share now! If you assume that laminate flooring fits only the high foot traffic areas, you are completely wrong. Some of the best places at home can be actually installed by laminate flooring with no reason.

Not only the bathrooms and kitchens which are always stated to be good with synthetic flooring but also other important places which are not highly trafficked such as bedroom and living room.

Why Laminate Flooring?

How can we come to the idea of installing laminate flooring in such spaces?

It starts with the fact that laminate flooring is one of the synthetic flooring widely used and highly recommended by home designers especially when it comes to on-budget situation.

Laminate flooring is inexpensive both for the laminate itself and its installation. Due to its easy installation, the cost will be lower.

Believe it or not, you yourself can even install the laminate flooring by yourself based on the proper installation method provided by the manufacturer or you can find it online.

Is laminate flooring durable?

Well, just because it is noticeably inexpensive doesn’t mean that it is low in quality and durability.

All manufacturers claim that their laminate flooring product are durable and long lasting. The high quality laminate flooring can even last for more than 25 years.

Absolutely, a proper installation and maintenance are needed.

Living Room Laminate Flooring Ideas

Living Room Laminate Flooring Ideas
Living Room Laminate Flooring Ideas

Can you work out to install laminate flooring in living room?

Why not?

Though living room is not suggested place for laminate flooring installation, it would be wonderful to have the original-like flooring that costs a little yet looks amazing more.

Dealing with the laminate flooring ideas for the best places, there are various designs, styles and colors of laminate flooring available on the market including the wood look, ceramic look and tile look.

If you want a natural view in the living room, a natural wood look of laminate flooring can be the best option. The natural wood look laminate resembles oak, maple, cherry, hickory and other wood styles.

Ceramic-look laminate flooring will make your living room floors look like the real ceramic. Traditional to modern houses fit this style. Meanwhile, tile-look is more suitable for traditional look home.

Many different colors are also available in laminate flooring designs. They are created to suit your interior and meet your needs as well as your personal likeness. Gray, blue, black, brown and white are the common colors of laminate flooring you can choose.

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Laminate Flooring For Laundry Room

The next laminate flooring ideas for the best places is laminate flooring for laundry room. This way, laundry room is one of the high foot traffic areas at home where the laminate flooring can be installed well as suggested.

Thanks to the waterproof feature of laminate flooring that makes the floors resistant to water and enables you to easily clean up any spilled water or other kinds of liquids.

This also help to avoid the moisture damaged in the future because of the watery floors.

Flooring For Laundry Room
Flooring For Laundry Room

Laminate flooring with bright colors are recommended to install on laundry room. It helps make the room looks spacious and bright so that you can feel cozy doing your laundry.

So, light gray, light brown and white laminate flooring will be nice to opt instead of the dark colors such as dark brown, black and dark gray.

Don’t forget to suit the laminate flooring color with the wall schemes you have in the laundry room to create a good look of a complete interior home design.

Bedroom Laminate Flooring Ideas

Bedroom Laminate Flooring Ideas
Bedroom Laminate Flooring Ideas

Based on home advisors or home designers, laminate flooring for the children’s bedroom is a god idea. Children mostly play, run and walk around the bed in the bedroom within their super actives movements.

This makes the floors easily spilled by the milk, water, cheese, dust and any other dirt as a result of the children’s activities. This is when a laminate flooring come into play.

Yeah, laminate flooring is mostly featuring scratch and water resistant. Thus, you don’t have to worry too much how to maintain the floors. Laminate flooring has low maintenance, allowing you to clean it up easily and quickly.

Weeping it using a regular broom or vacuuming it is the easiest way of keeping the floors clean while mopping it weekly is also good for an intense cleansing.

Commercial Laminate Ideas

Commercial Laminate Flooring Ideas
Commercial Laminate Flooring Ideas

The wide range of laminate flooring designs and suitability with the homeowners’ needs makes it usable for commercial setting, too.

As a commercial flooring, laminate is one of the most favorable options for its low maintenance and its construction which is designed for the heavy foot traffic in the busy settings.

It might be slightly difficult to choose the perfect laminate for commercial settings due to the unlimited designs and styles.

However, the most important thing to consider in choosing the commercial laminate flooring is its AC rating.

AC ratings are commonly used to indicate the level of laminate flooring durability. The ratings help you find out which laminate flooring is the best to install suiting the particular floors and the amount of foot traffic that a laminate can handle.

To plan laminate flooring in commercial areas, it is recommended to choose AC4-AC5 and AC3 rated laminate floors. This is aimed to avoid the major problems that might be coming after installing the commercial laminate floorings.

Isn’t it affecting your business?

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Laminate in Garage

Flooring in Garage
Flooring in Garage

The last but not least laminate flooring ideas for the best places is the one installed in a garage.

Is it possible to install laminate flooring in the garage?

It is unquestionably that the high quality laminate flooring can with stand the garage traffic as well.

Waterproof and scratch resistant feature will ensure why installing the laminate flooring in the garage is also recommended. Easy maintenance over the spilled liquid is one of reasons, too.

So, what do you think of installing laminate flooring on some best areas at your home?

Make your decision!