Laminate Flooring Types, Benefits and Price

Dylan Johnson

Benefit Laminate Flooring Types

When you cannot afford the real tile flooring due to the limited budget, installing the fake one is also a good idea. Here are  laminate flooring types you can have a look for an inspiration.

There are actually more than one type of laminate flooring available in the market. Make sure you gain sufficient information before finally make a payment.

Laminate Flooring Types Benefits and Price
Laminate Flooring Types Benefits and Price


Typically, there are two common types of laminate flooring that has been widely used around the world. Those are laminate plank flooring and laminate tile flooring.

These both types has their own features and characteristics as well as benefits that you can make use of.

Laminate Plank Flooring

Laminate plank flooring is typically installed as “floating floor”. This way, the planks are interlocking the edges and forming a solid mat. This solid mat can be placed on the underlayment with no glue.

Laminate Tile Flooring

Laminate tile flooring has more designs that make it looks like the real tile and ceramic. It can even make the floors look very elegant with the white laminate tile. Laminate tile flooring resembles the real tile.

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There is variety of laminate flooring thickness ranging from 6mm to 12mm. Perhaps, there is no laminate flooring thickness which is definitely 12mm. It must include the pad in the measurement.

However, if you want to find the highest quality of laminate flooring types, you can find the one with 10mm to 12mm thickness.

Thickness of Laminate Flooring
Thickness of Laminate Flooring

For average thickness, people usually choose the available 7mm, 8mm, or 9mm thickness of the laminate. The thicker the laminate, the more expensive the price is.

The thick laminate floors bring some benefits contributing to the comfort of the flooring. The thick laminate floors will feel like hardwood underfoot and be quitter while you are walking on.

How thick should a laminate flooring be?

Typically, if you want a good laminate flooring installed on your subfloor, 6mm to 12mm thick laminate will be good to meet your need.

However, 7mm or 8mm thickness is also good enough to provide you with the satisfying flooring.

For an exception, people that choose 12mm thick laminate floor will have the floor which is closest to hardwood.

Size of Laminate Flooring

There is no strict size of laminate flooring either for the laminate plank or laminate tile. However, if you want to purchase laminate flooring, you had better check out the product details at first.

It is due to the fact that the length of laminate flooring will be different form one manufacturer to another.

By checking out the product details or specifications, you will find out information about the product width and thickness, not length. Still, you can have a clear picture about it.

Size of Laminate Flooring
Size of Laminate Flooring

On average, the laminate plank flooring are approximately measured 48 inches long. As we have stated, the length may vary among the manufacturer. It also depends on the floor styles.

If the floor is resembling hardwood, the plank will be longer. On the other hand, if the floor is resembling tile, the laminate will have more square dimensions.

For a multi-length laminate flooring types, Armstrong is recommended. It has developed a multi-length laminate plank flooring in random.

In detail, Armstrong New England Long Plank Boston Tea has a 7.5ft long plank designed for airy rooms while other Armstrong variants come with an innovative multi-length which is designed for traditional hardwood flooring.

Durability of Laminate Flooring

Many kinds of laminate flooring produced by the manufacturers are claimed to be durable.

It is because laminate flooring is typically made of pressed wood so that it is more durable, scratch resistant, moisture and wear as well as tear resistant. Due to this durability, laminate flooring is easy to clean.


The low maintenance feature will enable you to clean the floors just by sweeping using the broom or cleaning it with vacuum for daily cleansing.

For a weekly cleansing, mopping the floors is the common and easy way of keeping the floors clean.

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Price of Laminate Flooring

You may be wondering how much you will spend for laminate flooring including the product purchasing and the product installation.

In general, all manufacturers offer more affordable price for laminate flooring.

Noticeably, the price will vary depending on the quality of the laminate which is usually based on the product thickness, the product brand, the shipping, delivery and sales tax and the number of square feet you plan to cover.

On average, laminate flooring price can range between $1 and $5 a square foot. But most laminate flooring costs are $2 and $4 per square foot.

The cheap laminate flooring which is $1 usually about 1/8 inch thick only. It is extremely thin as the top wear layer.

The medium-quality laminate will cost $2 to $4 per square foot along with 3/8 inch thickness while the high-quality laminate costs $3 to $5 per square foot. This one has the thickest layer which is ½ inch.  

The laminate brands do play a role in determining the price.

Armstrong, Quick-Step and Mohawk and Shaw offer the basic laminate flooring price between $1 and $3 per square foot. Yet the premium collections cost between $2.80 and $4.25 per square foot.

BerryAlloc, Mannington, Bruce and Pergo offer their basic laminate price between $1.55 and $3.60 per square foot. Their premium collections can cost between $3.50 and $5.25 per square foot.

Considering that the location you choose to buy laminate flooring types either the plank or tile also influences the price, you must get to know how much the price offered by the retailers and the online stores.

Mostly, they both have competitive price. So you have better watch out the sales and discounts to save a few dollars.

What do you have in mind now?

Have you had a clear picture about laminate flooring types you may probably want to install soon on your subfloor?

Make sure you hold this information tightly as it will lead you to choose the right laminate flooring for your home.

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