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Modern Laminate Flooring Walls Ideas

Laminate Flooring on Wall – How Can You Manage the Project?

by Dylan Johnson

There are tons of creativities and ideas to improve your home decor and indoor setting and one of which is to have laminate flooring on wall.

Wait, is it even possible?

Isn’t laminate flooring is designed to be specifically installed on….well, floor?

Well, people have come up with various ideas and inspirations. And they find out that having laminate flooring wall isn’t a bad idea, after all.

In fact, it is a wonderful idea because you can provide a good insulation as well as improving your home visual and look in the simplest manner possible.

Laminate flooring isn’t exclusively belonging to floors only you are free to install it anywhere you like.

After all, if you already have a beautiful floor, you can always match it up with the beautiful and gorgeous wall design.

Laminate can offer natural and authentic look without breaking the bank. Not to mention that there are tons of perks that you can enjoy by installing the laminate flooring on your wall.

The General Perks

Laminate Flooring on Walls
Laminate Flooring on Wall

So, having laminate flooring on wall are advantageous you should be able to enjoy some of the perks, naturally.

In terms of budgets and money, for a starter, this home decor option does come with an appealing offer.

You see, laminate flooring isn’t costly not when you compare it to tiles, real stones, and real wood. It means that you are free to improve the look of the house without having to hurt your wallet.

Even when you are thinking about remodeling a tricky part of the house, you can do it with this flooring type and expect not to spend a fortune.

So, yes, this type of flooring on the wall is the new best friend of budget-tight homeowners.

In terms of style, there is no need to doubt the flooring accent. Today’s laminate flooring comes in various attractive designs with beautiful finish and great colors.

Some of the high-end products look as real as the natural stone or wood. They play tricks to your eyes and you will believe that they are real until you touch them.

You can create whatever themes or designs that you want, from the traditional look or shabby chic ideas to the contemporary and modern flair.

Not to mention that the laminate planks are also coming with various textures.

As a result, not only you can deliver authentic and cool vibe to the room, but you can also create an upscale attraction without digging deeper to your wallet.

Another thing to like about this laminate flooring is the direct, straightforward, and easy installation.

This is the type of work that is often included in DIY project because it is pretty easy to do provided that you are willing to make extra time and efforts.

Most of the laminate planks are lightweight, so when you have to cut them out, it won’t be a problem for you. In order to save more money, you won’t have to consult a professional installer to do the whole thing.

However, if you are completely CLUELESS then you need to hire a pro you don’t want to create a costly mess that can cost you more.

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Creative Laminate Flooring Wall Installation

Creative Laminate Flooring Wall Installation
Creative Laminate Flooring Wall Installation

Do you know that there are several creative ways to incorporate laminate flooring on wall?

There are some rooms at home that can take the benefits of such installation. Rest assured that you can always manage it correctly and properly if you know how (and when) to incorporate such a look.

Bedroom Wall

bedroom laminate flooring on walls
bedroom laminate flooring on wall

You can seriously make use of the laminate flooring accent wall in the bedroom. Well, basically, the laminate wall are just perfect for carpeted spaces , such as the playrooms and bedrooms.

It doesn’t mean that laminate flooring wall won’t look great with hard surface floor. The idea of having the laminate accent wall is to create somewhat a harmonious and balanced look of all the elements in the room.

If you have a contemporary and modern bed frame with empty space above it, then you can install the laminate planks behind the bed.

Use your imagination and creativity. You can create one-of-a-kind headboard feel without adding bulk into the space. The accent wall should be the focal point of your design so make sure that it pops!

Insets and Shelves

laminate flooring on shelves
laminate flooring on shelves

A lot of homeowners are clueless of what to do with their built-in insets or shelves. But if you have one, know that you are super lucky!

To create an artistic and absolutely stunning effect, why not using the laminate flooring on them?

Insets and shelves are generally smaller than the entire (accent) wall, right?

It doesn’t hurt to go with bolder pattern or color or design so they can really stand out.

If you have several insets, you can go crazy with creative installation, like horizontal and vertical way or even with different patterns and colors.

Kitchen Accents and Backsplash

Kitchen Accents and Backsplash Wall
Kitchen Accents and Backsplash Wall

Everyone knows that kitchen is the heart of the house, and yet it is also prone to spills, splash, bubbling and chaos and they are CERTAIN to happen.

Installing wood accent can make the room super beautiful, but with such ‘accidents’ waiting to happen, wood may not be the best option.

What about tiles?

Well, tiles are durable and stain resistant so it is one of the best options for kitchens. However, tiles are pricey you will have to spend a fortune to have it in the kitchen.

The solution?

Use the laminate backsplash. You can always use the smaller laminate pieces that look like the stickers. They are coming in peel and stick method so it would be super easy and convenient for the installation.

Laminate can improve the look of the kitchen and it is resistant to those kitchen chaos. Plus, you won’t have to spend a fortune to install it. Be creative with your laminate options, including when you have open shelves in the kitchen.

Accent Wall

You probably notice that you have boring wall in the living room or in the entrance.

Why not using laminate flooring on wall in these rooms?

You don’t necessarily have to cover the entire wall to create a visual appeal. You can cover only half or create interesting patterns on the wall just to make it more interesting.

In this way, you will no longer have empty and boring wall anymore.

Bathrooms, along with the Vanities

Bathroom and Vanities Walls
Bathroom and Vanities Walls

Bathrooms are the special rooms where laminate flooring would be the perfect option. Sure, a lot of people may prefer vinyl flooring for their bathrooms because of their better durability against moisture and water, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate your bathrooms with the laminate flooring.

You can even decorate your vanities with the laminate!

Consider adding some accents and decorative elements to your vanity area, if it is possible.

Feel free to create an interesting focal point for your laminate flooring for bathroom wall. You can either choose only a specific wall for the entire installation or go with accent style (which means that you don’t have to cover the entire wall).

Can you have laminate flooring for shower wall? Sure, you can.

However, it is advisable that the laminate acts as a decor, not the main coverage of the wall.

If you do want the laminate flooring to be the main cover for the entire wall, choose the high-end and more expensive type. This type has better moisture repellent and water resistant trait.

In short, you can always have laminate in the bathroom either as the main decor or as a supporting decor.

Laminate Flooring Wall Ideas

When it comes to designing the interior parts of the house, there are so many different laminate flooring elements that you can implement on the wall.

If you know how to manage them, they can create an absolutely stunning effect without you having to overdo it.

As it was said before, laminate flooring comes in various styles, colors, and designs. For the grey laminate flooring wall color, for instance, you can go with textured laminate planks for natural coarse feel.

And to avoid boredom and bland, you can always choose the ones with patterns, such as worn gray or patterned gray laminate with various hues and streaks of colors.

If you want to have a more natural appeal, the laminate wood flooring on wall can also be a good option. You can either choose the bold and dark colors or the light ones.

Do you want the traditional look or the worn and rustic effect?

Do you want a color with several different colors or the same hue?

The options are limitless!

There are so many good designs, ideas, and inspirations out there. Do your research and check them out on your own.

How to Install Laminate Flooring on Wall

Here are the general step by step stages in installing the laminate planks on your wall.

  • Make sure that you have measured the width and height of the wall so you know the numbers of flooring needed for the installation. Be sure to buy 5% to 10% of extra flooring for the possibility of errors
  • The flooring needs to acclimate to the room’s humidity and temperature before the installation. Within the room that you want to install, remove the planks from their boxes. Consult the product’s instruction or guide so you know the exact length of proper acclimation
  • You need to have ¼ inch of expansion gap around the wall’s entire perimeter. To be on the safe side, you may want to buy ¼ inch shims for the proper (expansion) gap.
  • Consider having a stud finder to find them on the wall. Once you have found them, mark the locations with the chalk line
  • To get better ideas of how the planks will look on the wall, lay them out on the floor. Feel free to play with patterns and colors come up with the most attractive visual outcome.
  • The installation process can start. Load the nail gun. Cut off the construction adhesive tip and place it within the caulk gun. Apply the adhesive within an S pattern. Do this on the back of your (first) plank for the bottom row.
  • On the wall, place the plank right above the expansion gap. Then face nail it at the location of the stud. The nail should be low enough so it can be covered by the trim. You will then blind-nail (the plank) through the groove within the stud location. Do this repeatedly until your bottom first row is complete.
  • Apply the adhesive for the next row do it within the same manner as you have done before.
  • The bottom row planks are the only ones getting the face nail. For the next row, you need to blind nail it straightly. Do this until the entire installation is complete.
  • For the last row, you may need to rip the planks off like the one you have done for the first row. Always remember to leave the expansion gap on the top side
  • Add the trim work so you can come up with a finished and completed look.

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Things to Remember

When you want to have laminate flooring on wall, there are several crucial things to bear in mind:

  • You can install the laminate flooring on your wall directly on the painted or primed drywall. It ISN’T advisable to install the laminate planks over paneling or wallpaper
  • Expansion gap shouldn’t be underestimated. You should also consider this element when doing the wall laminate flooring.
  • Always consult the product’s installation info, proper and correct care instruction and installation, and other info. Keep in mind that each product is different from one another, so always make sure that you refer to the manufacturer’s guide and instructions.
  • Laminate flooring wall is best for creating tonal or textural contrast or transitional applications
  • The wall surface must be flat completely. If the surface isn’t flat, the laminate planks will only show the irregularities when laid down
  • In case the wall surface has irregularities, you need to screw a very thin plywood sheet on the wall. Then you can install the laminate planks
  • In the event that you want to mount items on that wall (so the wall won’t be bare or empty), you will have to screw a plywood sheet in first and then installing the planks (right on top of the plywood). Don’t forget that you will have to have an extra support for the screws so they can bear the weight. It is applicable for any wall mounting, such as a book shelf, a display rack, or a TV.

In an overall sense, having the floor on the wall isn’t impossible. At all. With laminate, you only need to know the basic and the nature, and voila!

Your laminate flooring on wall is ready to wow everyone.