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Laminate for Life Review

Laminate for Life Review and Its Premium Quality

by Dylan Johnson

Be sure to check Laminate for Life review before you buy the flooring products from the company, Carpet One.

The brand and their products are known as premium and exclusive, but do they really deliver the top-notch quality that is worth the price?

When compared to other laminate floor products, this one has a higher price tag.

But then again, if it comes with quality constructions, better style and design, and improved performance, it is only logical if they have such a standard high tag.

In the past, laminate floor was known for the cheesy and lame appearance, despite the sturdy construction and water-resistant quality.

Because of not-so-artistic and not-so-beautiful design, not many homeowners would be interested in choosing laminate flooring for their home.

However, things have changed to the better, especially since technology has come into play.

Today’s laminate flooring has beautiful look and artistic appearance. Some of them are able to mimic the natural look of stone or wood they even come in similar textures!

With better water-resistant feature, even improved waterproof ability, the flooring has never been better!

Plus, laminate floor isn’t as expensive as hardwood. And the maintenance and care for the floor is relatively easier than hardwood.

You won’t have to deal with costly cleaning products, complicated cleaning tools, and fussy cleaning methods just to keep your floor shiny most of the time.

And Carpet One provides attractive warranty for their products, which is another reason why many homeowners love this floor and this brand.

Design and Looks

If you check Laminate for Life review, you will see that many users have stated their satisfaction in terms of wide arrays of collections and various options.

Their color ranges are pretty impressive, coming in various finish textures and also different wood species patterns. You should expect patterns like hickory, maple, or oak without any difficulty.

Not to mention that they come in character-grade appearance, enhancing the sawn-face and knots grains. If you are into antiqued or classic styles, they also provide it.

What about reclaimed style?

They have it too along with multi-width faux planks.

Some of the popular and likable finish textures include antiqued, hand-scraped, and wire-brushed.

The texture itself is created through embossed in register technology, but it won’t get in the way of the cleaning procedures or it won’t accumulate dirt.

They also offer trendy and modern color options. Because of it, you should be able to enjoy various options of contemporary, farmhouse, coastal, and modern decor.

However, since their collections are mostly in trendy colors and options, it may be difficult to find classic or traditional styles.

If you prefer classic look, Laminate for Life may not be the best option.

Be advised, though, that the availability of color and products are different from one store to another.

To save time, check the local franchise of Carpet One in your area. Then you should be able to get more information about the products availability along with the samples.

If you want to schedule viewing, it won’t be a problem either. In fact, it is advisable that you see all the samples directly.

By being able to touch the textures and see the real colors, you can make a better decision of which product to choose for the house.

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Durability, Performance, and Construction

Based on Laminate for Life review, the floor has two types of thickness: the 8mm and the 10mm. For the width, they have 3 different options: the 6 inches, 7 inches, and 9 inches.

The edges can be either eased off for a secured and tight fitting or beveled. All of the planks have aluminum oxide finish with strong coating performance.

If there is a downside is the absence of attached (underlayment) pad. With the pad, you won’t have to spend extra time for prepping the subfloor.

But then again, having the attached pad may add extra spending to the purchase since floors with attached pad are often sold higher than those without.

The company, Carpet One, offers their underlayment products in a unique way.

Most of their locations would have 3 types of stocks, especially for their laminate underlayment.

These 3 types would be categorized as good, better, and also the best.

  • If you choose good grade, the pad comes in 2-in-1 foam underlayment with 2mm of thickness. It delivers good sound dampening and air cushion ability
  • If you choose better grade, the pad comes in 3-in-1 foam underlayment with 2mm of thickness. Besides sound dampening and air cushion, it offers moisture barrier too.
  • If you choose the best pad, the underlayment comes as rubber closed-cell construction. It delivers impressive ability as all of the mentioned above, plus superior performance in sound absorption

Keep in mind that a quality pad can break or make the installation.

If you want your floor to last, choosing the cheapest one wouldn’t be the wisest move you do.

If you want the floor to last as long as possible, it is better to choose better grade or even the best one.

Another thing to like about this brand, according to Laminate for Life review, is their warranty. It is offered in different levels, including Platinum and Titanium.

All of the warranties are offering basic coverage, like product failure, delamination, and such thing alike.

But the company also offers the enhanced warranty like The Beautiful Guarantee.

This would apply in case you dislike the effect of the floor to your house, and you want it replaced.

The Beautiful Guarantee will cover the replacement cost, along with the labor cost.

But be advised that there are other exclusions they include within the fine print. And such warranty is only limited to one claim for one customer.

Based on Laminate for Life review, the floor has its own water resistant collection which is covered for installation in laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Whereas most laminate flooring can’t be installed in those areas (because of the high level of humidity and moisture), Laminate for Life offers products that are completely different.

It speaks volumes of the durability including the ability to deal with pets and active kids.

Many users have positive reviews about this floor, claiming that their floor has survived the long years of use and still looking great.

It does have the best performance and quality.

Installation Easiness

Generally, laminate flooring isn’t difficult to install. As a floating floor, it comes with click and lock system some say as click and snap mechanism.

Whatever it is, it promotes easy and effortless way to install a floor. This is the reason why laminate flooring is considered a DIY-friendly floor.

When compared to angle tap model, this drop and lock system is relatively easier and also faster to manage.

Imagine this as a bigger puzzle game, where you need to find the right fit and secure it into place.

Such an arrangement gives you great flexibility and versatility.

You are free to hire a professional and skilled installer, but you may have to spend extra for the installation cost.

If you are rather low on the budgets, you should be able to do it on your own.

However, you need to dedicate your time for this project as you won’t be able to rush things up.

Yes, patience is a virtue and it will pay up in the end.

You only need some basic and minimal tools, but it can be quite handy to have a power saw so cutting the planks to adjust the length and width won’t be an issue.

If you don’t have a power saw, renting one can be a solution.

Be advised that you may have to prepare some extra times for subfloor prepping especially since this floor doesn’t have any underlayment pad.

But based on Laminate for Life review, installing one won’t be a problem at all.

The Price and Cost Laminate for Life

As it was mentioned before, laminate flooring is one of the most affordable and inexpensive flooring, which is perfect for budget-conscious homeowners.

In general, the floor can cost around $1 a square foot to $8 a square foot, for the premium and luxury type.

Based on Laminate for Life review, Laminate for Life costs you around $4 to around $7 a square foot.

If you want to buy the pad rolls, it may range between $45 and $65 a roll of 100 square foot. The price depends on the quality, naturally.

Moreover, Laminate for Life can only be purchased at Carpet One franchise, so it doesn’t hurt to make research of your local retailer.

The price mentioned is for material only, not including the installation cost. Be ready to pay between $2.50 and $4 a square foot for the installation cost.

This cost itself doesn’t include furniture moving, extra subfloor prep, old floor removal, or such thing alike.

If you have a DIY project, these costs can be minimum. It is important, though, to read and understand the installation guide provided by the manufacturer.

You don’t want to void the warranty and damage your floor, after all.

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Conclusive Thoughts Laminate for Life Review

In the overall end, it is safe to say that Laminate for Life is a premium brand with exclusive features and quality.

The floor comes with beautiful and trendy styles, catering to all kinds of home decor and designs.

The price and the overall cost for installing the floor won’t hurt your bank either at least it is lower than installing a hardwood floor.

The floor itself is sturdy and durable. The water resistant quality is quite impressive with solid anti-scratch performance.

Installation is also easy and effortless you are given the flexibility to do it on your own or to hire a pro. Consult and search Laminate for Life review to get better insight of the floor.