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Lancer Furniture Review

Lancer Furniture Review

by Ethan Ross

Imagine this: A friend’s house may have the exact same ottoman that you bought for hundreds of dollars! To put an end to that nightmare, consider investing in Lancer Furniture sofas instead. What can you expect to find in this Lancer Furniture review? Everything you need to know about the company is right here!

We looked into the most popular designs and the product’s longevity, warranty, and other features. Without further ado, let us get into it.

Product and Price Range

Now and then, you may find yourself in a furniture store and begin to ponder how many other people’s homes feature identical décor. Fortunately, Lancer Furniture is here to fill the need. The company specializes in custom-made, high-quality American-made furniture.

A Lancer Furniture recliner, for example, is constructed to order by a skilled craftsman to your exact specifications. When it comes to upholstery, Lancer Furniture guarantees that its items are superior to those found in showrooms.

As a North Carolina-based company, Lancer Furniture ensures that its products meet the highest standards by designing and manufacturing them in-house. We will take you on a tour of the brand’s sofas to help you realize your dreams of stylish, high-quality furniture.

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Accent Chair 7001

Lancer Furniture Accent Chair 7001
Lancer Furniture Accent Chair 7001

Dimensions: 32″ W x 35″ D x 38″ H

Collection: Standard

This accent chair is a great way to liven up a room’s décor. It has a refined form that will offer elegance and comfort to any room.

Ottoman No. 02

Lancer Furniture Ottoman No. 02
Lancer Furniture Ottoman No. 02

Dimensions: 49″ W x 23″ D x 18.5″ H

Collection: Standard

You cannot go wrong with this ottoman, which features the sought-after mid-century aesthetic at an incredible value. Everything about its design, from the long cushy cushion to the slim and tall tapered legs, screams ‘best spot in your home.’

Sectional Group 8200S

Sectional Group 8200S
Lancer Furniture Sectional Group 8200S

Dimensions: N/A

Collection: Standard

This sectional has plenty of room for everyone to spread out and unwind. Your space’s elegant silhouette is further enhanced by using clean, uncluttered lines throughout.

Lancer Furniture Pros and Cons

Up next, these Lancer Furniture review will introduce you to some pros and cons of shopping for custom upholstered furniture from the brand :

Pros of Lancer Furniture

  • Lancer Furniture offers a wide selection of living room furniture.
  • There is an option under the “Built for Me Sectional” collection to customize your own piece of furniture.
  • You can choose from hundreds of Lancer Furniture fabrics in various styles.
  • Warranties cover all Lancer Furniture products.
  • Lancer Furniture covers transportation and repair costs on products with defects within one year of purchase.

Cons of Lancer Furniture

  • Lancer Furniture does not sell directly to the public, meaning you must buy through a dealer.
  • There is no explicit return policy, but you may want to discuss this with the original retailer from which you purchased your item.


All Lancer Furniture products are constructed using long-lasting materials. Fibers like microfiber, linen and polyester make up some of the more durable options.

Lancer Furniture couches are resistant to wrinkling and fading because of the combination of these materials. They look great, feel great, and are a breeze to keep clean. On average, they have a seven-year lifespan.


Lancer Furniture Warranty
Lancer Furniture Warranty

Lancer Furniture’s warranty promises that all its goods are free of defects. If you have a manufacturing problem, you can contact your store and request a return or a repair. It is important to note that this warranty only covers furniture that has been put to normal domestic usage.

In particular, Lancer Furniture provides four different types of guarantees for other furniture :

  • Lifetime warranty: Seat and back springs
  • Five-year limited warranty: Cushioning
  • Three-year limited warranty: Sleeper mechanism
  • One-year limited warranty: Upholstery fabrics, slipcover fabrics, and mattresses

Lancer Furniture will cover all labor and shipment costs in case of a material fault within the first year of ownership.

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For the time being, Lancer Furniture does not sell to the general market. Thus, furniture dealers are the only place where you may purchase this item. This means that your local store will help you with delivery and after-sale assistance.

Where to buy Lancer Furniture? Your nearest retailer’s address and phone number can be obtained on the company’s contact page. Also, you can type the keyword “Lancer Furniture dealers near me” in your browser to find one.

Lancer Furniture Return Policy

As far as we can tell, the company does not indicate its return policy. Therefore, it is usually best to speak with the original shop from whence it was acquired. Moreover, we assume that each store has its own policies that you should check before shopping.

Final Words

In short, Lance Furniture is all about making your home look better. There is an extensive collection of furniture for entertaining, living, and relaxing in various styles. Anyway, if you are looking for an alternative to compare, make sure to swing by our Woodhaven Furniture reviews.

We hope our Lancer Furniture review can help you decide if this brand is worth your time and money.