Lazy Boy Furniture Reviews

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Lazy Boy Furniture Reviews

Looking for the right home furnishing could be daunting because you have to choose one from myriads options available on the market. Take Lazy Boy furniture reviews as your best buddy to help you learn more about its products and services to pick the best product.

Lazy Boy is worth considering because it has been known to produce high-quality and comfortable products for decades. This furniture line is also offered at an affordable price, so customers can get the best products without digging deep into their pockets.

Making the best use of Lazy Boy Furniture sale is a clever move because it is cost-effective. Learn more about Lazy Boy by reading the following passage or not.

Product and Price Range

Lazy Boy Furniture Product and Price Range
Lazy Boy Furniture Product and Price Range

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Lazy Boy offers a wide range of comfortable and durable products such as lazy boy recliners, sofas, beds, etc. Its products come in many different colors and materials so that customers can pick one that suits their home well.

Take a look at the following examples of its products along with their prices :

Indoor FurnitureRecliningWood
fabric upholstery
Starts from $889.00
fabric upholstery
As low as $2,819.00
 SofaFabric upholstery
Starts from $2,159.00
 Chairs and A HalfFabric upholsteryAs lo as $1,369.00
metal frame
$236.00 – $5,892.00
metal frame
$204.00 – $1,859.00
 Dresserswood$404.00 – $4,351.00
metal frame
$404.00 – $4,351.00
Kitchen and DiningDining Table SetMetal frame
$590.00 – $10,175.00
leather and fabric upholstery
metal frame
$169.00 – $499.00
 Buffet and Sideboardwood$999.95 – $3,626.00
 China cabinet and displayWood
glass shelves
Starts from $1,149.95
Accents and DecorOttomanFabric and leather upholstery$169.00 – $2,121.00
 Coat Rack and Hall TreeWood
metal frame
$544.00 – $907.00
 Accent TablesMetal frame
$136.00 – $2,181.00
 Lamps and LightingMetal frame
fabric shade
$79.00 – $998.00
 MirrorWood and metal frame$91.00 – $1,859.00

Lazy Boy Furniture Pros and Cons

Like other recognized furniture brands such as novogratz or aetna furniture, Lazy Boy also has its strengths and flaws in its products and services.  However, you can get the right products to match your home furnishings with diligent research.

Check out the following pros and cons of lazy boy furniture you need to consider :

Pros of Lazy Boy Furniture

  • Worth considering because of its reputation for quality.
  • Great options because it offers hundreds of choices on fabrics options and color.
  • Practical due to the many available retailers. Thus, you can purchase at any lazy boy furniture near me.
  • Easy access due to their many showrooms all over the USA.
  • Relieving because it provides customers with the product warranty.

Cons of Lazy Boy Furniture

  • Quite pricey on its shipping due to no free shipping cost at any lazy boy furniture store.
  • Offers a limited warranty so that customer might not get their best products.
  • Burdening because it offers no return policy.


Regarding durability, you can count on Lazy Boy because it has decades of experience producing fine, comfortable, and durable furniture. Its continuous research and development become the success key because of its expertise.

Put this furniture line on your list because with reasonable use, the wear and tear of its products can last many years. Thus, as one of the oldest American furniture lines, Lazy Boy is worth considering.

Lazy Boy Furniture Policies

Lazy Boy cares about its customers by offering the following beneficial policies :

  • 3-Day Exchange Policy

Ensure to learn about its requirements because the policy only applies to new items.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

This company offers a limited warranty on manufacturing and material defects, so you have to take the best benefits. Thus, if you encounter Lazy Boy leather problems, you need to pay for the replacement parts or repair.

  • Trial or Return Policy

Consider this policy well because Lazy Boy does not apply an exchange policy within the first three days.

  • Financing

It is a beneficial policy for customers because the company provides financing for its customers.


Lazy Boy Furniture Delivery
Lazy Boy Furniture Delivery

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Put Lazy Boy furniture on your list because it offers its white-glove delivery service that assembles and places the product as the customers wish. Thus, it will save not only your time but also your energy as well.

However, you need to be patient because the delivery of the Lazy Boy sofa can take up to ten weeks.

If you have a large vehicle, you can pick up the product you purchase. However, Lazy Boy takes no further responsibility for the products once they leave the dealer’s buildings. If you experience any Lazy Boy delivery issues, you need to contact its Customer Service for a solution.

Lazy Boy Furniture Reviews: Final Words

So, what do you think about Lazy Boy?

If you are looking for top-class, cost-effective, and comfortable home furnishings, then Lazy Boy could be your best option. Hopefully, Lazy Boy furniture reviews will help you make your decision better to get your most desired products.

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