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Levity Furniture Reviews

Levity Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross

Comfort is one of the things to look for in a piece of furniture. Why? Of course, because furniture is the number 1 infrastructure for you to relax and rest. One furniture brand named Levity claims to be the most lasting comfort furniture. Suppose you want to know about this brand. Here’s a Levity furniture reviews.

For your information, Levity entrusts its manufacturing process to craftsmen. It is the same as Craftmaster Furniture. But Levity doesn’t put aside the quality of the process and result.

Unfortunately, this brand only produces the chair, ottoman, and table. But the product is divided into two categories. What are they?

Product and Price Range

There are only two product categories that Levity produces. Each category has its own brand item. Here is the list of each category product from Levity Brand.

TypeProductMaterialPrice Range
Dining ChairsScandinavian Dining Chair
Classic Dining Chair
Farmhouse Dining Chair
Wingback Dining Chair
Swappable Chair Covers
Extendable Dining Table
Solid Rubberwood
Textured Weave
Better than leather 
Solid Ashwood
Oak Veneer
Living RoomScandinavian Lounge Chairs
Classic Lounge Chair
Farmhouse Lounge Chair
Wingback Lounge Chair
Swappable Chair Covers
Mid Century Tray Ottoman
Transitional Ottoman
Swappable Ottoman Covers
Solid Rubberwood 
Textured Weave
$79  – $659

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Pros and Cons of Levity Furniture Reviews

Every product always has positive and negative things about itself. So, here is the list of pros and cons of Levity furniture.

Pros of Levity Furniture

Here are some of the pros about Levity products:

  • Levity is famous for its removable cushion/upholstery cover. 
  • A machine can wash the cover.
  • There are two types of upholstery materials that you can choose. They are better-than-Leather and textured weave.
  • Levity product is made from solid wood, whether rubberwood or ashwood. It can give the product good durability.
  • Many variants of colors are available.
  • Color fabric swatches are also available on its website.
  • Levity gives their customers free shipping service.
  • The furniture of Levity is categorized as low price.
  • Assemble instruction is available on its website.
  • Craftsmen make this furniture. So it is different from other machine furniture because the craftsmanship can make the product more artistic. 
  • This product is made to order, so there is no in-stock product

Cons of Levity Furniture

Here are some of the cons of Levity products:

  • Levity only creates chairs, ottomans and extendable tables.
  • No warranty for Levity furniture.
  • Some shoppers complain that they receive their items more than the time Levity promises.


Levity guarantees its products are long-lasting and comfortable. This is because they use solid wood material for the wooden parts. Moreover, the solid-wooden furniture is sturdy too.

Besides that, the cushion/upholstery covers are removable and washable by machine. It makes chairs and ottoman always comfy-use because it is always clean. And indeed, this treatment can extend a usage life. The other word, this furniture is lasting-comfort.


Levity doesn’t give a warranty to their customer, such as replacing or repairing parts. But the Levity party has guaranteed that their product is lasting-comfort. It is because of the use of good material and washable cover.


Free shipping is available for Levity furniture. But you must follow some conditions that Levity makes.

Your order is shipped to all the U.S., excluding Hawaii, Alaska, and The U.S territories, with free standard shipping.

Because every item Levity makes to order, your furniture will be delivered 1-2 weeks after the placement order. But this duration can vary depending on the item brand you select. You can see this option in your cart on the website.

Levity doesn’t use the expedition courier. But if you want to use the expedition team, Levity will entrust the process to FedEx. And then, you can change your address selection.

Return Policy

You can return your item order within 30 days of delivery time and get a charge fee for the process. And it varies for each product category. You will get the refund after deducting the return and shipping fee per box.

For chairs, your refund will be minus $35. Whereas for dining tables, you will get a charge of $239. Meanwhile, for chair covers, you will get no extra cost.

All items you will send back must be in original packaging or disassembled. This is the condition that you should have.

If you want to claim the returning process, you can submit the email to Levity customer care. Your request will be processed within five business days after your return item arrives in The Levity facility. Meanwhile, you will receive your refund after 7 – 8 business days.

User Complaint with Levity Home Furniture

Regarding from user experience that recently buying, it appears that the user is dissatisfied with Levity’s decision to discontinue certain furniture pieces and, more importantly, the corresponding covers for these items.

The user’s frustration stems from the inability to purchase additional covers for the recently bought tray ottoman and the Classic Lounge Chair, which were advertised as having swappable, washable covers.

This situation highlights a potential gap in Levity’s customer service and business ethics, as pointed out by the user, especially considering the company’s marketing emphasis on the versatility and longevity of its furniture through interchangeable covers.

The user’s experience reflects a broader concern about the company’s commitment to supporting their products post-purchase, particularly when it comes to discontinued items.

This issue is particularly pertinent for customers who invested in these products based on their advertised features and expected ongoing support.

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Final Words

Levity concentrates its business on manufacturing chairs, ottomans, and extendable dining chairs.

This product has a timeless design style and a removable and washable upholstery cover. Other than that, this product is made to order by artisans. That’s it, Levity furniture reviews. May it be your reference.