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Linoleum Flooring Kitchen Reviews

Get The Tough Kitchen Flooring By Linoleum Flooring Kitchen

by Dylan Johnson

So you are willing to achieve the tough flooring in your kitchen now, here we are going to share you all about Linoleum flooring kitchen that you may consider later.

Linoleum has been becoming one of the most widely used flooring type for kitchens due to its greater features such as durable, tough, stain-resistant, eco-friendly material and anti-microbial.

These are all the features that characterize the flooring type which is best for kitchens.

However, in the beginning of 1950s, this flooring became less popular since more people tend to choose vinyl and rubber tiling for their flooring products.

Consequently, the companies which were manufacturing the linoleum kitchens set the lower price, making the flooring less expensive.

It has also been typical that this linoleum flooring designed especially for kitchen has only standard materials. Though it might be very durable, people start getting bored of the standard old look.

On the contrary, vinyl, rubber and other innovative flooring materials enter the world of flooring market with the more exciting designs, making the flooring more appealing to the consumers.

Before we go deeper about the issues of Linoleum floors kitchen, let’s find out the benefits of the floors first to prove that this flooring had even been one of the most widely used around the world.

So let’s have a look at the flooring’s characteristics, durability, styles, maintenance and price just before we look at the drawbacks.

Linoleum Flooring Kitchen Characteristics

There are definitely some characteristics that characterizes the linoleum flooring designed for kitchens.

Firstly, all linoleum for kitchens must have a feature of eco-friendly material. Linseed oil, cork powder, wood flour and limestone dust are all the eco-friendly materials that construct the linoleum kitchen, making the floors safe for home environment.

These materials are also renewable, allowing them to breakdown easily in the landfill. Linoleum kitchens can even burn without resulting harmful fumes like the vinyl does.

Secondly, linoleum flooring kitchens offers no harmful VOCs. Though the linseed oil material smell lingering in the air few weeks after the installation, it doesn’t produce any dangerous VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Furthermore, linoleum flooring kitchen has a resilient surface as the existence of cork dust will give a comfy underfoot, so that, you can feel comfortable to stand on and step on many times in the kitchen.

This feature often becomes the consideration why people come to select linoleum flooring kitchen.

Luckily, Linoleum flooring kitchen also comes with non-allergenic and anti-microbial feature. For those who are very much sensitive to chemicals, linoleum can be the perfect option for kitchen flooring where you spend your time there most.

There will be no allergic reactions caused by this kind of flooring. The easy cleaning also makes the floors naturally resistant to bacteria or germs.

Supported by the anti-static characteristic, linoleum flooring kitchen allows the dust and dirt not to be strapped on the flooring surface.

Thus, it is not resulting breathing problems for people with respiratory problem.

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Basically, linoleum flooring kitchens are designed in retro style. Thus, it matches more with the classical home environment. This is because linoleum for kitchen owned a long and various history, making it suitable for old styles which are retro, classic and traditional. 

However, people say that this flooring type got its popularity because of the natural cyclical nature trends. So, linoleum floors kitchen is much more ideal for homes with the mid-century modern design at which retro and classical styles are still touching the design.


Knowing that this linoleum flooring kitchen was very much popular in its period, a big question may make you wonder whether the flooring product is durable or not. To provide the consumers with a good flooring, the manufacturers offers 25 years linoleum warranty.

However, in practice, the linoleum floors can even last longer than 25 years. Believe it or not, it can last for up to 40 years. This 40 year lifespan was just common at that time.

Linoleum floors kitchen is great and durable enough. Unlike vinyl flooring, if linoleum kitchen is experiencing scratches, the scratches are less visible, making the floors recognized as scratch resistant floor.

It is due to the fact that linoleum floors kitchen has solid materials along with the trustable thickness, making the scratches are less visible than the vinyl.

Hence, you may conclude that linoleum flooring kitchen was durable in its periods and keep durable now. You don’t have to worry about its durability if you have purchased the flooring for your home.

Keep in mind, all you need to do to make it durable is the proper installation and professional maintenance which lead to a high durability of the flooring.

Linoleum Flooring Kitchen Installation

Once you make your decision on purchasing this linoleum flooring kitchen, make sure you decide whether you are going to install the flooring by yourself or hiring a professional installer.

For a better result and high durability of the floors, it is much recommended that you hire a professional installer or a flooring expert.

Though this linoleum flooring kitchen is available for DIY option and you are skillful enough of being DIYers for your kitchen flooring, however, ensuring the right and proper installation is crucial since it would influence how long your floors will last for.

In fact, linoleum kitchen flooring will be able to last up to 40 years as long as it is processed through the right and proper installation.

Thus, you had better hire an flooring expert or professional installer so that you can have an unquestionable and durable kitchen flooring. 

Easy Maintenance

Once you have installed the linoleum flooring in your kitchen floors, one more information you need to derive is how to maintain it well so that you can keep the floors clean, shiny and durable.

In similar to vinyl flooring, linoleum flooring is also easy to clean and take care of. To get rid of the dirt and dust, the flooring needs only a regular sweeping and vacuuming.

Meanwhile, cleaning the difficult dust and dirt require little more than just regular sweeping. This way, weekly damp mopping is needed.

However, if there is any stain or spot, you need to achieve the cleaning with a pH-balanced, a non-abrasive cleansing. It is absolutely not recommended that you immerse a linoleum floor in water.

Alternatively, as it is stated above, you need just to clean the floor using a damp mop either twice a month or once a month.

One thing to keep in mind is the fact that the proper you are caring for your Linoleum flooring kitchen, the more durable it will be. So, maintain the floor based on the manufacturers’ recommendation.

Considering that there is always a big possibility that spills fall down to the floor in the kitchen such as cooking residue, water, milk, ketchup and any other liquids, you have to wipe it as soon as possible. Wipe the liquid just after it spills.

Though this linoleum flooring kitchen is water resistant, but the immediate treatment toward the spills is crucially needed in order to keep your floors long lasted. The proper you care for it, the more durable it is. As simple as that.

Linoleum Flooring Kitchen Price

When it comes to talk about price, we cannot neglect that it often becomes the first purchasing element listed at the top.

Well, if you are just looking for affordable flooring with the expected standard quality, linoleum can be the best option to consider. Linoleum flooring is best described to have a relatively inexpensive price compared to hardwood or ceramic tiles.

In addition to the linoleum price, the materials constructing the linoleum flooring can averagely cost $2 to $3.50 per square foot.

For installation, the professional installation cost is around $3 to $10 per square. In this case, the installation costs are much depending on the labor costs in your area. Thus, the installation costs can be different in one area to another area.

Linoleum flooring kitchen is relatively more expensive than the vinyl. However, when it comes to consider the longevity, the prices of linoleum flooring kitchen is a good bargain.

In short, though the linoleum is more expensive than vinyl flooring, you would not feel disappointed by the standard quality offered. The installation costs may also be higher but if you get the proper installed linoleum flooring in your kitchen, it will just be fine.

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Final Words

All in all, selecting this kind of linoleum for kitchen is much of advantage. It offers not only the standard quality but also more options to choose from.

Since the flooring product is eco-friendly, you don’t have to worry about installing it in your home. It will safe for your home environment.

This linoleum flooring kitchen is also easy to maintain so that you can handle it easily every day.

Once you find that Linoleum flooring kitchen matches your kitchen design and your personal reference, just don’t hesitate to pick it up on your chart.