Living Spaces vs Ashley Furniture – Which One is Better in Quality?

Ethan Ross

Living Spaces vs Ashley Furniture - What's Your Best Option?

Choosing between Living Spaces vs Ashley Furniture can be challenging.

Living Spaces, founded in 2003, has rapidly become a go-to for modern and varied styles on the West Coast. Ashley Furniture, in business since 1945, offers a wide array of styles and has a nationwide presence. Each brand has a distinct target market; Living Spaces often attracts urban dwellers, while Ashley appeals to a broader demographic.

The initial brand images also differ: Living Spaces is known for its contemporary flair, while Ashley leans more towards classic comfort. Both brands are giants in the furniture industry, and each offers unique benefits.

The question is, which suits your needs better? Let’s find out.

Physical Locations and Online Capabilities

Before making a significant investment in furniture, one often considers the convenience and accessibility of shopping options. Both Living Spaces vs Ashley Furniture provide a blend of physical storefronts and digital marketplaces. Let’s examine the specifics of their physical and online presences.

Number and Locations of Physical Stores for Living Spaces

Living Spaces has 22 stores primarily located on the West Coast. Their focus has been on serving customers in this geographical zone, making it a popular choice for residents in states like California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Note: If you live on the West Coast, Living Spaces is likely within driving distance for you, providing the opportunity to examine items in person before purchasing.

Number and Locations of Physical Stores for Ashley Furniture

On the flip side, Ashley Furniture boasts an extensive network of around 750 stores spread across the United States. This nationwide presence makes Ashley a convenient option for customers, no matter their location.

Note: With 750 locations, you’re seldom far from an Ashley Furniture store, making it easier to visit multiple locations to compare products.

Features of Online Platforms

When it comes to online shopping, both brands offer comprehensive websites with the following features:

  • Search functionality
  • Product categories
  • Customer reviews
  • High-quality images and product descriptions

Living Spaces also adds a virtual room designer tool, allowing customers to visualize furniture items in a 3D space.

Note: The virtual room designer at Living Spaces can be a useful tool for those who like to plan their room layouts meticulously.

Online Ordering Process for Both Brands

Ordering online is a breeze with both companies. Customers can expect:

  1. An intuitive shopping cart
  2. Multiple payment options
  3. Order tracking
  4. Delivery scheduling

While both offer online ordering, Living Spaces excels with same-day delivery in specific locations for orders placed before 4 pm. Ashley Furniture offers standard 1-day or 2-day shipping for eligible products but does not guarantee same-day delivery.

Understanding the physical and online capabilities of each brand can help you decide which offers the better shopping experience for your specific needs.

Comparing the Range of Styles and Selection

The furniture you choose sets the tone for your living environment, shaping the comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of your space. Living Spaces and Ashley Furniture offer a myriad of styles and product categories, tailored to satisfy a range of consumer tastes. Here’s how they measure up in this regard.

Key Styles Offered by Living Spaces

Living Spaces provides a smorgasbord of styles to suit various aesthetic preferences. This brand shines in offering:

  • Modern
  • Transitional
  • Mid-Century
  • Industrial

Living Spaces tends to appeal to those looking for a contemporary touch in their interiors.

Note: If you are a fan of modern designs, Living Spaces is likely to have multiple options to catch your eye.

Key Styles Offered by Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture casts a wider net with its style offerings, including but not limited to:

  • Urban Loft
  • Coastal
  • French Country
  • Modern

This means that Ashley is more likely to have something for everyone, regardless of how traditional or trendy your style preferences might be.

Note: If you are less certain about the specific style you want, Ashley’s extensive range may be a good starting point.

Variety in Product Categories

Both brands go beyond the living room, offering a selection of:

  • Bedroom sets
  • Dining room furniture
  • Home office essentials

Thus, you have the option of furnishing multiple rooms through either Living Spaces or Ashley Furniture.

How Both Brands Cater to Different Tastes

While Living Spaces focuses on contemporary designs, Ashley Furniture offers a wider style spectrum, catering to both modern and traditional consumers.

Note: Consider your long-term style goals. If you anticipate changing your aesthetic often, Ashley Furniture might offer the versatility you need.

To conclude, both Living Spaces and Ashley Furniture provide a range of styles and product categories. Your personal taste will be the ultimate determinant in choosing which brand aligns with your home furnishing goals.

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Pricing Strategies and Price Match Guarantees

Cost is often a defining factor when choosing where to make a furniture purchase. Living Spaces and Ashley Furniture have their unique pricing strategies and price match guarantees to consider. Here’s a detailed look at how each brand approaches pricing, which may affect your decision-making process.

Average Price Ranges for Popular Items

When looking for furniture, knowing the average price range for popular items can be beneficial. Below is a table comparing the average costs:

Item CategoryLiving Spaces Avg. PriceAshley Furniture Avg. Price
Dining Sets$400-$1,600$350-$1,500
Bedroom Sets$1,200-$4,000$1,100-$3,500

These ranges give you a baseline for budgeting and reveal that both brands offer similar price points for key items.

Living Spaces Price Match and Additional Discount

Living Spaces goes the extra mile with their price match policy. If you find an identical item for less at a competing store, not only will they match that price, but they will also offer an additional 10% discount.

Note: If the price of an item drops within 30 days of your purchase, Living Spaces provides a price adjustment.

Ashley Furniture Price Match Policies

Ashley Furniture has a straightforward price match guarantee but without any additional discount. If you find the same product elsewhere for a lower price, Ashley Furniture will match it, no questions asked.

Note: Price adjustments are also available for items whose price drops after your purchase.

Negotiating Prices at Both Stores

Interestingly, both brands are open to price negotiations. This openness affords you the opportunity to haggle and perhaps secure a better deal than initially offered.

Note: Don’t hesitate to negotiate, especially for larger purchases where the savings could be substantial.

By considering each brand’s pricing strategies and guarantees, you’ll be better equipped to make a cost-effective choice that suits your needs and budget.

Delivery Services—What to Expect

Receiving your carefully selected furniture at your doorstep is an essential part of the customer experience. Living Spaces vs Ashley Furniture each offer a variety of delivery methods to cater to customer needs. This section will elucidate what you can expect from the delivery services of these two giants in the furniture industry.

Delivery Methods Available with Living Spaces

Living Spaces provides several delivery options, each designed for convenience. The most commonly used include:

  1. Next-Day Delivery: Furniture is delivered the day after the purchase.
  2. Two-Man Delivery: For heavier items, specialized two-man teams are dispatched.
  3. Curbside Drop-Off: For those who prefer a contactless delivery.

Note: Each option carries its own delivery fee, so consider this when making your purchase.

Delivery Methods Available with Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture also aims to make the delivery process smooth with the following services:

  1. Standard Shipping: Typically 3-5 business days.
  2. Express Shipping: For a premium, receive your furniture in as little as 24-48 hours.
  3. In-Store Pickup: Reserve online and collect in the store.

Note: Standard shipping often comes with a flat rate, while express shipping costs more.

Geographic Limitations for Same-Day Delivery

Both companies offer same-day or next-day delivery options, but geographic limitations apply. Living Spaces provides this speedy service mainly in select metropolitan areas, whereas Ashley Furniture extends this to multiple states but not nationwide.

How to Track Your Order

To enhance customer satisfaction, both companies offer order tracking. For Living Spaces, customers can follow their order status online via their account. Ashley Furniture offers a similar feature but also includes real-time text updates.

By comparing these delivery methods, limitations, and tracking options, you can better evaluate which brand’s services align most closely with your logistical needs.

Financing and Payment Flexibility

Payment options and financial flexibility play an indispensable role when choosing between Living Spaces and Ashley Furniture. This segment scrutinizes the financial aspects—ranging from financing terms to hidden costs—allowing you to make an informed choice.

Living Spaces Financing Terms and Conditions

Living Spaces offers a range of financing options to make your purchase more manageable. Here are some key offerings:

  • Installment Plans: Allows payments over 6, 12, or 24 months.
  • Zero Down Payment: Available on select items and conditions.
  • Credit Card: The Living Spaces credit card provides exclusive offers and deals.

Note: Always read the fine print to understand the terms of your financing agreement with Living Spaces.

Ashley Furniture Financing Options

Ashley Furniture offers its own set of financial accommodations, including:

  • Ashley Advantage™ Credit Card: Special financing up to 60 months.
  • Lease-to-Own: Partnering with third-party companies to offer leasing options.
  • Layaway Plans: Reserve an item and pay over time before taking it home.

Note: Ashley Furniture frequently offers promotional financing; it’s advisable to check current promotions before committing.

Interest Rates and Hidden Costs

Interest rates for Living Spaces can range between 0% to 29.99%, based on creditworthiness. Ashley Furniture also offers interest-free plans, but these usually require a minimum purchase and timely payments. Both companies may impose late fees or penalties.

CompanyInterest RateHidden Costs
Living Spaces0% – 29.99%Late fees
Ashley Furniture0% – VariableLate fees, minimum purchase

How Financing Affects the Total Price

It’s crucial to consider how financing will affect the total cost of your furniture. Zero-interest plans may appear enticing but failing to adhere to the payment schedule at either company could result in backdated interest, substantially increasing the overall price.

Through understanding these financial mechanisms, you’ll be better equipped to select a payment plan that aligns with your budget and preferences.

Customer Service Expectations

Customer service can be the deciding factor between two brands that otherwise offer similar products. This segment aims to shed light on how Living Spaces and Ashley Furniture perform in terms of customer service ratings, common issues, and how they handle customer grievances.

Customer Service Ratings for Living Spaces

Living Spaces is often lauded for its commendable customer service. A snapshot of their ratings includes:

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB): A- Rating
  • Trustpilot: 4 out of 5 stars

Note: Living Spaces is recognized for quick response times and issue resolution.

Customer Service Ratings for Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture’s customer service performance is somewhat mixed, as reflected in their ratings:

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB): B+ Rating
  • Trustpilot: 3 out of 5 stars

Note: Ashley Furniture has a varied range of reviews, with some praising their efficiency and others pointing to less satisfactory experiences.

Common Complaints and Issues

Customers have voiced concerns regarding both brands. For Living Spaces, the issues generally focus on:

  1. Delivery delays
  2. Product quality
  3. Limited stock availability

For Ashley Furniture:

  1. Delivery mishaps
  2. Furniture assembly challenges
  3. Inconsistent product quality

How Both Brands Handle Customer Grievances

Living Spaces often goes above and beyond to resolve customer issues, frequently offering replacements or refunds. On the other hand, Ashley Furniture has a more rigid policy but does engage in proactive problem-solving, albeit at a slower pace.

CompanyIssue Resolution SpeedRefund Policy
Living SpacesFastFlexible
Ashley FurnitureModerateLess Flexible

Both brands have systems in place to hear customer concerns and act upon them. However, they differ in speed and flexibility, attributes that could sway your brand preference.

Warranty and Product Quality Assurance

One important aspect to consider when choosing between Living Spaces vs Ashley Furniture is the warranty and product quality assurance they offer. Here, we compare the length and coverage of warranties from both brands, guide you through the warranty claim process, and discuss what is not covered.

Warranty Length and Coverage for Living Spaces

Living Spaces generally offers warranties ranging from 1 to 5 years depending on the product type. These cover:

  • Structural defects
  • Craftsmanship issues
  • Pre-existing damages

Note: The warranty becomes effective on the date of delivery, not the purchase date.

Warranty Length and Coverage for Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture’s warranty terms are similar but slightly vary in duration. They also offer:

  • 1-year limited warranty on all products
  • Extended warranties on selected items like mattresses

Note: Extended warranties may involve additional costs.

How to Claim a Warranty

Claiming a warranty is straightforward for both companies. Here’s how:

  1. Contact customer service and provide purchase details
  2. Submit photographs documenting the issue
  3. Await approval and follow subsequent instructions

What Is Not Covered Under Warranty

Both Living Spaces and Ashley Furniture have exclusions in their warranty coverage, such as:

  • Accidental damages
  • Wear and tear
  • Modifications to the original design
CompanyWarranty LengthMajor Exclusions
Living Spaces1-5 yearsAccidental damages
Ashley Furniture1 yearWear and tear

Understanding warranty policies can contribute significantly to your shopping decision. Living Spaces and Ashley Furniture both offer reasonable terms, but there are nuanced differences that could tip the scales in favor of one over the other.

Comparing Special Offers and Seasonal Promotions

Special offers and seasonal promotions are key elements that set Living Spaces and Ashley Furniture apart, affecting the ultimate value that customers receive. This analysis will delve into the frequency and types of promotions at each store, offer insights on maximizing benefits during seasonal sales, and highlight first-purchase incentives.

Frequent Promotions at Living Spaces

Living Spaces provides a consistent stream of promotional activities throughout the year, typically offering:

  • Buy-one-get-one-free deals on accessories
  • Free delivery on certain orders
  • Percentage-based discounts on specific categories

Note: Such promotions usually don’t require a coupon code; discounts are applied automatically at checkout.

Frequent Promotions at Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture, in comparison, places a strong emphasis on holiday and weekend sales, including:

  • Labor Day and Memorial Day discounts
  • Flash sales during Black Fridays
  • Exclusive online offers

How to Make the Most of Seasonal Sales

  1. Sign up for newsletters to receive advance notice of sales.
  2. Combine offers when possible; some promotions are stackable.
  3. Keep a wishlist to streamline your shopping experience during sales periods.

Note: Both companies often have online-exclusive promotions that aren’t available in physical stores.

Signup Discounts and First-Purchase Benefits

Both companies reward new customers who join their mailing lists:

  • Living Spaces offers a $25 discount on the first purchase of $100 or more.
  • Ashley Furniture provides a 10% off coupon for new email subscribers.
StoreSignup DiscountCommon Promotions
Living Spaces$25 off on $100+Buy-one-get-one-free
Ashley Furniture10% off for new emailsHoliday and weekend sales

Paying attention to these aspects can significantly influence the overall cost and value of your purchases. Each brand offers unique promotional strategies that cater to different shopping behaviors, so knowing what to look for and when can enhance your furniture shopping experience.

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When it comes to Living Spaces vs Ashley Furniture, each brand has its own set of strengths and unique selling propositions. Whether it is the types of special offers, quality of customer service, or payment flexibility, both companies have features that cater to various needs and preferences.

However, your choice will ultimately depend on several factors, including your budget, style, and urgency. Therefore, it is advisable to assess your requirements carefully and keep an eye on seasonal promotions to optimize your investment.

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