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Lovesac vs Burrow

Lovesac vs Burrow

by Ethan Ross

Have you heard of the furniture brands, Lovesac and Burrow? Well, they both have modern designs on each of their products. Simple in concept but cannot be underestimated in the home furnishing industry competition. You will be invited to see a head-to-head comparison of Lovesac VS Burrow in the following.

Like Arhaus VS Ethan Allen, let’s see this comparison from price range to delivery service quality. You will see again the background, pros, and cons for each brand, Lovesac and Burrow.

The Comparison Lovesac Vs Burrow

Price Range$10 – $13, 557.50$25 – $4,585
Product Range :Lovesac only has a variety of items from sectional seats for indoor as well as outdoor.Burrow creates a wide range of furniture from seatings to shelves and accessories.
The Ease Ordering
& Shipping :
This brand Lovesac provides free shipping to all United States areas.

Lovesac will ship your order within 1-4 weeks

But custom covers take a little longer. It needs 4-10 weeks for delivery.

You can return your order within 60 days after you receive your packaging.

You can shop online via its website with many choices of payment methods.
This Burrow brand provides you with the free fastest delivery times.

Your order will be shipped to you within one week.

Besides that, you can choose the “ready to ship,” which means the product is in stock. So you don’t need to wait for a long time to receive your item.

You can ship your order item back to the workshop/ warehouse within 30 days. 

You can shop online on its website and get the promo code.
Quality of
Service Delivery : 
Lovesac provides its customers with a product warranty.

In addition, this brand offers white glove delivery service.
Burrow furniture brand provides the product warranty.

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About Lovesac Furniture

The Lovesac was built in 1995 in Utah. This furniture brand specializes in its business of producing seating furnishings, namely sectional. All items about sectional chairs you need, Lovesac provides it. Examples are covers, inserts, throw pillows, and accessories.

Not just that, this company has a special item, namely StealthTech. What is that?

It is a sectional chair that is equipped with audio technology. This audio is Harman Kardon installed on the side of arms, back, and seat furniture.

This special feature is very suitable for those who have a theater room to bring the feel of a movie home. So you can feel the experience of immersive 4D.

Lovesac Pros

This Lovesac brand has some pros :

  • Lovesac provides sectional covers that are machine-washable and changeable.
  • Its sectional has advanced technology as a special feature, namely StealthTech.
  • Various types of payment methods for online shopping on its site are available.
  • You can shop both online and offline at the authorized showroom. 
  • Free delivery service is available.
  • Besides that, Lovesac gives a lifetime warranty.
  • You can adjust your size seatings to your needs in many small, medium, and large configurations. 
  • These sectionals and bean bags are so comfy and modern.

Lovesac Cons

The following the cons of the Lovesac furniture brand :

  • Some issues are bad service in the shipping and ordering process.
  • There are no other product items except the sectional chairs and bean bags.

About Burrow Furniture

Burrow furniture brand was based in New York and innovated its furniture into the modular design. Later, it becomes their main feature product. The styles of furniture are American Mid Century Modernism and contemporary Scandinavian Style.

The unique thing about this furniture is it can be extended as you need, whether the increasing family member number or the size room. Besides that, you can move it easily because this furniture can be easily disassembled.

Moreover, this furniture also has multifunction products. For example, you will find the tray or table with a storage feature. So this table is not just for putting something. It also can keep things.

Burrow Pros

This Burrow brand has some pros :

  • You will get free shipping from the Burrow brand, even if your order item is a big one. You will save your money $100 for it.
  • This furniture is so easy to assemble.
  • You can make online purchases on its website and pay online too.
  • Besides that, the design of Burrow products is so modern and contemporary.
  • Burrow creates so many products that are grouped into several categories, and you can mix and match among them.

Burrow Cons

These are the cons about Burrow furniture products :

  • The Burrow brand just offers a short limited warranty.
  • Unfortunately, you can not pay online with PayPal and even Amazon Pay.
  • Not many coupons or discounts that Burrow can give to its customers.

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Final Words: Lovesac Vs Burrow

Lovesac furniture excels in quality, modern, and high-technology sectional chairs. In comparison, Burrow excels in modern, contemporary furniture style with a modular design. The conclusion between Lovesac VS Burrow is that Lovesac’s ordering and shipping process and quality better than Burrow’s furniture.