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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Top Manufacturers

Consider Luxury Vinyl Flooring Top Manufacturers To Choose The Best Flooring

by Dylan Johnson

Once you arrive at your final decision of selecting vinyl flooring, what you need to search later is the luxury vinyl flooring top manufacturers to convince you the best choice.

There might be lots of retailers and home improvement centers in the town.

However, without a background knowledge about the top manufacturers, you will be confused and confused when it comes to the wide selections of flooring products in front of you.

Luxury vinyl has become the major option since few years. Abbreviated as LVF, most of the vinyl flooring brands now come with the lines of product under the label of LVF.

Of course, this flooring type is not alone. It is available both in vinyl and tile flooring lines.

These times, we are going to tell you more about luxury vinyl flooring top manufacturers. But it is going to be good to define what actually luxury vinyl is.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Definition

Dealing with the purpose of mimicking the look of natural materials, luxury vinyl flooring is clearly different from the older-style of standard vinyl sheets and tiles.

In this case, some types of luxury vinyl floorings are also design to mimic the look of porcelain and ceramic flooring.

Truly, luxury vinyl flooring offers some beneficial features including a surface layer to present a realistic photo-created layers and textures that are just the same with the natural materials.

Vinyl flooring which is designed to mimic the stone look may mix the materials with the vinyl resins and particles of limestone in its composition.

Typically, luxury vinyl is available in tiles (LVT) and planks along with the modified form of tongue-and-groove technology in order to join the pieces.

Luxury vinyl tile also use the traditional glue-down installation technique, making it more expensive than the standard vinyl.

However, it is still much affordable compared to the natural wood and stone flooring product. Further, luxury vinyl offers also a good moisture resistant feature.

So it will make you happy in installing the flooring in places where the natural wood flooring will not work properly.

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Brands and Manufacturers Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Now we go to the main point of the article that is about the luxury vinyl flooring top manufacturers.

It would be quite confusing when you must determine what brands of flooring you are going to purchase.

And you will be more confused when you need to sort the top names of manufacturers of luxury vinyl flooring.

It is no longer a secret that ownership of flooring brands as well as manufacturing corporations are changing frequently.

In this regards, the small manufacturers that produce a flooring brand can possibly be one of the big brands of a large corporations.

Sometimes, you will find the differences of meaningful manufacturing between the brands and other flooring products which are just similar except for the style and surface design.

Here are some of the top manufactures of luxury vinyl flooring you can trust to purchase a flooring products.

Mannington Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Founded on 1915l, Mannington is said to be the oldest manufacturer among the major vinyl manufacturers. Mannington is recently based in Salem, New Jersey.

There are two lines of luxury vinyl products offered. Those are Mannington Luxury Sheet Vinyl and Adura Luxury Tile and Plank Flooring which includes Max, MaxAPEX, Flex and Rigid.

It is considered unique for Mannington to offer sheet vinyl product that is called luxury vinyl.

All manufacturers claims that the luxury vinyl products are including tile and planks products.

The Adura brand offers not only tile but also plank. The planks is available in more than 175 styles along with the variety of widths and thickness.

In this case, Adura plank lengths is up to 72 inches. Adura tiles are also available in various sizes, ranging from 18 x 18 inches square to 12 x 24 inches.

Most of the tiles are designed to resemble the look of natural stone.

Further, some products of Adura Brand come with the glue-down installation technique while some other are using click-lock connection.

Armstrong Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Armstrong is another popular top manufacturer with the products of luxury vinyl flooring. Armstrong is one of the oldest top manufacturers in the history 150 years ago.

This company is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It is manufacturing a huge selection of luxury vinyl floorings which are especially for residential use.

There are more than 100 different types of planks and tiles named LUXE and Vivero.

In this case, Armstrong produces flooring products which is mostly luxury vinyl planks and tiles types that mimic the look of wood grains.

There are only two kinds of tiles produced to look like stone in 12 x 24 inch.

Forbo Flooring System

Forbo Flooring Systems come in corporation to offer the familiar Maromoleum brand of residential flooring tiles including vinyl and linoleum products.

In this case, this corporation produces residential luxury vinyl flooring under the name of Allura LVT brand.

There are over 40 of Allura LVT with the wood look planks which come in 40 to 60 inches and four stone look tile flooring products in 19 inches square.


In the world of flooring, Shaw is also listed as one of the most recommended luxury vinyl flooring top manufacturers. It comes to offer the stone look luxury vinyl flooring with the label of LVP.

Basically, it was a small company produces carpet. It was the major flooring manufacturer in 1978. In 2001, it was purchased by Berkshire Hathaway.

There are a big number of luxury vinyl plank products with the wood-look and other flooring products with the stone-look. Each style offers the color variations.

In this case, the wood look plank styles are available in 48 inches long while the stone look tiles are available in 16 inches square.

There are three different collection name for Shaw’s luxury vinyl flooring products. Those are SuraTura, Floorte and Floorte Pro.

Burke Flooring

Principally, Burke Flooring is a rubber flooring manufacturer.

It especially offers an impressive line of LVT flooring products such as the 19 stone and concrete look tiles and 13 natural wood look flooring along with the eight hand-scraped wood planks.

The tile products are typically coming with the sizes 18 x 18 inches while the planks are about 38 inches in length.

In 2008, this flooring company was acquired by Mannington Mills, the manufacturers of other vinyl flooring brands.

Cryntel Enterprises

Cryntel Enterprises is a 50-year-old flooring manufacturer which is based in Hollywood, Florida.

It produces both tiles and planks, particularly the wood-look luxury vinyl planks and stone-look tiles.

The unique stone-look tiles make the company unique among the luxury vinyl flooring manufacturers. Thus, Cryntel Enterprises is best listed as the one with the Polystone technology.

In the manufacturing process, the big volume of natural stone material is combined with the vinyl to create a tile flooring product which is similarly look like the stoner or ceramic.

Luxury vinyl tiles of Cryntel Enterprises are designed to be grouted in the same and fashionable stone or ceramic tile.

Cryntel Enterprises offers some product lines including Advantx Tile, Advantx Plank, VillaFloor and Simplicity Tile.


Among the luxury vinyl flooring top manufacturers, Karndean is relatively the newbie.

It comes as a small family businessstarted in 1973 based in UK. In 2005, the business moved to the Pittsburg suburb of Export.

Though it is listed as a small flooring manufacture, Karndean focuses on producing luxury vinyl flooring only. Thus, it is highly regarded in the industry.

In providing the customers with the best products, Karndean offers “wood inspired” planks as well as “stone-inspired” tiles.

This makes the manufacture be the unique one among the companies despite the small size.

The products selections are also available to resemble the other flooring materials including metals, cork, fabrics and bamboos.


Mtroflor claims itself as a specialist of luxury vinyl flooring. It is also popularly known as company which is distributing building materials in New York in 1926.

Nowadays, Metroflor keeps exploring the technologies to produce luxury vinyl flooring such as Grip-Strip installation engineering, allowing the speedy installation without requiring any adhesive.

In this case, the company offers the product lines including the plank and tile styles with the wood-look as well as stone-look.

The luxury vinyl floor brands include Konecto, Engage, Engage Genesis, Engage Inception, Prevale and Mtrofloor LVT.

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Mohawk Flooring

Another popular manufacturer of luxury vinyl flooring is Mohawk Flooring. However, it is more popular in carpeting than the other flooring types.

Mohawk comes with the large flooring brands including Pergo, Karastan and American Olean. However, in the world of luxury vinyl floor, Mohawk is just a small player.

Mohawk’s luxury vinyl flooring is available under the name SolidTech brand which offers more than 80 wood-look and a dozen selection of stone-look products.

Some of the flooring products here are the glued-down products and Uniclick.


The last but not least recommended luxury vinyl floor top manufacturers is USFloors which is based in Dalton, Georgia.

This flooring company was founded in 2001 as an importer or marketer of flooring product with environmental responsibility.

It is recently added in U.S and China manufacturing plant in 2008 for the U.S and in 2013 for China.

In this case, they produce cork, FSC-certified hardwood, bamboo and luxury vinyl flooring. COREtec is the flooring brand which is made by the USFloors company.

There are some wood-look luxury vinyl planks available along with the good range of luxury vinyl tiles.

Most of these products are mimicking the look of natural stone, ceramic, cork, bamboo and concrete.

This way, the buyers are free to choose the flooring products from the reputable company dealing with the environmental-friendly flooring products.